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Writer Addresses Reports of Next Dragon Age Game Being In Development

Yesterday, Eurogamer published a lengthy interview with writer Alexis Kennedy who signed up for a new BioWare project last September. The article revolves around him writing the next Dragon Age, which wasn’t exactly a shocking revelation given all the reports and hints that have been dropped so far, but it looks like people jumped the gun a little bit. As soon as publications and readers started assuming that the next Dragon Age has officially been confirmed, Kennedy took to Twitter with the following clarification: Ware EA ninjas! All I’ve said is that it’s something in the DA franchise. It could be a spin-off or late DLC or a dragon breeding program.. Creative Director Mike Laidlaw added: Lot of assumptions being made, but Alexis makes a very important clarification! In other words, don’t assume anything. We’ll keep our readers posted if an official announcement is made. [Source: Alexis Kennedy, Mike Laidlaw (Twitter)] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Battlefield 1 Is Bringing in Female Soldiers for New Expansion

Battlefield 1 is launching a new expansion called In the Name of the Tsar and the developer is introducing female soldiers with the new expansion. According to developer DICE, In the Name of the Tsar will showcase the Russian army during WW1 and one of the battalions of the Russian army at the time was called the 1st Russian Women’s Battalion of Death, an all-female combat unit formed in May of 1917. The Women’s Battalion of Death is represented by the Russian Scout class. Details at EA Play, more info: https://t.co/vADTEbP6re https://t.co/VrRuBGVMeK — Battlefield (@Battlefield) May 22, 2017 In Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar, the 1st Russian Women’s Battalion of Death will be represented by the Russian Scout class. The developer has published a poster for the expansion which showcases art for the game’s upcoming female soldiers. The new Battlefield 1 expansion currently has no release date but the developer has announced that it will be showcased at the upcoming EA Play on June 10. [Source: Battlefield (Twitter)] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Star Wars Battlefront II Developers Talk Massive Worlds and Moral Dilemmas

[embedded content] Following last week’s video, The Story of an Imperial Soldier, Sony has released another Star Wars Battlefront II trailer, this time focusing on Massive Worlds and Moral Dilemmas. In the video, EA Motive Game Director Mark Thompson says: One of the big differentiators for Battlefront is the idea that most of the time you’d be playing as a trooper or a pilot, but there are these moments where you get to become one of the iconic heroes of Star Wars. Lucasfilm Creative Executive Steve Blank adds: We have a great relationship with EA in general, and we’re constantly talking to them about the future of Star Wars and gaming and what that looks like and wanting to tell stories in that space. Thompson also says DICE is handling multiplayer, Criterion is doing space battles, and Motive is making the campaign. Star Wars Battlefront II releases on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will be playable at EA Play next month. [Source: PlayStation (YouTube)] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

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Star Wars Battlefront II “Story of an Imperial Solder” Video Released

[embedded content] Sony has published a new video showcasing this year’s Star Wars Battlefront II, which is set to release on November 17, 2017. In the new video, entitled “The Story of an Imperial Soldier,” Game Director Mark Thompson talks about telling a story from the side of the Empire, specifically from the point of view of an Imperial Soldier, including one of the game’s protagonists Iden Version. Something we really wanted to get into in the story is to kind of get inside and meet the people inside the Empire. So it’s not just a faceless Storm Trooper who’s part of a legion who all believe in the same thing uniformly. Star Wars Battlefront II is to release for the PlayStation 4 and other platforms on November 17, 2017. Unlike 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront, it will feature a single player campaign and will cover the entire Star Wars saga including the prequel, original, and sequel trilogies. [Source: PlayStation Blog (US)] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

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Titanfall 2 Gets Discounted to $20 on Amazon for Limited Time


Tom Brady Is On Madden 18's Cover And Life Is Hell

This sucks. Here’s EA: Advertisement The Madden NFL cover was one of the few career accolades that had previously eluded Brady, and now he adds the honor alongside his multiple NFL championships, MVP awards, Pro Bowl appearances and more. This also marks the first time in Madden NFL history that teammates have graced the cover in back-to-back years, after last year’s game featured Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. “The Madden NFL 18 cover is a great honor for me,” said Tom Brady. “Especially since I have been playing the game since growing up next to EA headquarters in the Bay Area. I’m not one to believe in curses, so I’m ready to take the challenge head on like always! It doesn’t stand a chance!!!” Fuck that. Here are some photos: (AP Photo/David J. Phillip) (AP Photo/Steven Senne) (AP Photo/Seth Wenig) (AP Photo/Steven Senne) (AP Photo/Steven Senne) (AP Photo/Joe Mahoney) (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson) (AP Photo/Bob Leverone) (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia) (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File) (AP READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Sources: BioWare Montreal Scaled Down, Mass Effect Put On Ice For Now

In the wake of BioWare’s polarizing Mass Effect: Andromeda, fans have wondered where the lauded sci-fi series will go next. The answer, according to people familiar with the studio, is nowhere—at least for the time being. BioWare has put Mass Effect on hiatus and turned Andromeda’s developer, BioWare Montreal, into a support studio, according to four sources close to the company. Advertisement That doesn’t mean there will never be another Mass Effect game, of course. It’s unlikely that BioWare will kill the popular sci-fi franchise. But BioWare is letting Mass Effect sit for a while rather than putting staff on Andromeda’s follow-up right away, those sources said. Last month, a number of BioWare Montreal employees were transferred to the studio EA Motive, also based in Montreal, to work on Star Wars Battlefront II. Those remaining at BioWare Montreal will help support BioWare’s other games including the new intellectual property, code-named Dylan, which we expect the company to announce at E3. BioWare Montreal will also continue to patch and support Andromeda’s multiplayer. Advertisement BioWare’s main studio in Edmonton is heading up Dylan, while BioWare’s other studio, in Austin, is also helping out with that game. When reached for comment, publisher Electronic…


EA “Very Happy” With BioWare; New Game’s Delay Not Connected with Mass Effect Andromeda Performance

Electronic Arts pledges its support and satisfaction for BioWare, clarifying that the delay of the studio’s new action IP isn’t connected with the performance of Mass Effect Andromeda. …Read More The post EA “Very Happy” With BioWare; New Game’s Delay Not Connected with Mass Effect Andromeda Performance by Giuseppe Nelva appeared first on DualShockers.

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Electronic Arts “Continues to Be Bullish” on Nintendo Switch; Considering More Games for the Console

Electronic Arts has a positive outlook on the performance of the Nintendo Switch, and is considering more games for the console. …Read More The post Electronic Arts “Continues to Be Bullish” on Nintendo Switch; Considering More Games for the Console by Giuseppe Nelva appeared first on DualShockers.

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Electronic Arts Estimates to Ship 14 Million Star Wars Battlefront II Copies by March 31st, 2018

Electronic Arts predicts to ship 14 million units of Star Wars Battlefront II by the end of the current fiscal year, but hopes to ship more. …Read More The post Electronic Arts Estimates to Ship 14 Million Star Wars Battlefront II Copies by March 31st, 2018 by Giuseppe Nelva appeared first on DualShockers.

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PS4 and Xbox One Combined Will Reach 105 Million Units Sold in 2017 According to Electronic Arts

EA Financials: Battlefield 1 & FIFA 17 Have Over 19 Million Players Each

In their financial report for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended March 31, 2017, EA revealed that they were the #1 publisher on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the West, based on available sources and their estimates. Discussing some of their biggest games, EA said there have been more than 19 million Battlefield 1 players through March 31, which is a 50% increase over Battlefield 4 in the comparable period. As for FIFA 17, it’s seen more than 21 million players, and more than 12 million players have tried The Journey story mode. For the entire fiscal year, net revenue was $4.85 billion (up from $4.4 billion in the previous year), and 61% of those sales came digitally (up 20% year-over-year). EA CEO Andrew Wilson said: Fiscal 2017 was a milestone year for Electronic Arts, defined by groundbreaking games and live services that delivered more fun and connected more players with their friends. In Fiscal 2018, we are focused on innovating for our players with extraordinary new experiences across our portfolio, continuing to grow our global network, and extending our reach across new platforms and more ways to play. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen added: We generated record net sales and operating cash flow in…


New BioWare Action IP Delayed to Fiscal Year 2019: “The Design is Stunning”


DualShockers Survey: Mass Effect Andromeda – What Do You Think of BioWare’ Latest RPG?