Looking To End Grenade Spam, Battlefield 1 Gives Everyone Recharging Grenades

Choke points and trenches are prime targets for grenades in Battlefield 1. High player numbers can make it difficult to gain ground without being blow to kingdom come. The first part of the developer’s plans to curb this? Give everyone grenades that automatically resupply. Advertisement Instead of having a small stock of grenades that need to be resupplied at ammo crates dropped by Support class members, grenades in Battlefield 1 are now on a recharging cooldown. Players will receive more grenades over time, although standing near an ammo box will speed up the process. It’s part of an initiative called Ammo 2.0 meant to help balance the gameplay. This recent change went live alongside the latest DLC They Shall Not Pass. Advertisement “The cooldown based resupply shifts the benefit of the ammo box from long term to short term,” a DICE representative explained on Reddit. “With the cooldown giving small amounts of ammo over the long term, we can reduce the starting ammo of many gadgets, making having ammo most important during a fight instead of after.” Response has been icy. Other items such READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


New Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Is Like The House From Up

Battlefield is known for its intricate easter eggs and hidden secrets. The latest hidden secret pulls directly from Disney to create a stunning and humorous sight. Advertisement With the recently release of Battlefield 1‘s latest DLC They Shall Not Pass, it was only a matter of time before easters eggs were discovered. One of the first summons a floating house high above the battle in an homage to the animated film Up. jackfrags shows it off in the video below: Like any Battlefield easter eggs, there’s a bit of a process before the easter egg triggers. Playing on the map Verdun Heights, players must find three hidden bottles of wine and shoot them all. After that, they must hunt down and locate three rooster bearing weather-vanes around the map and shoot them as well. Once done, a small house will float above the fray, carried aloft by three balloons bearing the French Tricolour flag. It’s a silly bit of fun that seems a nice shout out to one of Pixar’s best movies: Up. Plus, it’s sure to dazzle and distract your enemies on the ground and make for some READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Battlefield 1: DICE Has “Something Up Their Sleeves for Non-DLC Buyers in Terms of Matchmaking

While developer DICE is almost always commended by players in terms of how much content there is in every Battlefield expansion, one issue that the developer hasn’t addressed all that well is fragmenting the player base from those who have the DLC, and those who don’t. With Battlefield 1 getting its first (of multiple) expansion, They Shall Not Pass, which is available for Battlefield 1 Premium members, this concern won’t be going away anytime soon. During our Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass hands-on preview at EA’s studio, we voiced to DICE Art Director Johannes Fors this very concern, and he mentioned that the studio is working on something. PSLS: How are you going to differentiate between players who have the DLC and those who don’t when it comes to matchmaking? Johannes Fors: I can’t go into detail, but we have something up our sleeves. We are listening to the community and we know they’re concerned, so that’s why we addressed this issue. There will be something announced soon. Of course, this “something” could very well be this little nugget where DICE mentions that all players are required to download the update since it will have “several benefits” READ FULL STORY…


Battlefield 1 Update 1.07 Is Live, Adds They Shall Not Pass DLC Support

[embedded content] Adding support for the new They Shall Not Pass expansion (released today for Premium Pass owners), while also making improvements to the base game, Battlefield 1 update 1.07 is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. According to players, it’s 7.3GB to download the update and DLC. Here’s an overview of what to expect from They Shall Not Pass: 4 new maps with big contrasts (Verdun Heights, Fort de Vaux, Soissons, Rupture) 2 new immersive Operations The French Army 1 New elite class – The Trench Raider 1 new Assault Tank 1 new Behemoth – The super-sized tank “Char 2C” 6 new unlockable Primary weapons 4 new melee weapons 1 new game mode – Frontlines A new type of skins in Battlepacks New melee puzzles in Battlepacks Play as party improvements – Party Leader DICE adds, ” The Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass update is a required download for all Battlefield 1 players. This has several benefits, including that players who don’t yet own the expansion will be able to watch Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass matches through Spectator Mode.” And here’s a look at some of the base game changes: Weapons and Gadgets MG 08/15 Decreased horizontal recoil READ FULL STORY…


Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC Access Times Announced, Gameplay Video Released

The first major DLC for Battlefield 1, They Shall Not Pass, is finally going live for Premium Pass owners tomorrow and DICE has announced exactly what time the patch, which will include the DLC, will go live. While the patch and the changes that are coming along with it will be available for everyone, access to the They Shall Not Pass DLC will be limited to Premium Pass owners for two weeks. The patch will go live after a two-hour downtime which will begin at 5 am PST/8 am EST for PlayStation 4 users. This means the patch will be available for download at around 7 am PST/ 10am EST. YouTuber Westie also published a new gameplay video that shows off Verdun Heights, the fourth and final map of the DLC. The 11-minute video shows off quite a bit of content. [embedded content] The Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC will be available tomorrow for Premium Pass owners and will be accessible by everyone else on March 28. Check out our preview of the DLC here. [Source: Battlefield Forums via VG247, YouTube] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


What To Expect From Battlefield 1's First Expansion

Battlefield 1‘s first expansion, They Shall Not Pass, is just around the corner. It’s not about 32 Gandalfs fighting 32 Balrogs for 32 eternities, unfortunately, and instead focuses on the long-awaited French army. Advertisement The expansion introduces the French army with four maps set on the Western front of World War 1. Fort de Vaux is a close-quarters-focused map with intimidating forts and plenty of trenches, Soissons is green, open, and great for vehicles, Rupture is dotted with red flowers and bloody bunkers, and Verdun Heights—easily the most immediately arresting map—is a series of sloping hills that are on fire. Two new operations accompany the maps: The Devil’s Anvil, which is all about getting up-close and uncomfortably personal, and Beyond The Marne, which is a tank-centric vehicle-fest. I got to try them during a recent event at EA’s Redwood City, CA studio, and they’re both chaotic fun. Beyond The Marne is about what you’d expect from tanks and planes colliding on verdant hillsides, but The Devil’s Anvil is more subtly impressive. Hunkering down with your squad in some bombed out ditch as smoke and inevitability closes READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Save Big on Xbox One Downloads of Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, and More

Building an all-digital game collection is usually an expensive proposition, but four popular game downloads are deeply discounted on Xbox One right now. $24 From amazon Gizmodo Media Group may get a commission $30 From amazon Gizmodo Media Group may get a commission $5 From amazon Gizmodo Media Group may get a commission $8 From amazon Gizmodo Media Group may get a commission READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Battlefield 1’s They Shall Not Pass Expansion Releases on March 14

[embedded content] Battlefield 1’s They Shall Not Pass expansion is releasing on March 14 for Premium Pass owners, EA and DICE announced today. Non-Premium Pass owners will be able to buy it separately beginning on March 28. They Shall Not Pass includes four new maps (Verdun Heights, Fort de Vaux, Soissons, Rupture), two new Operations, the new Frontlines game mode, new weapons, new vehicles, and more. “The French Army joins the fight to defend their homeland,” the description adds. “Close-quarter fights and huge tank battles on the western front await.” Here’s what to expect from the new maps: Verdun Heights – The opening barrage of the Battle of Verdun created massive forest fires in which players will fight for domination. This is an uphill battle towards the massive fortresses of Verdun. A constant grinding struggle where the artillery never stops. Where the forge and “the Devil’s Anvil” continues to consume even the bravest combatants. Fort de Vaux – The first big engagement inside a fort during World War 1 takes place in the dark underworld of Fort de Vaux. Down in the maze of dark galleries and wet stone corridors, French and Germans fight ferociously with grenades, guns, bayonets, and flamethrowers. Watch READ…


Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides & Apocalypse Expansions Revealed

EA and DICE announced today that the three remaining expansions in the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass are titled In the Name of the Tsar, Turning Tides, and Apocalypse. They join the previously announced They Shall Not Pass expansion, which is scheduled for a March 2017 release. Here’s what EA says about each expansion, which let you fight with the Russian Army, take part in naval battles, and more: They Shall Not Pass (March 2017) Play as one of the most ferocious armies in WW1 – the French. Engage in the savage fighting around the furnace of Verdun, and descend into the bowels of Fort de Vaux where barbarous battles rage in the gas-filled corridors. Take part in the largest tank assault of the war by the Aisne riverbanks. In the Name of the Tsar Enter the biggest front of WW1 with the Russian Army. Ride in Galicia with the legendary Hussars during the Brusilov offensive. Partake in the skirmishes of the Albion assault in a freezing archipelago and fight in the snow covered ravines of the treacherous Lupkow Pass. Turning Tides Participate in the amphibious warfare of WW1. Embark with the new destroyer into intense tactical naval clashes. Master the coastal class airship in the fierce interplay READ FULL…


After Months Of Investigation, Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Only Turns Up A Dog Tag

Battlefield 1 players looking to solve the depths of the game’s most elusive puzzle have hit pay-dirt. Translated morse code and a hunt to find hidden symbols yielded an underwhelming reward: a measly dog tag. Advertisement The key to the puzzle was time. When a series of morse code messages appeared in Battlefield 1 in October, attempts to decipher them lead nowhere. A previous Easter Egg in Battlefield 4 tasked players with translating morse code into Belarusian but the messages in Battlefield 1 were garbled nonsense. That changed in November. The new message read as follows: “PREVIOUS MESSAGE CORRUPTED. AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS.” This month, those instructions arrived when the morse code changed again YouTuber jackfrags has broken down the process for solving the mystery. The process changes for each player. Messages will send them to certain maps. At each point, they will find a hidden symbol in the environment. This unlocks a new communication that will send them to their next map. Advertisement Each new message requires a different cipher to translate. It starts simple enough, with a portion of the message reverse, before READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Buying Games Day One Is No Longer the Tempting Proposition It Once Was

Picture the scene: It’s launch day, and after keeping a close eye on ‘Game X’ for months — years, even — the wait is finally over. If you chose to pre-order, ‘Game X’ likely popped through your letterbox in time for breakfast, otherwise you’d typically pay a visit to your local store in order to pick up a copy, hot off the shelf. Tearing the cellophane off your shiny new timesink — providing you favored physical over digital, of course — is an innocent thrill that all players can relate to on some level. But there’s another, near-universal feeling that many of us have felt on launch days gone by, and that’s frustration. Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat; launch day should be cause for celebration on both ends of the industry’s production line. For the developer, it’s that oh-so-sweet moment of crossing the finish line and shipping a product to market that embodies years of hard graft, while the consumer, having spent the entire dev cycle looking on from afar, finally has the opportunity to lay hands on the finished product. Known Shippable But that’s just it; the term “finished product” doesn’t necessarily carry the same…


Battlefield 1’s Winter Update Adds Ribbons, Increases Class Level Cap

Numerous changes are coming to Battlefield 1 as part of a winter update. Alongside the expansion pack They Shall Not Pass, the game will see changes to class rankings and the addition of combat ribbons. Advertisement In a blog post today, the Battlefield 1 team outlined some new additions that will come in the game’s winter update. Chief among these are combat ribbons. In previous titles, ribbons were in-game commendations given to players for completing certain tasks in a round. By killing enemies with a specific weapon type or completing objective, players could earn extra experience. Adding them to Battlefield 1 should encourage people to play the goddamn objective and make up for the less than stellar medal system. Expansion to class ranks from a max rank of 10 to 50 will also drive players to focus on their roles. I need competent medics who revive, dang it! Additionally, more information is getting revealed about the new expansion They Shall Not Pass, which focuses on the French army. jackfrags has outlined the history of the new guns which include the bizarre looking Chauchat light machine gun and its moon shaped READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Battlefield 1 Update Today Adds Ribbons, New Max Class Rank & More

4.86GB on PlayStation 4, the Battlefield 1 Winter Update is now available to download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, EA has announced. Along with a number of bug fixes, today’s Battlefield 1 update allows you to collect Ribbons, unlock an Elite Codex for eight of the available primary weapons in the game, reach the new max Class Rank of 50, vote for the next map after a match is over, and more. Here’s the biggest additions with the Winter Update: Ribbons You will now be able to collect Ribbons as you play. There are 20 different Ribbons to collect, and each time you get a Ribbon you also receive a 300XP. The Ribbons are designed to promote good teamplay and playing the objective. If you have suggestions for other Ribbons you’d like us to add, we’re always listening! This is just the beginning. Elite Codices It is now possible to unlock an Elite Codex for eight of the available primary weapons in the game. All you need to do is get 500 more kills per applicable weapon. Not only will you get a shiny Elite Codex, but you will also be awarded 25,000 bonus XP. Not bad when you’re chasing those new READ FULL…


Battlefield 1 Winter Update Will Be “Strong,” DICE “Committed” to HDR Support for Consoles

The official Battlefield 1 Twitter account posted the following teaser over the weekend, implying that the game is set to receive its Winter update real soon. Neither patch notes nor further details are available yet but answering fans, DICE promised that it’ll be a “strong” update. If this past Fall’s patch is any indication, expect a hefty changelog. Stay tuned. The Winter Update is coming. — Battlefield (@Battlefield) February 10, 2017 Elsewhere on Twitter, fans asked DICE when we can expect to see HDR support for the game, to which the developer said, “EA and DICE are committed to supporting HDR on PS4 Pro/Xbox One. We will share details once we have them available.” Perhaps, we’ll hear something this week and/or it might be a part of the Winter update. Here’s hoping! Battlefield 1’s They Shall Not Pass expansion releases this March, and comes with four new maps, the French army, Frontlines game mode, Trench Raider Elite Class, new vehicles, and more. We’ll share the Winter patch notes with our readers as soon as we have them. READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!