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EA Announces Summer of Battlefield Campaign; New Map Detailed

Battlefield 1

Tons of Battlefield 1 Gameplay Show the Brand New Operations Mode

Today EA Dice and Xbox streamed another large chunk of Battlefield 1 gameplay, giving players another glimpse on the game before the launch on October 21st. Star of the day was the brand new “Operations” mode, that pitches players in a sequence of semi-historical battles that pretty much work like a moving front depending on the result of each confrontation. You can check it out below. [embedded content]

Battlefield 1

Watch Lots of Battlefield 1 Gameplay Starring Snoop Dogg and 64 Player Matches

Today EA DICE And Xbox broadcasted another two hours of Battlefield 1 gameplay showcasing some massive 64 player matches on the five maps included in the EA/Origin Access trial of the game. We also get to see Snoop Dogg playing the game, and let’s just say that it lifted my spirits. I may have found someone that dies at shooters more than I do. Thanks Snoop. You can enjoy the full video below. [embedded content]


Battlefield 1 PC giveaway – Two keys via Kinguin

I think I don´t even have to mention that EA´s Battlefield 1 is less than two weeks away from its release now (for Windows, Xbox One and PS4). Well, at least not if you´re a fan of the BF series. Any ways, the awesome folks over at Kinguin hooked us up with two PC keys for BF1 (each key is… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

Battlefield 1

Watch a Ton of Battlefield 1 Gameplay Showing New Maps, Battleship Behemoth and More

Today EA Dice and Xbox streamed a large amount of Battlefield 1 gameplay, showcasing the first trial gameplay that EA Access members will enjoy tomorrow. The video, that you can see below, showcased quite a few maps that weren’t showcased extensively before like Amiens, Suez and Fao Fortress. Interestingly, we also get a look at the battleship (technically a Dreadnought) behemoth in action. Check it out below, with gameplay starting at the 31:50 mark. [embedded content]

Battlefield 1

The First 12 Minutes of Battlefield 1’s Single Player Campaign Include a Lot of Death; Watch it Here

Today Microsoft and Electronic Arts aired about 12 minutes of the “Storm of Steel” campaign mission of Battlefield 1, which serves as the introduction for the game. It’s definitely a bloody affair, and as you can see below, EA DICE used a clever but rather grim way to represent the low life expectancy of soldiers on the field. We also saw the cinematic intro of another mission, “Through Mood and Blood,” and the teaser of a third, “Friends in High Places.” You can check them all out below, courtesy ofn YouTube user GamersPrey HD. [embedded content] [embedded content] [embedded content]