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DooM Medley: IDDQD for Bobby – Bobby Prince needs our help!

I´ve got some bad and some good news to share with you guys and girls, and I´m going to start with the bad news first. Well, not so long ago I found out that Bobby Prince (Bobby has made music for games like “Doom“, “Doom 2”, “Rise of the Triad” with many others) suffers from colon cancer…And I didn´t take that news all… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

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Grand Theft Auto V Returns to the Top on the UK Sales Chart for Second Week of 2017

It will be the year 2042 and Grand Theft Auto V will still be among the top-selling games of the year. Rockstar’s latest installment in the series just continues to sell by the bucket loads, as evidence …Read More The post Grand Theft Auto V Returns to the Top on the UK Sales Chart for Second Week of 2017 by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.


In the UK: FIFA 17 Was The Top Selling Game at Retail for 2016; Hardware and Software Sales Fall for the Year

Research institute GfK has released its information and full year figures for the UK physical games market in 2016. …Read More The post In the UK: FIFA 17 Was The Top Selling Game at Retail for 2016; Hardware and Software Sales Fall for the Year by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.


The Pressures of Business on Gaming; Thoughts from Bethesda

Bethesda VP: “Half-Baked” Games Are Just Not an Option  Every gaming veteran(veteran veteran) will have a grasp on how the industry has evolved. We’ve come a long way since cartridges, and farther since shelf prices started hitting $59.99. But from thereon, developers have noted a struggle. Many games, memorable titles and those that retain legendary status, take a long time to make. As a matter of fact, games are taking longer and longer to make. Unfortunately, business pressures have left many devs without the time they need to make their intended product. And Bethesda Vice President Pete Hines recently chimed in about the stigma. “We do believe that, ultimately, if the game isn’t good and isn’t right, then this has all been for nothing,” Hines told Gamesradar. “If it’s not ready, if it’s not what it needs to be, then we don’t feel like we have any other choice. We don’t feel like it is an option or a choice to put out something that is half-baked or not all the way there.” His words are pretty much backed by Bethesda’s history. Part of what makes Bethesda itself come under scrutiny, is that they keep trying to top themselves. Objectively, one could argue for days that all their games are rich…


Bethesda’s Pete Hines Says Cancelling DOOM 4 Was the Right Decision

One of the biggest surprises in 2016 was just how good DOOM was. Indeed, there was actually a plethora of reasons to be hesitant about the game’s launch. However, as we now know, those reasons of worry …Read More The post Bethesda’s Pete Hines Says Cancelling DOOM 4 Was the Right Decision by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.

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PC Game Deals: DOOM and Tomb Raider Collector’s Editions On Sale, More

Discounted DOOM: Collector’s Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Dishonored 2, and Heaps of Other PC Game Deals Available Now! Here are our PC game deals of the week, featuring games, laptops, and accessories! This week’s featured PC deals: DOOM: Collector’s Edition is 49% Off! Rise of the Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition is 51% Off! Dishonored 2 is 33% Off! Take a look below for even more PC game deals: Amazon PC Game Deals – Games: DOOM: Collector’s Edition – $61.02 ($58.97 Off) Rise of the Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition – $73.71 ($76.28 Off) Dishonored 2 Limited Edition – $39.99 ($20.00 Off) Titanfall 2 – $44.00 ($15.99 Off) Call of Duty Infinite Warfare – $34.99 ($25.00 Off) Mafia III – $36.49 ($23.50 Off) Forza Horizon 3 – $47.49 ($12.50 Off) Sid Meier’s Civilization V Complete Edition – $14.80 ($35.19 Off) Grand Theft Auto V – $38.04 ($21.95 Off) 1979 Revolution Black Friday – $5.99 ($6.00 Off) Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered – $33.67 ($26.32 Off) Battleborn – $33.84 ($26.15 Off) Fallout 4 – $24.62 ($15.37 Off) The Sims 4 – $19.99 ($20.00 Off) Batman Arkham Knight – $19.99 ($30.00 Off) Shadowrun Hong Kong Extended Edition Deluxe – $19.99 ($10.00 Off) Obscuritas – $14.99 ($5.00 Off)…


HDoom interview with HDoomGuy – HDoom´s past, present and future

***NSFW!*** I (Robin Ek, TGG) have been wanting to do an interview with the creator of the “HDoom” for quite some time now. Well, my long wait ended the other day. As I managed to get a hold of HDoomGuy, whom just happens to be the father of “HDoom”. So we talked about everything from “HDoom”, his thoughts on lewd… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

2016 Was the Best Year Ever for First-Person Shooters

First-person shooters have been a cornerstone of gaming ever since Wolfenstein 3D released in 1992. Since then the genre has seen some of the most influential and best-selling releases in all of gaming from Half-Life to Halo. Both Microsoft and Sony have tried to sell systems by using the allure of exclusive shooter franchises, so its importance really can’t be understated. That’s why it’s been disappointing that such a key part of gaming has been in a bit of a rut lately. It’s not that shooters have been bad per se, as the yearly releases in Call of Duty and Battlefield have never been outright bad, but they lacked the ability to surprise gamers. Almost every shooter, no matter how technically sound, started to feel all too familiar. Thankfully, that has changed, as 2016 was filled with so many surprises and was the best year ever for first-person shooters. Shooters for Everyone One of the most exciting parts of 2016 was getting to see my friends that don’t regularly play multiplayer shooters fall in love with the genre. This was largely due to the wide appeal of Overwatch, whose wide range of characters offered up a fun time for seemingly everybody. From Soldier 76’s traditional shooter layout to more unique characters like the…


What Made 2016's Doom Great

Innovation is like a game of telephone. Someone creates a message, but as it spreads, it loses its meaning. Lessons that seemed clear back in the first-person shooter’s formative years became taken for granted and eventually forgotten. Shooters today are all about weapon limits, level design set pieces, and regenerating health. Doom’s return in 2016 was like finally hearing those original lessons with startling clarity. Its immaculate design is a defiant reminder of the strength of classic shooter design. Advertisement Every game designer should live by Hamlet’s immortal line: “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Unfortunately, players could sit through an entire production of Hamlet before most games actually give them the reins. The new Doom, in contrast, is the epitome of game design wit. You wake up chained to a table, with monsters about to attack you. You’re killing monsters in the first 30 seconds. You have your shotgun within the first two minutes. One of Doom’s first and most important lessons is that close-range combat is fun. Most weapons have relatively short range, and most enemies are happy to rush the player. This is partly because Doom wants to be an intense game, and one of the best…

2016 in review

Heather's Top Ten Games Of 2016

If there’s one thing I do for this site, it’s play a ton of games. 2016 was an amazing year and offered some of the best video games in recent memory. I sat down to list my personal favorites for our year in review. 10. Tyranny Obsidian’s latest RPG is compelling and prescient given today’s political upheaval. Dropping the player in a world where evil has already won, Tyranny is a game about power. What will you do to get it? What will you do once you have it? Advertisement The world is filled with difficult decisions from the very start. Opening with one of the most interesting character creators I’ve seen in years, players map out a unique history for their would be overlords. As expected from an Obsidian title, Tyranny is full of interesting characters as well. From a dangerous, soul-consuming god being who speaks in multiple personalities to a companion character who has been encased in armor, every one of them is a true delight. Tyranny grabbed my interest in a way I’ve not experienced since Planescape: Torment. It’s a damn fine RPG that I can’t wait to replay. 9. Virginia Clocking in at about two and…

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Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks of 2016

You’ve probably noticed all of the Best of 2016 Game Awards flying around right now. A category for best video game soundtracks was sadly omitted from the voting process, so I took it into my own hands, created a list of nominations, took other nominations, and then forced the staff to vote their favorites. It’s similar to what we normally do for the Game Awards, but I’ve taken the 15 soundtracks we voted upon and built a top 10 list from the votes. Video game soundtracks vary as much as gaming genres do, and 2016 was fortunate enough to have enough great soundtracks spanning the genres. I was even more pleased that our votes reached a wide wingspan as well. Without further ado, here are what we determined to be the top 10 video game soundtracks of 2016. Have any others that you would vote for? Sound them out below! Don’t forget to check back all throughout the month for our other “Best Of” picks of the year! Be sure to follow PlayStation LifeStyle on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and YouTube for the latest in PlayStation coverage. You can check out the other Best of 2016 winners here! Essential Reading:…


Game of the Year: Jordan Minor’s Actual Games of the Year

For too long the definition of “Game of the Year” has been unfairly narrow. How boring is it to see every website shower the same stale AAA games with praise at the end of each holiday season? So at we’re doing what we can to put a stop to this in Game of the Year, a new column celebrating worthy alternative picks for the year’s greatest game regardless of genre, platform, year of release, or even quality. Here, any game can be Game of the Year! What’s this? Two Game of the Year columns in one week? It’s a holiday miracle! And since this is the last time I’ll be sharing the best games of 2016 in the year 2016, I thought it’d be appropriate to actually run down what were, in my opinion, the ten best games of 2016. No jokes. No memes. This is serious, objective, games journalism. So let’s get started! 10. Pokemon Go Considering how much traffic this game brought in Pokemon Go should be’s game of the century. As a game, it’s far from perfect. It’s limited, the combat is painfully simplistic, and developer Niantic has been caught completely off-guard by the game’s…

Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch Playlists Re-Added to DOOM Following Fan Feedback

With the release of DOOM‘s latest multiplayer DLC, Bloodfall, id Software announced that it had reduced its playlists to two – Team Play and Free-for-All – “in an effort to better aggregate players and make it faster to find a match.” However, this didn’t go down well with fans who took to Twitter to register their complaints. It also didn’t take long for id to rethink the move and within a day, the studio announced that Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch playlists have been re-added alongside Team Play Mix and Free-for-All Play Mix. Don’t forget that DOOM‘s Double XP weekend is already underway so now is a good time to jump in. “Play all new multiplayer content, and try to level up to the new max rank of Echelon 11, level 50 to unlock the DOOM Marine Armor, which was part of last week’s Free Update 5 release,” wrote the developer. The Double XP weekend ends on Monday, December 19 at 12pm ET. [Source: DOOM (Twitter)] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Denuvo Explains Why Doom Dropped Their Anti-Piracy Tech

Denuvo, once the iron-clad terror of pirates everywhere, has recently been removed from two high-profile games, Doom and Inside. Why? Well, nobody really said. Now, though, Denuvo’s elected to clarify the situation a bit. Advertisement “The simple reason why Denuvo Anti Tamper was removed from Doom was because it had accomplished its purpose by keeping the game safe from piracy during the initial sales window,” Denuvo’s Robert Hernandez said to me in an email. “The protection on Doom held up for nearly four months, which is an impressive accomplishment for such a high-profile game.” He also said that there’s no truth to the rumor that Denuvo strikes deals with game publishers where, if it’s cracked within a certain timeframe, publishers can get a refund. “We can’t comment on our deals with specific customers, but we do not have any deals in place that offer refunds if a game is cracked within a specific time frame,” Hernandez said. “However, each publisher is of course free to remove our anti tamper tech from their title once they feel the protection has achieved its purpose in protecting the initial sales window, or if they have other reasons for doing so, such as selling…