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Dead Rising 4 Coming to Steam on March 14, 2017


Capcom Financials Show Disappointing Street Fighter V Sales

Capcom released their financials for the end of 2016, and it’s largely in line with expectations beside a few disappointments. In the past nine months (April 1 through December 31), Capcom reported net sales of 53,507 million yen. That’s down around 3,500 million yen from last year, but Capcom attributes it to “the release of a hit title in the same period of the previous fiscal year.” Despite being slightly lower, they look to end the 2016 fiscal year (which ends March 31, 2017) strong with the releases of Resident Evil 7 biohazard and Monster Hunter XX. As far as titles released in the past nine months go, Capcom was happy with the sales of Dead Rising 4 (for Xbox One and PC) describing it as “firm,” but was disappointed with the performance of Monster Hunter Stories (for Nintendo 3DS) which targeted a younger audience. Meanwhile, the Japanese publisher was pleased with the re-releases of both Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. They said that the remasters “performed steadily thanks to a stable fanbase for the brand.” As noted on Capcom’s top sellers list, Street Fighter V saw a very modest increase in sales over the past nine months going from 1.4 million READ…

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Amazing Street Fighter Outfits Coming to Dead Rising 4; New Difficulty Modes & Free Trial Incoming

Dead Rising 4 To Get Street Fighter Outfits And More Last month we told you about Dead Rising 4’s Christmas themed DLC pack. Today, Capcom Vancouver revealed on their official Capcom Blog that an upcoming Dead Rising 4 update will add slick Street Fighter outfits and two brand new difficulty modes to the game. These new costumes (seen below) will allow our hero Frank West to dress up as Zangief, Cammy, Guile, M. Bison. And apparently one other unknown Street Fighter character in game. All five of these outfits will appear in the player’s wardrobe automatically on January 30 after the update is downloaded. The two new difficulty modes being added are more difficult than the base game: enemies will do more damage, Frank’s weapons will break faster, and food will restore less health. Like the new outfits, these difficulty modes will be added to the game on January 30 in this update. Another interesting little reveal today noted that Capcom will be releasing an hour-long free trail for Dead Rising 4 on Xbox One on January 31. Achievements and saved game progress from the free trial can be carried over into the full game should players decide to purchase at the end of the trial…


Dead Rising 4 Update Adds Street Fighter Outfits and New Difficulty Modes; Free Trial Also Incoming

Capcom Vancouver revealed today on the official Capcom Blog that an upcoming Dead Rising 4 update will add new Street Fighter outfits and two brand new difficulty modes to the game. …Read More The post Dead Rising 4 Update Adds Street Fighter Outfits and New Difficulty Modes; Free Trial Also Incoming by Tomas Franzese appeared first on DualShockers.

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The most overrated Xbox One games of 2016

2016 wasn’t the best year for many people, though for the Xbox One, things were pretty fantastic. As publishers took full advantage of the three-year-old console, giving us instant classics such as “Gears of War 4”, “Forza Horizon 3”, “Overwatch“, “Doom 2016” and “Dark Souls 3“. However, not every hyped up game was a home run; some games crashed and… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

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Demented New Holiday DLC Release for Dead Rising 4

Santa Suit Frank Doles out Demented Holiday Mayhem in New Holiday DLC for Dead Rising 4 Seems like almost every developer is dipping into the holiday egg-nog and releasing some some DLC or additional content this season. Developer, Capcom Vancouver jumped in on this tradition today by releasing an X-mas themed DLC pack for Dead Rising 4. As it turns out, they may have put a bit too much rum in this years nog…  this update looks more like something straight out of a Krampus’ fever dream rather than out of Santa’s gift bag. Theres a new spiffy Santa suit for Frank to wear while he smashes his way through zombies that can now be dressed up in new ways including creepy green elf costumes. Players also get a few other goodies including a new modified baseball bat decked out in colorful lights and of course, barbed wire, as well as a lazer blasting motorcycle with a punny holiday name.  Theres even an explosive new weapon called, “Candy Pain,” that looks like a cross between a rocket powered sledge hammer and a giant novelty candy cane! Perhaps the best and most satisfying addition is the ginger bread zombies… Theres

UK Sales Chart Top 10: The Last Guardian Loses Out to Zombies

Sony’s The Last Guardian failed to take Top 5 in the UK Top 10 Sales Chart and Dead Rising 4 makes the cut After a nearly decade-long delay, The Last Guardian was released December 9th to long-awaited bated breaths and overall positive reviews. Even we here at COGconnected gave it a solid 80 in our review below and praised its stunning presentation and emotional narrative. However, it seems The Last Guardian has failed to hit the ground running in terms of sales. The game only managed to snag the No.7 position in physical sales for the UK Top 10 Sales Chart its debut week. Not only did the highly anticipated title fail to break into the top 5, it also fell behind its launch date competitor Dead Rising 4 (who scored the No.5 spot). Which begs the question, did people not like the game, or do people just really like shooting zombies? One may never know. Compared to its predecessor, Shadow of the Colossus, this may seem a little disheartening. Shadow of the Colossus grabbed the top ranks its opening week back in 2006, and in Japan alone sold through almost 80 percent of its initial shipped units within the first two days. But something to…

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Top Xbox One Gift Ideas for Gamers This Holiday Season

Xbox One Gift Guide Holiday 2016 Got some last minute shopping to do for your favorite gamer? Look no further, because we have you covered. Whether your loved one recently received a new Xbox One S or is stuck in the last gen, there is sure to be something on our list just for them. We have classic titles, newly released hits, some sweet accessories, and more! Gears of War 4 Gears of War 4 is the latest entry in one of the greatest series to find its home on the Xbox. Taking place many years after the original trilogy, Gears of War 4 keeps the series familiar but fresh, with a new main cast but the old series violence. Aside from the story, the multiplayer provides a lot of fun and action. With multiplayer game modes such as Campaign Co-Op, Horde, and various death matches such as Warzone and Arms Race, gamers will have many ways to play alongside and against their friends. Gears of War 4 is one of the best games on the Xbox One, and owners of the console owe it to themselves to play this title. Forza Horizons 3 Does your loved one like

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5 Essential Dead Rising 4 Tips and Tricks

Dead Rising 4 Tips & Tricks Dead Rising 4 is not an overly difficult game, in fact, according to my “Game Summary” (after I finished the game), I only died three times. Despite this, there is a lot going on in Dead Rising 4 and it’s easy to miss stuff. Heck, I’m confident I’ll probably discover brand new things on my next playthrough! But for now, I’m here to provide you a few useful tips & tricks I discovered during my time with Dead Rising 4. Do you have any tips or tricks for new Dead Rising 4 players? Let us know in the comments section (just try and avoid any big spoilers!). C-C-C-Combo!! Achievement This Achievement requires you to “Get a Hit Streak over 200 then use a Skill Move”. The Hit Streak counter pops up when you start attacking zombies and the Skill Move is preformed by pressing Y+B at the same time when prompted (the prompt is right beside the Hit Streak counter). Tip: This one’s super easy to get in Case 3 during the “Tracking the Signal” mission when you’re tasked with escaping the gated community. After you complete all the objectives leading up to the


10 Hours In, Dead Rising 4 Misses What Made The Earlier Games Great

Dead Rising 4 is the bloodiest the series has gotten. Dead Rising 4 offers a fun zombie-bashing playground, but is not a good Dead Rising game. Advertisement Dead Rising 4 is a sandbox survival game where you explore and fight against massive waves of zombies. You move from case to case, trying to solve a giant conspiracy. You’ll cut down zombies, try to take the best photographs you can, and rescue survivors along the way. Frank West returns, but the intrepid reporter has since washed up. He’s now a subpar college professor with a massive chip on his shoulder. After a turn of events starts a new zombie outbreak in Willamette, the same setting as the original Dead Rising, he rushes off to get the big scoop as well as rescue a former student. Advertisement One of Dead Rising 4‘s biggest problems is tone. At one moment, it will toss up sight gags and quippy one-liners before weaving into a hardcore zombie thriller. The very start of the game leaps into a bloody and hilarious dream sequence where Frank chases his past self while blowing up tons of zombies. It is followed up with sneaky infiltration of a government blacksite…

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Dead Rising 4 Review – No Story Coop, No Problem

Dead Rising 4 Review What do you get when you combine Dead Rising 1 with Dead Rising 3? (let me just check my calculator…) The answer is Dead Rising 4. No, this wasn’t just some simple math problem, this is how I believe Capcom Vancouver approached this latest Dead Rising game. They took the protagonist and location from the first Dead Rising, the open world structure of the third Dead Rising, and churned out Frank West’s latest zombie-filled adventure in the town of Willamette, Colorado. It’s an excellent combination and provides one hell of a fun game! The year is 2021 and the zombie outbreak is over; all the citizens have been inoculated with the cure to prevent a new uprising of the undead. But, when our hero, Frank West, and his journalism student, Vick Chu, discover an army base on the outskirts of Willamette, Colorado experimenting on zombies – a new threat is revealed! Flash forward a few months later, Christmas time, and Willamette has once again been over-run by zombies. To make matters worse, the US government is covering it up. ZDC Agent, Brad Park (who you may remember from Dead Rising 3), works with Frank West to…

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Top 5 Video Game Releases to Watch in December 2016

Top 5 Video Game Releases to Watch in December 2016 The holiday season is upon us and usually, that means that the big games have all come and gone and are simply waiting on store shelves to be whisked away by Christmas shoppers. This year we still have some amazing titles yet to hit retail and one of them is hands down one of the most anticipated games of all time. Last month was simply massive with Final Fantasy XV, Watch Dogs 2, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Dishonored 2, and Pokemon Sun & Moon all hitting store shelves. That’s one hell of a lineup and though December isn’t quite so stacked it still has some good looking games ripe for stuffing into stockings. Let’s get into it, shall we?   Steep – Ubisoft – PC, PS4, Xbox One (Dec 2) Steep is already on store shelves and in digital stores everywhere. Hit the mountains to tackle skiing and snowboarding, paragliding and wingsuit flying in one of the most exhilarating titles we’ve played in a while. Looking to fill in a niche that hasn’t seen a lot of action in years, Steep takes a line that is somewhere in the middle of sim and…


Hilarious Dead Rising 4 Video Brings Out the Holiday’s Worst

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Dead Rising 4 Launch Trailer Released; Features Rhyming Frank West, Christmas, and More

Today, developer Capcom Vancouver released the launch for Dead Rising 4, which is set to release December 6th for Xbox One and PC. As you would expect, the trailer features that quintessential Dead Rising tone and humor, …Read More The post Dead Rising 4 Launch Trailer Released; Features Rhyming Frank West, Christmas, and More by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.