Battlefield 1 Players Are Getting Banned For Playing Too Well

Skilled Battlefield 1 players appear to be clashing with the game’s anti-cheating measure. What exactly are they getting banned for? Being too good at the game. Advertisement FairFight is a real time cheat detection that has been used in all Battlefield games since Battlefield 3. It uses a function called Algorithmic Analysis of Player Statistics (AAPS) to compare real time players stats to the average level of skill. But some players seem to be playing so well that the system is flagging them as cheaters and banning them from the game. kL-Spazmo is a dedicated Battlefield player who got banned banned after FairFight marked him and his friend as cheaters. The two were kicked from the game during a match on Amiens where they were playing well. An avid player with over 2,800 hours in FairFight enabled titles, Spazmo had played all that time without a ban. “They were good stats, not like holy shit, that guy is cheating!” he says in the video after receiving his ban. Advertisement This is not the first time that highly skilled players have been punished for perceived READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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Xbox One Backward Compatibility Gets Slammed With More Games Today

Xbox One Backward Compatibility List Expands A few days ago we told you how Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb was fed up with Xbox users repeatedly asking him on social media about whether or not Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be made available via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. Today, another batch of Xbox 360 games has been made available on Xbox One via the console’s backward compatibility service. Unfortunately, Black Ops II is not one of them. Microsoft announced that Battlefield 3, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Dragon Age: Origins have joined the lineup, along with Ghostbusters and Scrap Metal. If you already own any of the games included, they should show up directly in your library, ready to be downloaded. That said Battlefield 3 will require a hard copy to work. The full list is as follows: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Battlefield 3 (requires disc) Dragon Age: Origins Ghostbusters Scrap Metal The Splatters Strania Microsoft confirmed last month that the number of titles available on the service had surpassed the 300 mark, having celebrated the milestone by offering Mistwalker’s JRPG Lost Odyssey for free to all Xbox One owners. Likewise, it was announced earlier this month…

Battlefield 1 to Receive New Custom Game on January 18, Improvement Patch in February

Before They Shall Not Pass arrives in March for Battlefield 1, DICE has announced that they’ll be releasing the Bleed Out Custom Game on January 18. A custom version of Rush, Bleed Out sees downed enemy soldiers respawning faster than usual and regenerative health is turned off. Then in February, a new Battlefield 1 update will arrive, adding gameplay improvements based on internal testing and community feedback. DICE says to expect more details on this patch in the near future. DICE also re-posted the above concept image for They Shall Pass, showcasing “the design vision DICE has gone for in one of the expansion’s four maps.” Further They Shall Not Pass news – including info on maps, gameplay, and more – should arrive soon. If you haven’t tried it out yet, the Armored Kill Custom Game is now live in Battlefield 1. It features a Scout-free, vehicle-friendly spin on Conquest. [Source: Battlefield] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


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Battlefield 1's Christmas Truce Didn't Quite Come Together

Battlefield 1 players hoping to recreate World War One’s Christmas truce couldn’t rein back the bloodlust of those eager to kill the fresh wave of new players. Advertisement In real life, the Christmas Truce of 1914 was a near-miraculous cease fire across many fronts in World War One. It came after Pope Benedict XV suggested a brief hiatus from fighting. Soldiers put down their guns to share meals with their enemies, have snowball fights, and play soccer. In Battlefield 1, however, the killing never stopped this Christmas. Ever since a round of datamining during the game’s beta revealed the existence of a Holiday Truce dogtag, players have speculated how the truce would be handled in game. Would the servers be shut down? Would there be a snowball fight game mode? Advertisement It turns out that nothing major happened at all. While the existence of the dogtag was confirmed when DICE gave it out to players, the developers didn’t do anything else to commemorate the truce. A few brave players tried to organize their own truces instead, but nothing took hold. “Damn your truce,” one player said on the Battlefield 1 reddit. “I want my n00b harvest.” “Fuck that shit,” another…


Battlefield 1 Holiday Event Schedule Revealed by DICE

In a post on the official Battlefield website, Battlefield 1 developer DICE has announced a bunch of events for players for this upcoming holiday weekend until the end of the year. Dubbed the Battlefield 1 Holiday Event, there are custom game modes, dog tags and more. Check out the full schedule below. December 21: The new Custom Game “Blind Delivery” goes live. Tackle this unique take on the War Pigeons mode where the minimap is turned off and only handguns and explosives are allowed.  December 22: The “Holiday Truce” Dog Tag will be awarded to all players starting December 22 (one per account.) All you need to do is login to Battlefield 1 after this date and this iconic Dog Tag will be yours. December 22: Vehicle Skins are introduced to Battlefield 1. In the new Battlepacks revision you might get hold of two Heavy Tank skins: the Distinguished “SchnucK” or the Legendary “Desert Gold”. December 23 – December 29: All players that login to Battlefield 1 during this period will receive a free Battlepack (one per account.) Want to learn more about what’s inside these packs? Head to the Battlepack page. December 23 – December 29: All Battlefield 1…


Battlefield 1 Gets Around To Adding The French

The decision to leave the French out of Battlefield 1 at launch was always a weird one, considering the country’s enormous contributions to the war, but whatever: they’re now being added as part of the game’s first expansion, called They Shall Not Pass. Due out in March, it’ll include new maps based around the Battles of Verdun (including the heroic defence of Fort Vaux) and Soissons. There’s also mention of “something big” surrounding the battle between the Americans and Germans in the village of Fismes, which probably means a big-ass railway cannon. There aren’t any screens or video of the expansion, but there is some concept art, which is as incredible as the rest of the work done for the game. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC “Concept Exploration Images” Revealed

Over on the official Battlefield website, DICE has revealed a few details regarding Battlefield 1’s first expansion, “They Shall Not Pass.” While the studio didn’t want to give too much away, it does talk about the setting, and released a few “concept exploration” images as well. As one can expect, They Shall Not Pass will be available first to BF1 Premium Pass holders this coming March 2017. This Battlefield 1 expansion will include all-new maps, new weapons, and even a new playable faction, theFrench Army! Check out the gallery below for the concept exploration images and descriptions of each, which I presume are the new maps that will be available in They Shall Not Pass. Those without Battlefield 1 Premium will have to wait two weeks before they can purchase the expansion. Will you be getting They Shall Not Pass? What new weapons would you like to see added? [Source: Battlefield] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Upcoming Battlefield 1 DLC Gets Concept Art Depicting French Army

Battlefield 1‘s first expansion, They Shall Not Pass, isn’t out until March 2017 but it looks like DICE is ready to start giving us a taste of what’s to come. The developer tweeted the concept art above with the caption “Soyez prêts,” which translates to “Be Ready.” The image depicts French soldiers, which DICE previously confirmed alongside the Russian army in another expansion. Although we still don’t have an official description for They Shall Not Pass, DICE’s Julian Wera said back in June: To really do justice to the French army in multiplayer and, once again, to show a side that we’re not used to seeing, we have chosen to dedicate an entire premium expansion with special treatment after the launch of the game. We expect to hear more details soon after the holidays and will keep you posted. Are any of our readers looking forward to Battlefield 1‘s first expansion? [Source: Battlefield (Twitter)] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Battlefield 1’s Latest Patch Nerfs Popular Sniper Rifle

The Martini-Henry is one of Battlefield 1‘s most interesting guns. It is a sniper rifle that is very difficult to use. You have no scope and one shot before reloading. If you made it count, the Martini-Henry could be a beast. But Battlefield 1‘s latest patch has transformed it into a something of a joke weapon. Advertisement You have to play as a scout up to rank ten in order to unlock the Martini-Henry. It’s an older gun that might as well be a musket compared to some of the games flashier weapons. It was also pretty damn strong. After the most recent patch, it’s become much weaker. The major change came from the damage it did to certain body parts. The patch reduced that damage. Here’s what the patch notes say: Fixed Martini-Henry dealing too much damage to most body parts. It is now affected by a 0.9 multiplier to the lower torso and upper arms and a 0.75 multiplier to the legs and forearms, like the other rifles with sweet-spot mechanics Every snipe rifle in the game has a “sweet spot” where it can kill an enemy in one shot. The sweet spot on Martini-Henry is very short….


Battlefield 1's New Spectator Mode Highlights Player Stories

Battlefield 1‘s December Update has dropped. It adds a new map, Giant’s Shadow, as well as a surprisingly robust spectator mode. The tool is easy to use and allows players to see the Great War from a whole new perspective. Advertisement Spectator Mode can be accessed when selecting your server. A quick look at information will allow you to join as a spectator. From there, you’ll have powerful camera tools that make it quick and easy to see some epic multiplayer moments. It’s caused me to rethink my stance on the game’s two modes. Shifting between soldiers and adjusting your camera can create for some tense moments. A single match of multiplayer has dozens of stories. Spectator mode makes it easy to observe them. For instance, I can watch this soldier down below scramble to reload his grenade crossbow before they are shot down by the sniper above. Changing perspectives and viewpoints also complement the game’s impressive audio and visuals. Snapping to the ground level beside this gunner allows me to watch the animations in detail. An otherwise straight forward moment on the field receives a jolt of fresh energy. There are hiccups. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at first….


Top 5 Battlefield 1 Features From the Latest Update

[embedded content] In this rather timely Top 5 Tuesday video, we highlight the top five new features included in the new Battlefield 1 update that rolled out today. While the big addition is the new map, that’s not all. There’s big tweaks to existing weapons, new equipment and even the inclusion of something that fans have been clamoring for, a spectator mode. Are you a fan of Battlefield 1’s multiplayer? What latest features have you liked so far? Enjoyed this video? Don’t forget to subscribe to the PlayStation LifeStyle YouTube channel for your weekly dose of top five videos, as well as for other original content. Essential Reading: READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Battlefield 1 Update Today Adds Giant’s Shadow, Balances Weapons & Much More

[embedded content] A 3.69GB download, the new Battlefield 1 update today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, DICE adds the Giant’s Shadow map and Spectator Mode, balances weapons, fixes numerous issues, and much more. You can see the detailed list of patch notes below, but if you want explanations from DICE on some of the balancing changes to soldiers, vehicles, and weapons, head over to the forums: Introducing Giant’s Shadow With a massive crashed airship casting its shadow onto the battlefield, Giant’s Shadow brings fierce combat on the open ground and river banks alongside the Cateau-Wassigny railway. Fight in the shadow of a crashed giant. The Battle of the Selle, 1918. Cold autumn. British forces have broken through the Hindenburg line and are heading towards a strategic railway center. The outcome is uncertain. An armored train can still turn the tide. Spectator Mode With great pleasure, we would like to introduce everyone to the new Spectator mode. In Spectator, players will be able to join a live BF1 match as an observer. From there, observers can switch between first-person and third-person camera views of all the players on the battlefield through our Player View mode, get an overhead bird’s eye view…


Look At This Battlefield 1 PC Case

This custom PC case was made for DICE to celebrate the release of Battlefield 1, and it’s about the most Battlefield 1 PC case you could ask for. Advertisement It was made by mnpctech (via PC Gamer), with an actual high-poly 3D model from the game’s tanks used as the foundation of a case that’s 1/6 the size of a real life Mk V tank. The detail and craftsmanship that have gone into this are just nuts. Even the turrets, made from machined aluminum, swivel and move. Here are the specs for those curious, since there’s a PC inside as well: Advertisement The Mnpctech built “AMD Battlefield 1 Computer Tank” will utilize two SAPPHIRE NITRO+ Radeon RX 480 100406NT+8GOCL 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Cards in Crossfire. 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 1 x Dual-Link DVI-D 2 x HDMI 2.0 2 x DisplayPort 1.4 PCI Express 3.0 x16 Core Clock 1342 MHz 2304 Stream Processors You can see more shots here. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!