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Dishonored and Prey Developer Arkane Studios Hiring for Online Game Engineer

E3 2017's Best Dressed Video Game Characters

We’ve seen all the E3 trailers, announcement and gameplay demos, but one question remains: which game characters were the best dressed? Here’ a few of my favorite looks from the games we saw. A Way Out 70s looks are coming back in a big way, and the two main characters from A Way Out embrace the best of the era. I love the patterned dress shirt peeking out from a brown leather bomber jacket. It’s a very bold pattern, but because he’s covered in neutral colors it’s not overpowering. If you’ve wanted to experiment with prints but don’t know how, take note. This same character is also pairing a bold pattern with a neutral toned jacket in the picture at the top of this post, and I think it’s pretty cool that development studio Hazelight put some thought into what this guy’s taste in shirts is like. Billie Lurk in Dishonored 2 Billie Lurk looks incredible in the trailer for Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider, and a lot of it has to do with this look. I would commit sins to grab this cowl-necked leather jacket with its bright red panels, which seems tailor made for the discrete murders Bille…

At E3 2017, Black Characters' Hair Looks Better Than Ever

Games tend to have trouble depicting black hair, but this year’s E3 displayed refreshing palette of kinky, coily, textured hair. Here’s a breakdown. In his essay for anthology State of Play, io9‘s Evan Narcisse says that, for video games, “when it comes to head hair—specifically locks that look like what grows from my scalp—I’m generally out of luck. … It’s the visual texture that’s the trickiest part, I’d imagine. From afar, hair like mine looks like a solid, unified dome. But, it’s actually a particulate mass, made of hyper-tight curls that pretty much resist gravity by growing up and out.” As a black gamer, I’ve also noticed these problems, particularly for black women. A lot of black characters have permed, straight hair, or textures that aren’t quite right when I compare it to my hair or the hair of women I know. When it’s close to right, it’s sometimes played for comedic effect. As Narcisse writes, “Afros were controversial once, too, but wound up taking a left turn on the path to mainstreaming. They’re now understood in a comedic way, a style so outlandish that only the truly ludicrous would wear it. It’s telling that the equivalent for straight hair—locks…


Dishonored Creators Responded To Criticism Of Game's Women By Making Emily A Badass

Dishonored In Dishonored 2, people panic when Emily Kaldwin enters a room. When she’s caught sneaking around the docks, NPCs yell out in terror. It’s a special feeling to play a fear-inducing women in a game, and yesterday at E3, Arkane Studios’ co-creative director explained to Engadet that, if it wasn’t for criticism of Dishonored 1’s women, gamers may have never experienced Kaldwin’s badassery. In an interview with Feminist Frequency founder and media critic Anita Sarkeesian for Engadget, Arkane Studios’ Harvey Smith said that Emily Kaldwin, Dishonored 2’s playable co-protagonist who featured heavily in its marketing, was a direct response to complaints that Dishonored 1’s women were bland or offensive. In 2012, Feminist Frequency tweeted that while Dishonored 1 featured “many truly brilliant elements. . . sadly representation of women are not among them. #Disappointing.” Sarkeesian’s 2015 video “Women as Background Decoration” showed several clips from Dishonored 1 in which the player peeks up sex workers’ skirts, throws them against walls or murders them. Yesterday at E3, Smith himself recalled that “Every woman in Dishonored 1 is either a servant, a prostitute, a witch, a queen or a little girl,” which he describes as “not an intentional choice.” READ FULL…


Sony’s WipEout: Omega Collection Launches at No.1 on This Weeks’ UK Sales Chart

The 23rd week of the 2017 UK Sales Chart are in, and unlike last week, and the week before that, a fighting game is no longer the chart topper, but rather the newly released WipEout: Omega Collection  …Read More The post Sony’s WipEout: Omega Collection Launches at No.1 on This Weeks’ UK Sales Chart by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.

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E3 2017 – Dishonored 2 DLC Coming This September

[embedded content] Update: Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is a standalone adventure, not Dishonored 2 DLC. The trailer is now embedded above for your viewing pleasure, and a description is as follows: The notorious Billie Lurk makes her return in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Reuniting with her mentor – the legendary assassin Daud – Billie will explore the dark underbelly of Karnaca in order to pull off the ultimate assassination: kill the Outsider. From the award-winning developers at Arkane Studios, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is the first standalone adventure in the critically acclaimed Dishonored series. Original story: The first Dishonored 2 DLC, Death of the Outsider, has finally been announced almost a year after the game launched. We’ll share a trailer and description with you as soon as we have it. The DLC is out on September 15, 2017. READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider Announced, Stars Billie Lurk

Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider is the next story in the Dishonored universe and it’s coming September 15. The standalone adventure (meaning you won’t need to own Dishonored 2 to play it) will see Daud, Empress Jessamine Kaldwin’s murder, and his former second in command from the first game’s The Knife of Dunwall DLC, Billie Lurk, reunited as they try to take down the Outsider. It’s priced at $30, so while Bethesda isn’t calling it DLC, it will probably be along those lines in scope. The game will take players back to Karnaca where Billie (voiced by Rosario Dawson), now sporting a badass steampunk eye implant, will trek through the city’s seedy underbelly trying to take down the “bastard responsible for all the chaos.” On its site, Bethesda says the game will feature new enemies and new ways to kill them, Advertisement Advertisement “Using all-new powers and abilities, Billie will infiltrate underground fight clubs and square off against the Sisters of the Oracular Order, the immortal Envisioned and the Outsider-obsessed Eyeless gang. She’ll also face new Clockwork Soldiers – along with other new and returning foes – READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Injustice 2 Tops UK Sales Charts For Second Straight Week; RiME Debuts at No.27

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PC Game Deals: DOOM and Tomb Raider Collector’s Editions On Sale, More

Discounted DOOM: Collector’s Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dishonored 2, and Heaps of Other PC Game Deals Available Now! Here are our PC game deals of the week, featuring games, laptops, and accessories! This week’s featured PC deals: DOOM: Collector’s Edition is 49% Off! Rise of the Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition is 51% Off! Dishonored 2 is 33% Off! Take a look below for even more PC game deals: Amazon PC Game Deals – Games: DOOM: Collector’s Edition – $61.02 ($58.97 Off) Rise of the Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition – $73.71 ($76.28 Off) Dishonored 2 Limited Edition – $39.99 ($20.00 Off) Titanfall 2 – $44.00 ($15.99 Off) Call of Duty Infinite Warfare – $34.99 ($25.00 Off) Mafia III – $36.49 ($23.50 Off) Forza Horizon 3 – $47.49 ($12.50 Off) Sid Meier’s Civilization V Complete Edition – $14.80 ($35.19 Off) Grand Theft Auto V – $38.04 ($21.95 Off) 1979 Revolution Black Friday – $5.99 ($6.00 Off) Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered – $33.67 ($26.32 Off) Battleborn – $33.84 ($26.15 Off) Fallout 4 – $24.62 ($15.37 Off) The Sims 4 – $19.99 ($20.00 Off) Batman Arkham Knight – $19.99 ($30.00 Off) Shadowrun Hong Kong Extended Edition Deluxe – $19.99 ($10.00 Off) Obscuritas – $14.99 ($5.00 Off)…

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Arkane Aiming for Prey to be “Flawless” on PC at Launch

As you may remember, when Dishonored 2 (which was runner-up for our Best Adventure/Action Adventure Game for 2016) launched back in November it was to critical acclaim: personally, we awarded it a 9 out of 10.  …Read More The post Arkane Aiming for Prey to be “Flawless” on PC at Launch by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.

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Arkane Promises Flawless PC Launch for Prey, Unlike Dishonored 2

Arkane Studio Learns its Lesson and Prey Will Launch Flawlessly on PC Dishonored 2 is a hell of a game. Universally praised upon release with our own review scoring it at 82 the road was a bit bumpy if you happened to pick the game up on PC. Plagued with slow speeds and bugs Arkane Studio made no qualms that the bungled PC release was on them. In a recent interview with Game Informer, the developer spoke out about the issue promising that they not only learned their lesson but that Prey, their next title hitting shelves, wouldn’t suffer the same fate. Creative Director Raphael Colantonio and Lead Designer Ricardo Bare of Arkane Austin addressed the launch issues for Dishonored 2 on PC with grace and promised unequivocally that Prey would be better. We’ve had a rough launch on the PC with Dishonored 2. In development, you never really know what you’re going to see, especially on the PC with so many configurations. Unfortunately, it is what it is, it shipped but now it runs really well after some patches. Of course, we are paying attention to make sure that this time the PC version is really flawless when we ship. A bit

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Prey – The History of TranStar Trailer

Prey – The History of TranStar Trailer Bethesda has just released a new trailer for Prey, the first-person sci-fi action game from Arkane Studios, titled, “The History of TranStar”. Discover more about the dark history of Talos I. In the alternate future of Prey, President Kennedy survives the assassination, which sets off a turn of events leading to the central conflict. After recovering from the attempt on his life, Kennedy threw his nation further into the space race by taking control of a U.S./Russian joint program and transforming a Russian satellite into a fully functional R&D facility meant to study non-terrestrials. This facility later became Talos I, a highly advanced space station owned by the TranStar Corporation. In just the scant few years since TranStar took over, the station has been used as the testing ground for some morally dubious experiments, with people on board serving as subjects – people like Morgan Yu. After awakening on Talos I, Morgan finds the station overrun by a previously contained non-terrestrial entity called Typhon, which the scientists had been studying and using to improve the scope of human abilities. Aided by strange alien-based powers, Morgan must survive the incursion, uncover the mysteries surrounding the Typhon…

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New Images Published for Dishonored 2 Weapons and Abilities

Some new images from Bethesda have been published showing off the weapons and abilities you will have access to in Dishonored 2. Developer Arkane Studios details that each weapon and ability goes through serious vetting to make sure it belongs in the world and is both stylish and devastating. You can find the complete gallery below, featuring both Emily and Corvo’s sword, Emily’s crossbow, Howler’s sword, Delirium bolt, Timepiece device, whale oil, arc pylon, doppelganger, transposition, far reach, wind blast, dark vision, and mesmerize.

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Arkane Studios Is “Thinking About” Dishonored VR, Would Limit Mobility to Blink

[embedded content] Calling it a “level design dream,” Dishonored 2 Level Designer Christophe Carrier told GamesRadar that Arkane Studios is “thinking about” a virtual reality version of Dishonored. Saying there’s a lot of things – such as Far Reach and Blink – that would be transferable to VR very quickly and be fun, Carrier talked about how they’ll limit mobility to Blink to reduce nausea: Your only transportation or mobility would be Blink. And you wouldn’t have all the fatalities because they are animated and you don’t want to do that because you’re going to throw up! If Arkane does do Dishonored VR, it wouldn’t be a port of the first or second game. In fact, Carrier doesn’t believe that games could be ported on VR right now. “They have to be thought about thoroughly and it has to be created for VR,” he added. When he thinks about Dishonored being in virtual reality, Carrier mentioned being in a room like the Clockwork Mansion where you can see all the gears and objects up-close. Arkane also released a narrated trailer focusing on the themed missions in Dishonored 2. As Creative Director Harvey Smith adds, they wanted to do classic Dishonored missions where it’s a highly defended location, “but we also wanted…