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Writer Addresses Reports of Next Dragon Age Game Being In Development

Yesterday, Eurogamer published a lengthy interview with writer Alexis Kennedy who signed up for a new BioWare project last September. The article revolves around him writing the next Dragon Age, which wasn’t exactly a shocking revelation given all the reports and hints that have been dropped so far, but it looks like people jumped the gun a little bit. As soon as publications and readers started assuming that the next Dragon Age has officially been confirmed, Kennedy took to Twitter with the following clarification: Ware EA ninjas! All I’ve said is that it’s something in the DA franchise. It could be a spin-off or late DLC or a dragon breeding program.. Creative Director Mike Laidlaw added: Lot of assumptions being made, but Alexis makes a very important clarification! In other words, don’t assume anything. We’ll keep our readers posted if an official announcement is made. [Source: Alexis Kennedy, Mike Laidlaw (Twitter)] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

Sunless Sea Creator Alexis Kennedy Talks Working on the Next Dragon Age


Dark Horse Comics to Publish New Dragon Age Comic Set in Kirkwall


BioWare Explains Cancellation of Dragon Age II Expansion “Exalted March”

Back in early 2012, BioWare revealed that an expansion called Exalted March was in development for Dragon Age II but was cancelled due to “other opportunities” for the franchise. Now, Creative Director Mike Laidlaw has opened up about what was to be the game’s fifth DLC and explained what happened. In a series of tweets, Laidlaw said: First off? Why did we cancel it? Easy to assume it was “the reaction” to DAII, but not so! It was the move to Frostbite. We had an opportunity to do so at the same time, but knew as it would be the first time that engine did “RPG stuff” we knew it would be hard. As most everything in making games, it certainly was challenging. Great engine, but took tons of time. Had we tried to do both Exalted March and the Frostbite transition, both would have suffered a lot, esp. from lack of engineering folks. So @BioMarkDarrah made the call to stop development on Exalted March and go all in on what would become Dragon Age Inquisition. So what was Exalted March all about? Laidlaw explains: Exalted March didn’t make it too far past concept. The idea, however, was READ FULL STORY AT…

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Xbox One Backward Compatibility Gets Slammed With More Games Today

Xbox One Backward Compatibility List Expands A few days ago we told you how Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb was fed up with Xbox users repeatedly asking him on social media about whether or not Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be made available via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. Today, another batch of Xbox 360 games has been made available on Xbox One via the console’s backward compatibility service. Unfortunately, Black Ops II is not one of them. Microsoft announced that Battlefield 3, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Dragon Age: Origins have joined the lineup, along with Ghostbusters and Scrap Metal. If you already own any of the games included, they should show up directly in your library, ready to be downloaded. That said Battlefield 3 will require a hard copy to work. The full list is as follows: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Battlefield 3 (requires disc) Dragon Age: Origins Ghostbusters Scrap Metal The Splatters Strania Microsoft confirmed last month that the number of titles available on the service had surpassed the 300 mark, having celebrated the milestone by offering Mistwalker’s JRPG Lost Odyssey for free to all Xbox One owners. Likewise, it was announced earlier this month…

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Top 10 Distractions in RPGs

Role-playing games are known for being massive, meaty experiences that will consume at least 30-40 hours of your life, and that’s low-balling the estimate. That low of an estimate is often only achievable via taking the critical path only (also called crit-pathing) through the main campaign with no deviations. But that’s hardly doing an RPG justice, now isn’t it? The point is to actually role-play and that means taking on various tasks to level up the character and let their alignment and personality shine. In video games, this is done best with several distractions, which can also be known as padding for the game. How else can you get your game take 150 hours? Add in plenty of extra things to do! We’ve compiled our top ten distractions found in RPGs, and yes, many of them have been around to serve as padding since the beginning of RPG history in video games. These are the reasons that you will spend six hours doing nothing in the main story. These are the reasons why you will backtrack across regions and dungeons. And these are the reasons why it is so incredibly boring to watch other people play RPGs. Did we miss any…

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Fantasy Games Become Cosplay Reality


A Life Change Convinced Me To Play Dragon Age Differently 

Returning to favorite franchises and games can be incredibly exciting. But it can also be incredibly intimidating. What does it mean to undo years of progress and start again? Advertisement This weekend, I moved into New York so I could join my wonderful co-workers at the Kotaku offices. I drove down from New Hampshire, which might as actually be the Shire, and shacked up in New York City. A bit overwhelmed and unsure of what to do during my downtime, I decided to replay the entire Dragon Age franchise. Now, Dragon Age is pretty badass. I particularly love Dragon Age 2. But I’m very particular about playing RPGs. Once I’ve played through once, that’s my playthrough. If I am going to play again, I’m going to stick to the same choices. It’s just how my brain is wired. This time, however, I decided I would change things. I would start again and establish a new canon. Uprooting your whole life is a pretty strange experience. It leaves you disorientated. Undoing a digital history isn’t quite as dire but it can be difficult if you’ve built an affection for “your” story. At first, I didn’t want to say goodbye to my…