Civilization VI Is Down to $30 For the First Time Ever

Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, and if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale. Click here for more. We’ve seen a few ~$40 deals on Civilization VI over the last few weeks, but Amazon just dropped it to $30 for the first time ever. We aren’t sure how long this will last, so place your order before Gandhi nukes the deal. Note: Amazon lists Windows as the platform, but what you’re buying here is a Steam key, so Mac and Linux users can take advantage as well. $30 From amazon 596 purchased by readersGizmodo Media Group may get a commission Managing Deals Editor | Send deal submissions to READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Build Your Empire for $40 with Amazon’s Discount on Civilization VI

Last year’s acclaimed strategy title Civilization VI is currently down to $40 for a limited time for players looking to dive into the series on Amazon. …Read More The post Build Your Empire for $40 with Amazon’s Discount on Civilization VI by Ryan Meitzler appeared first on DualShockers.


We're Finally Starting to See Solid Discounts On Civilization VI

Earlier Civilization games feature prominently in just about every PC gaming sale under the sun, but the price tag for Civ VI has been remarkably stubborn. Today though, Amazon’s offering it up for $40, the best price they’ve ever listed. Also available at Green Man Gaming. We don’t know how long this deal will last, so download a copy before Gandhi has to nuke you. $40 From amazon Gizmodo Media Group may get a commission READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Civilization VI's AI Gets A Much-Needed Fix This Week

One of the most annoying issues with Civ VI’s AI since launch has been the severity of warmonger penalties. Raise a finger against another Civ ever, even in defence, and you’re in trouble for the rest of the game. That’s not very fair, so it’s getting a fix. Advertisement The game’s Spring Update will scale warmonger penalties back across the board (both in diplomacy and when capturing cities), and do a whole host of other cool and welcome things as well, the highlights of which are: Harbors now give a major adjacency bonus with the City Center, +1 Food to all Coast tiles when the Lighthouse is built, and +2 Gold to all Coast tiles when the Seaport is built. Royal Navy Dockyard now always provides +1 Trade Route capacity, even if the city already has a Commercial Hub. This makes it more useful, even when England builds it on its home continent. Added “Future Civic” to the end of the Civics Tree, a repeatable Civic to research and add to the player score. Also good are these tweaks to the AI, which include: Advertisement READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Civilization VI Is Already So Much Better

It’s been five months since Civ VI was released, and if you thought—like with Civ V—that you’d be waiting years for the game to get better, boy have I got news for you. Through a combination of official content and the tireless work of the modding community, I’ve spent the last week playing a version of Civilization VI that is already a lot better than the one I played last year and loved so much. First, the stuff that has come from Firaxis themselves. We’re still a long way off a proper expansion, the kind of thing that makes dramatic changes to the way the vanilla Civ experience works, but since launch we’ve seen two new Civs released, both of which are excellent. Advertisement Advertisement As I’ve discussed, Poland is solid, straightforward pick for the kind of person who wields their Civ like a blunt instrument. And the recently-released Australia might be (WARNING: INHERENT BIAS) even better, if not for the uniqueness of some of its abilities (the way outback stations let you colonize the desert is a game-changer) READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Civilization VI Finally Has Steam Workshop Support

Civilization VI has had a strong launch, but there’s been one thing holding it back lately: Steam Workshop support didn’t ship alongside the game in October, which means the modding scene hasn’t really taken off. It will now, because the game’s “Australian Summer 2017″ update is now live. Advertisement Alongside multiplayer teams (also part of the update), another feature fans have been calling for since last year, the baked-in support for mods (the game has technically allowed them to now, but their implementation hasn’t exactly been mainstream) goes beyond just Workshop integration, as the update also contains a range of development tools for modders, as well as an in-game editor and a change to Civ VI’s front menu to “better show Additional Content details” (like mods). The new “Additional Content” screen provides a lot more information about DLC and mods. A warning: because the update includes assets to go along with those tools, it’s a big download, clocking in at 7GB down the pipes and 27GB once expanded and on your disk. You bloody ripper. In addition to the mod and multiplayer stuff, there READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Australia Is Coming To Civilization VI

For the first time in series history, Australia is going to be a playable faction in a Civilization game. You bloody ripper. Advertisement I know, Australia isn’t really a Civilization, but if other “new world” countries like the USA and Brazil can get in the game then damn it, we can too. Sorry Canada. Maybe you’re next. Australia’s military unit (the “Digger”) and building (“Outback Station”) are predictable enough, but the choice of John Curtin as leader is a great one; Sir Robert Menzies may have been a more obvious choice, since Curtin was only Prime Minister for four years (1941-45), but in that time he not only led Australia through the Second World War but also enacted a number of progressive social policies. Advertisement Like Poland, Australia is going to be made available as part of a premium DLC pack, which is going to hit around the same time as the “Australian Summer 2017 Update”. This update will be a big deal, because it’ll finally introduce Steam Workshop functionality to the game, along with team multiplayer. There’s no release date for either Australia READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

breaking bad

Civilization VI x Breaking Bad


Tips For Playing Civilization VI

Civilization VI is a very good video game! It’s also got some weird complexities and systems that aren’t explained properly, as well as some neat little headen features, so here are some tips for getting the most out of it. ARMIES In Civ V, cities could defend themselves, so you could concentrate on building improvements. Not here. Civ VI’s settlements won’t have their own defences until you complete some research, so in the early stages of the game it’s worth building a decent little army. On King difficulty or higher, this is an absolute priority. Advertisement You’ll need it for defence against barbarians and over-zealous AI, but it’s also handy for warmongering types; early units are cheap with the right policies, and you’ll find you can roll over quite a few neighbouring Civs early on without much trouble, especially if you take the time to build some siege engines and battering rams. CLEARANCES Before you build a district, send in a Builder to harvest any resources there first. Dropping the District will clear the tile of that bonus, but if you send in the Builder first you’ll get a decent READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


You Can't Catch Civilization VI's Barbarians 

Civilization VI’s barbarians work much like they do in every other game in the series. Well, mostly. There are a few frustrating exceptions. Advertisement Frustrations that Gotta Keep Moist has absolutely nailed here. First, those early-game scouts who somehow always manage to stay one hex away: And second, those god damn trade route raids: When Firaxis ever get around to introducing Steam Workshop support for the game, I hope the first thing we see is a tile improvement called a BEAR PIT. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Taking Civilization VI's New Stuff For A Spin

Last month, Firaxis quietly released the first new content for Civilization VI, the Winter Update, adding a new Civ and some scenarios. It’s a hit-and-miss affair. The new Civ, Poland, is great for players (like myself) who prefer to take the more literal, direct approach to victory. Its unique building doesn’t mess around, it just gives you more production and gold. Its unique unit doesn’t have any weird complimentary effects, it just bulldozes enemy units out of its square. And the return of the “culture bomb”, which lets Polish players build forts that push national borders back, is borderline game-breaking on smaller maps. Advertisement Advertisement I can understand people not really digging how crude most of these benefits are, but as someone who is still trying to get my head around the finer points of Civ VI’s new systems while unlearning established Civ V routines, Poland felt like a good way to bridge the gap, employing some old-fashioned strategies that aren’t quite as useful with other Civ VI factions. The other selling point with the Winter Update READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


In Civilization VI, Nobody Expects The…


Civ VI's Neo Tokyo Is About To Explode

It’s actually not going to explode. It looks lovely. I just had to use that headline. One of the more pleasant surprises with how good Civ VI has been out of the gates has been the game’s urban planning system. Something Haphaz77 has shown off here to terrific effect. Advertisement This is a game he won as Japan (over 300 turns) using a modified version of the “one city rule”, something that used to a very fun Civ V game mode but which sadly isn’t present in Civ VI. Of course, it’s not one city here, as it’s technically three. But he’s built the three cities so close together that, like the actual Tokyo and Yokohama, each district has grown into and is playing off another, forming a megalopolis that managed to win the a cultural victory, presumably by actually hosting the 2020 Olympic games, rather than being annihilated in a nuclear fireball. I’m finding that the more I’m playing Civ VI, the more I’m burrowing inside the district system and the finer points of how it works. It’s absolutely incredible that a game READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!