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Dragon Quest XI Goes Gold, New Gameplay Released

Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time has gone gold and is on track for its July 29 release date in Japan, it has been announced. Additionally, Square Enix has released some new gameplay footage from both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS versions, which you can check out below (skip to 41.50-44.41 for PS4 horse racing gameplay and 45.40-56.07 for casino). [embedded content] Back in May, a “Restricted Play” feature was unveiled for the game whereby those looking for a challenge can choose certain restrictions when playing. Two of the restrictions are being unable to shop (encouraging players to search, loot and craft) and being unable to run from battle. According to Gematsu, a third possible restriction would prevent players from equipping armor. There’s no word on Dragon Quest XI‘s Western release yet but there’s a glimmer of hope as Square Enix has said that it’s making an effort to promote the franchise in the West “in order to soften up the ground for Dragon Quest XI.” For more on the game, check out our previous coverage. [Source: Gematsu] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

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Dragon Quest Gets its Own Eye Drops in Japan; No, I’m Not Joking

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest VII Puts A Unique Twist On The JRPG Formula

For many of Dragon Quest VII’s overwhelmingly depressing storylines, I spent time saving and hanging out with people I didn’t give a crap about. It’s not that they were lacking personality or angsty teens that so many JRPG characters embody—no. It’s that they were all really damned mean. Dragon Quest VII’s core concept is intriguing. The quiet fishing village protagonist, his friend Prince Kiefer, and childhood annoyance (friend) Mabel live a peaceful existence on the only island in the world. Suspecting there’s more out there than just their boring land mass, they set out to investigate the island’s ruins. In doing so, they stumble upon a room full of portals which leads to other lands, accessible by shard fragments the heroes find during the course of the game. Unbeknownst to them, initially, these lands are a part of their shared world, but they exist in the past. Once found and visited, this makes the continents reappear in the protagonists’ present time. With every emergence, there are past histories to discover. New cultures and people appear. And each portion of land brings its own terrible backstory weighing down its world with NPC cast members at the center of READ FULL STORY…

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Last Free Dragon Quest Heroes II DLC Now Out, Adds New Multiplayer Mode & More

Square Enix’s initial promise of free DLC for Dragon Quest Heroes II comes to an end today, as the final Dragon Quest Heroes II update for free content has been rolled out on the PlayStation 4. According to the official Dragon Quest Twitter, a brand new multiplayer mode has been added. For the final free #DQ Heroes II update, we’ve added a brand new multiplayer mode! Defeat hordes of monsters & collect Monster Medals! pic.twitter.com/3pmjxv0gxa — Dragon Quest (@DragonQuest) June 1, 2017 In case you want a refresher on the complete set of promised free post-launch DLC for Dragon Quest Heroes II, here’s what was mentioned last month: May 4 Side Quest: Episode Maribel & Ruff Side Quest: Episode Torneko May 11 Side Quest: Episode Carver & Terry Side Quest: Episode Meena & Maya Special Boss Map: Estark Quest for the ultimate co-op spell: Kazzaple May 18 Side Quest: Episode Jessica & Angelo Side Quest: Episode Alena & Kiryl Additional Characters for Multiplayer mode #1: Luceus, Aurora, Bianca & Nera May 25 Additional Characters for Multiplayer mode #2: Dorik, Yangus, Isla & Psaro Special Boss Map: Dragon Lord June 1 Monster Medal Battle: Play online multiplayer competitively READ FULL STORY…

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Square Enix Shows New Dragon Quest XI Gameplay, Announces DQX Japanese Release Date

Just before the weekend, Square Enix showed off some new Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time gameplay alongside announcing the Japanese retail release date for its MMO, Dragon Quest X. In the video below, you can watch gameplay from the PlayStation 4 version of DQXI between 31:00 and 46:00. If you’re interested in seeing the 3DS version then you can continue watching up until 55.00. [embedded content] Square Enix also unveiled a “Restricted Play” system for Dragon Quest XI. According to a translation by Siliconera, players looking for a challenge can choose certain restrictions when playing. For instance, you can turn on shopping restriction, which will prevent you from buying items so you’ll have to rely on searching, looting and crafting. As for Dragon Quest X, Square Enix announced that the MMO will release in Japan on August 17 for PS4 and September 21 for Nintendo Switch. It’ll come in an “All In One” edition that includes versions 1-3 of the game. The package will be priced at 4,800 yen with a monthly fee of 1,500 yen for five characters on PS4. You can apply here (note: it’s in Japanese) to participate in a Dragon Quest X beta test, which will run from READ…

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Hitman’s Cancellation Makes Us Ask What’s Going on With Square Enix?

For those that don’t remember, Square Enix used to be two companies: Square and Enix. The two had collaborated in the past on projects like Chrono Trigger. But it wasn’t until Square nearly went bankrupt after blowing millions on creepy digital puppets for the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie did the Japanese role-playing game giants merge. The publishers behind Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest were now under one roof. What could possibly go wrong? [embedded content] How about spending years, decades even, developing single video games. Transitioning to the scale of HD games was particularly hard for a company that dealt in genres known for being sprawling, 100-hour epics. Previous console generations could see as many as three core Final Fantasy entries. But Final Fantasy XIII for PS3/360 took so long it ended up getting remixed into its own two sequels to recoup losses while Dragon Quest hummed along on the much more mellow, mega-popular Nintendo DS. Recently Square Enix has been shocked to discover that audiences respond well to their more modest RPGs and spin-offs like the Bravely Default series, I Am Setsuna, and Dragon Quest Builders/Heroes. However, those alone can’t sustain the company while Tetsuya Nomura READ FULL…


Breast-Shaped Cake Made By Dragon Quest Slime Lids

It was inevitable. Someone looked at some Slime shaped lids and thought they might mold some spectacular breast cheese cake. Advertisement Note: Some readers might find this content objectionable. That someone is Twitter user Non, who took two lids from the Dragon Quest fried chicken currently on sale in Japan and decided to make this: The cheese cake was originally made as a promise Non made to her younger sister. “This was a flippant passing impulse,” she writes. “Please forgive me lol.” Advertisement If Slim boobs aren’t your thing, you can always make Slime jelly: Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. Tune in every morning from 4am to 8am. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Dragon Quest Heroes II Sees Five Weeks of Free Content Updates Starting Today

[embedded content] Dragon Quest Heroes II will see a full month of free content updates on PlayStation 4 and PC, and the first update is now live, Square Enix announced today. Here is a handy guide to all the FREE updates we’re adding to #DQ Heroes II on PS4 and @steam_games.Lots to come & look forward to! pic.twitter.com/Vvkoazkah6 — Dragon Quest (@DragonQuest) May 4, 2017 With the free DLC, you’ll find extended Side Quests that go deeper into the game’s cast, Slime weapons, additional characters for Multiplayer, and more. Here’s the full schedule: May 4 Side Quest: Episode Maribel & Ruff Side Quest: Episode Torneko May 11 Side Quest: Episode Carver & Terry Side Quest: Episode Meena & Maya Special Boss Map: Estark Quest for the ultimate co-op spell: Kazzaple May 18 Side Quest: Episode Jessica & Angelo Side Quest: Episode Alena & Kiryl Additional Characters for Multiplayer mode #1: Luceus, Aurora, Bianca & Nera May 25 Additional Characters for Multiplayer mode #2: Dorik, Yangus, Isla & Psaro Special Boss Map: Dragon Lord June 1 Monster Medal Battle: Play online multiplayer competitively against players from around the world. In our review of Dragon Quest Heroes II, we said, “Dragon Quest Heroes II attempts…

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Square Enix Talks the Dragon Quest Final Fantasy Popularity Difference

Why Final Fantasy’s Popularity in the West Overshadows Dragon Quest despite Equally Long Legacies Of the two big properties owned by Square Enix: Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, only one widely resonates with western fans. Dragon Quest remains popular in Japan while performing modestly in the West. For anyone wondering why that is, Square Enix opened up on the matter in last month’s issue of EDGE. One of the main reasons deals simply with past console availability in Japan vs the U.S.. Dragon Quest warmed to Japanese audiences with its appearance on the Famicom, Japan’s 80s home entertainment system. The interview transitions to how the original PlayStation’s western popularity synced with the rise of Final Fantasy via Final Fantasy VII. This “source of nostalgia,” as Executive Producer Yu Miyake calls it, inevitably set the course for Final Fantasy’s adoration over Dragon Quest. But Miyaka then attributed more reasons to cultural preference. Specifically, the way both audiences receive animation: One thing that does stand out: in Japan the target audience for Dragon Quest is vast. It ranges from primary school students to people in their 50s. Now, Akira Toriyama’s art style is cartoonish, and in Japan that doesn’t alienate anyone; it’s not seen as childish. But outside of Japan, I think there’s often a stigma attached to that kind of…

Square Enix Thinks Final Fantasy Is More Popular Than Dragon Quest in the West Because of Historical Timing

While the Final Fantasy series has enjoyed success in North America and Europe, the Dragon Quest series hasn’t gained the same traction in the West, with this year’s Dragon Quest Builders selling the majority of its 1.1 million copies in Japan. Speaking with Edge (via Nintendo Everything), Dragon Quest Executive Producer Yu Miyake said Square Enix has been thinking about the comparison between the two franchises in the West. One reason why they think Final Fantasy is so much more popular is because of historical timing: It’s a topic we have been thinking about a lot internally: the question of why Final Fantasy is so much more popular than Dragon Quest in the West. One conclusion that we’ve reached is that it’s a question of historical timing. When the Famicom came out, Dragon Quest was the key game everyone was playing. But when the PlayStation came out, Final Fantasy VII was the game that everyone was playing. So the source of nostalgia is different for both groups: in Japan it’s Dragon Quest while overseas it’s Final Fantasy. The truth is that if we’d put a lot of effort into localizing Dragon Quest at the time, we probably wouldn’t be facing this issue today. I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but we kind of…

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Block-building RPG Dragon Quest Builders Now Available for PS4 and Vita

Dragon Quest Builders, Block-building RPG, now Available for the Americas on PS4 and Vita Square Enix’s new fun-filled, action-packed, block-building role-playing game, Dragon Quest Builders, is now available for North American players. The all-new adventure combines endless building possibilities, famous Dragon Quest monsters and classic RPG elements to deliver an exciting, immersive, family-friendly gaming experience. We had a fantastic time with our copy of Dragon Quest Builders, check out our review here. Generations ago, the realm of Alefgard was plunged into darkness by the terrible and treacherous Dragonlord, ruler of all monsters. Mankind was robbed of the power to build and forced to wander the ruins of their former home, scrounging and scavenging in the dust to survive. In Dragon Quest Builders, players use their creativity to gather materials and craft unique items to rebuild the ruined realm of Alefgard. Featuring an immersive Dragon Quest story and world, the title provides a brand-new sandbox gaming experience, the first for the franchise, with an intuitive control system that will have players building the towers and castles of their dreams in no time. Now it’s up to you, a Legendary Builder chosen by the Goddess herself, to return the power of creation to the people and rebuild Alefgard….

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Dragon Quest Builders Review – Taking Minecraft and Terraria To The Next Level

Dragon Quest Builders Review Breathe it in: the fresh crisp air in the open world, the grassy plains and hills as far as the eye can see, alone with your imagination in a world where everything fits into neatly cubed spaces as you destroy and rebuild to your heart’s content. It may be a familiar sight, but as soon as that first blue slime starts hopping aggressively towards you with its unblinking smile you remember you aren’t in just any old sandbox survival world. Welcome to Dragon Quest Builders. The latest spin off in the long standing Dragon Quest series, developer and publisher Square Enix has taken its well established roots in the Dragon Quest realm and blended it with the likes of Minecraft or Terraria to create something both new and familiar. The nameless protagonist (referred to simply as the Builder) awakens in a cave with no memory of his past. An omniscient voice gives him the typical instructions about a world-ending enemy, in this case known as the Dragonlord, and how it is the Builders duty to stop him. Right out of the gate this game is peppered with tongue-in-cheek and amusing dialogue, despite the fact the Builder remains…

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Dragon Quest Builders Live Stream, Watch Us Playing Right Now

[embedded content] Our review of Dragon Quest Builders is live, but since the game isn’t out for another week in the US, why not check out some of the gameplay? Come see for yourself how it makes its own name for itself instead of being just another Minecraft clone. We won’t be showing any spoilers, just a bit from Chapter 1. You can see for yourself how horrible of a Builder I am, how I spend way too much time harvesting materials, and how much I really try to get my floors just perfect. We’re streaming with chat enabled, so please ask any questions you wish! I may even take requests with what I craft and/or build if I’m asked nicely. This may not be the most action-oriented stream out there, but it will be fun! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to PlayStation LifeStyle’s YouTube channel for more streams of the latest and greatest games. READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

Dragon Quest Builders Review – a DQConstruction (PS4)

I have never played an ounce of Minecraft, and I’ve never had any desire to do so. My eldest son, who’s eight years old, is absolutely obsessed with it. He builds some amazing things, and it really taps into that creative mind he has for architecture and construction. While I completely understand why he loves it so much, it’s never held much appeal for me because I need a story to hold my interest in a sandbox game. Unfortunately for me and my addictive nature, Dragon Quest Builders fills in that gap all too well. It’s Dragon Quest meets Minecraft in perhaps the best way imaginable, in that the only real resemblance to Minecraft is the block-styled world coupled with the ability to build from said blocks. After that, it has a complete life of its own, one that my Minecraft-loving-eight-year-old called “stupid,” because he hates reading and hates going on quests. It’s a good thing he’s not reviewing this title, now isn’t it. If You Build It, They Will Come In this reality of Dragon Quest, Alefgard has been completely taken over by the Dragonlord. He’s wiped away all creativity from the surviving humans, forcing them to fend for themselves without the knowledge to build, cook,…