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EA & Microsoft Will Be Hosting Live Shows at gamescom 2017

Detailing their gamescom 2017 plans, EA announced that they’ll be hosting a Live Show on Monday, August 21 at 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET, “where you’ll be the first to see new gameplay, live matches, and a few surprises as well.” They also revealed that EA.com will be the place where you’ll find all the “breaking news, gameplay reveals, trailers, community content, deep dive features, behind-the-scenes stories and much, much more.” During the actual gamescom 2017 event, which runs from August 22 to 26, EA will have close to 400 gameplay stations featuring Star Wars Battlefront II, Need for Speed Payback, FIFA 18, the In the Name of Tsar DLC for Battlefield 1, and some of their top mobile games. EA’s booth will also be host to gameplay deep dives, producer interviews, competitions, and more. EA added, “Some of the top content creators and influencers in the world will be producing content right from the EA Business Lounge, capturing gameplay footage, making stories, and streaming directly to you from the show floor, with content coming from Star Wars Battlefront II, Need for Speed Payback, Battlefield 1, The Sims 4, The Sims Mobile, FIFA Mobile, and more.” Expect more details on EA’s gamescom plans in the coming weeks. READ…

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Titanfall 2 Getting 4-Player Co-Op Horde Mode for Free With Frontier Defense

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Campaign Showcased in Developer Diary

[embedded content] EA has just showcased a behind the scenes look at the , at the Level Up! The Walt Disney Video Game Showcase at the D23 Expo, that Star Wars Battlefront II will feature a single-player campaign. The campaign is set sometime around the destruction of the second Death Star and will follow the story of Iden Versio (played by Janina Gavankar), the commander of an Imperial special forces group called Inferno Squad, and her actions after the aforementioned fate of the Death Star as well as the death of the emperor. A developer diary accompanied the announcement of the single-player campaign which featured concept art, gameplay, and introduced a couple of characters that will be featured in the single-player campaign including fellow Inferno Squad members Hask and Del as well as Iden’s father Admiral Versio. Star Wars Battlefront II is scheduled for release on November 17, 2017, for the PlayStation 4 and other platforms. READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

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Battlefield 1 Summer Missions Announced, First Mission Detailed

Electronic Arts announced today that Battlefield 1 will feature a series of Summer Missions starting on July 15. This event will be comprised of three missions, and players that are able to complete all of them will be rewarded with an exclusive melee weapon called the LVC Arditi Knife. They’ll also collect exclusive Dog Tags for their trouble. The first mission begins July 15, and players will have one week to win three full matches of Operations. The other missions haven’t been detailed yet, but that’s the first step players will have to complete if they want to get that sweet melee weapon. Here’s the full announcement via the game’s Companion App: Revolution is coming. To let you get warmed up, we’ve prepared the Battlefield 1 Summer Missions. These missions are part of a chained series of challenges where we urge you to PTFO and be a team player. Each mission comes with its own amazing Dog Tag reward and a Squad XP Boost for those who complete it. Succeed in all three and there’s an exclusive melee weapon in it for you: the LVC Arditi Knife. You can expect another reward that we’re keeping secret for now… The READ FULL…


Mass Effect Andromeda’s Latest Patch Fixes More Animation, Cutscene Issues

[embedded content] Five months after the launch of Mass Effect Andromeda, BioWare is still trying to fix the game’s facial animations. And in the game’s latest patch, 1.09, several adjustments to the game’s camera angles, lighting, and mouth animations for several of its cutscenes have been made. YouTuber YongYea has been keeping track of the fixes and changes each of the game’s patches have brought and he does the same with Patch 1.09 although he only covers a portion of the game and doesn’t cover every cutscene in the game. It’s admirable that BioWare Montreal is still trying to fix the problems of Andromeda along with adding even more content (new characters for multiplayer) even if the team has since been downsized and the series has been put on hold. [Source: YongYea (YouTube) via Eurogamer] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Mass Effect Andromeda APEX Multiplayer Getting Platinum Difficulty

BioWare has announced that it’ll be introducing Platinum difficulty to Mass Effect Andromeda‘s APEX multiplayer missions. You can check out a teaser below: Take your skills to the next level. Platinum Difficulty is coming to APEX Multiplayer. pic.twitter.com/RbqH0PrQjo — Mass Effect (@masseffect) July 4, 2017 According to producer Fernando Melo, Platinum will be added in the next update but no further details are available at this time. This addition comes not long after we heard reports that Andromeda will not be getting single-player DLC. Multiple sources familiar with the matter confirmed the news to Kotaku on condition of anonymity following the game’s lukewarm reception. Apparently, most of the studio has moved on to Electronic Arts’ other projects (including Star Wars Battlefront II and Anthem) while a core team remains to look after Andromeda‘s multiplayer and patch support. BioWare and Electronic Arts have neither confirmed nor denied the aforementioned report. We’ll make sure to share the details with you as soon as the next update drops. READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

Battlefield 1 Introduces New Way to Earn Battlepacks

Earning Battlepacks in Battlefield 1 used to require players to play well enough in multiplayer matches that they get included in the end-of-the-round Highlights, which would reward them with one Battlepack. But the developers have now replaced that system with one that will allow more players to have a chance to gain Battlepacks. Now, a new progress bar has been introduced at the End of Round screen that shows a player’s progress towards their next Standard Battlepack. Playing and finishing multiplayer matches will fill up the progress bar, the amount of which is unclearly determined by how well a player does in the match. The change will allow everyone to earn Battlepacks regardless of how well they play as the meter will still move regardless. [Source: Battlefield (Twitter), Reddit] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

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Report: Mass Effect: Andromeda Won’t Get Single-Player DLC

The Mass Effect series’ future has been up in the air ever since Electronic Arts decided to restructure Mass Effect: Andromeda developer BioWare Montreal, but now we know that we won’t be getting any additional single-player content from the series any time soon. A report from Kotaku confirms that there will be no single-player DLC for Andromeda. Instead, team members have been moved to other projects (such as a Dragon Age sequel). Here’s what Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, who previously mentioned that plans for a sequel were shelved in May, had to say: While reporting that news, I had been pretty sure that Mass Effect: Andromeda wouldn’t be getting single-player DLC. There are few people left at BioWare Montreal who could even work on it. But I wanted to be more confident, so over the past few weeks I’ve confirmed the news with three sources familiar with the company’s plans, all of whom spoke anonymously so as not to jeopardize their careers. Unless BioWare decides to make some sort of drastic pivot (plans can always change!), Mass Effect: Andromeda will not be getting single-player DLC. This news isn’t surprising now, as horror story after horror story has emerged about Andromeda‘s development cycle, but it does mark a first for the series. READ FULL STORY…

Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions and Progression Detailed

[embedded content] It came as a pretty big surprise when EA announced that Battlefront II’s DLC maps and characters would all be released and available to download for free and that the game would forego season passes. Taking their place though is microtransactions. In a series of videos by BattlefrontUpdates made in partnership with EA, the crate system as well as Star Cards and the progression system were previewed, revealing the possible microtransactions the game could feature. According to the video, progression in Battlefront II is achieved by unlocking crates, which are attained in a number of ways including logging in daily, events, and through the use of credits. Crates may contain a variety of items including more credits, crafting parts, and Star Cards. It’s not sure whether players will be able to purchase crates directly or just credits but here’s what Design Director Niklas Fegraeus said in an interview with Gamespot: When you want to progress and get stuff, you can either play the game and when you play you earn the in-game currency, and with that you can spend towards whatever you want. If you want to accelerate that, if you can’t play for a week, you can…

Rumor: Visceral’s Star Wars Game Will Give Players a Partner in Crime

Visceral’s upcoming Star Wars game, supposedly codenamed Project Ragtag, was one of the titles people were disappoint to not hear any details of at E3 but recently rumors about the game have been popping up, revealing some of the game’s supposed details. The latest to hit the rumor mill is that the game’s protagonist, recently rumored to be named Dodger, will be accompanied by a supposed female partner-in-crime, at least according to a report from MakingStarWars.net. The woman, named Robie Mattox, is a gunslinger in her early thirties and one of the few people Dodger can trust. She is an orphan who grew up under the wing of the Wandering Star crime family and she has an unusual dislike for droids. Supposedly more than just a sidekick, Robie is allegedly the game’s “other main hero” and is planned to be the main protagonist in a sequel. Based on unreleased concept art, Robie is reportedly either played by or is based on actress Natalie Morales (The Grinder, Parks and Recreation). Her get up consists of a cropped leather jacket, a white v-neck shirt, and dark pants with a Han Solo-style holster on strapped around her right leg. According to the report,…


Creative Director Says Dragon Age Project in the Works

It’s been a few years since the last Dragon Age game, Inquisition, was released and barely any news on what’s next for the series has been officially announced. But according to Dragon Age Creative Director Mike Laidlaw, a Dragon Age project is definitely in the works. Speaking on The 1099 podcast, Mike Laidlaw said: It’s no secret that we’re doing something with Dragon Age. I can’t talk about what, but we’re certainly involved in something. Mr. Kennedy (new Dragon Age writer Alexis Kennedy), of course, made that clear and that’s fine, right. But unfortunately, the detail train stops right there after rolling approximately one inch out [sic] the station. Whatever the next Dragon Age project may be, whether it’s a new entry into the series, a spin-off, or DLC, it’s good to know that the folks at BioWare are already working on it and it might not be too long before we actually hear anything official regarding the new project. [Source: The 1099 via NeoGAF] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


E3 2017 – Madden NFL 18 Hands-On Preview – Beat the Odds

Every time August comes around, another Madden game is released, almost like clockwork. Like most sports franchises, you expect to see incremental updates, such as new rosters, and evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, feature changes. So, Madden NFL 18 came as a genuine surprise with its first-for-the series campaign mode. We were able to play through the beginning of the story mode, and here are our first impressions. A New Direction EA walked us through the very start of the game. The campaign, titled “The Longshot,” is going for a complete cinematic experience. In fact, the first several minutes (perhaps even as long as 10 minutes) of the game hardly has you playing much of anything. Developer EA Tiburon takes their time to set the stage. You play as Devin Wade, who is reminiscing about various key moments in his life, played through flashbacks. The very first interaction you have when controlling Devin is as a young kid, playing a mock game of football in the yard. The only gameplay prompt involves a few quick-time events, which allow you to throw a perfect spiral at your friend, and control the ball mid-flight using the left stick. We were told that some READ…


Here’s 16 Minutes of Battlefield 1 Lupkow Pass DLC Gameplay, Coming Out in August

[embedded content] At the EA Play press conference at last week’s E3, the publisher showed off a new trailer for the upcoming major expansion for Battlefield 1, In the Name of the Tsar. And this week, the folks at IGN published gameplay of the upcoming first map of the expansion, Lupkow Pass, which developer DICE announced will be available in August. The video shows off the new multiplayer map played in Conquest and reveals its seven objective/capture points including one that’s situated on top of a small plateau. The video also shows off the Lupkow Pass’s rocky and snow-covered terrain. Lupkow Pass is the first of four new multiplayer maps coming with In the Name of the Tsar. While Lupkow Pass is releasing around 30 days ahead of the expansion, the other three – Albion, Galicia, and Brusilov Keep – will be released alongside the new expansion. As for the expansion itself, Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar will be released sometime in September for the PlayStation 4 and other platforms. [Source: IGN (YouTube), Battlefield (Twitter)] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

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E3 2017 – A Way Out Preview – Work or Die Together (PS4)

Electronic Arts (EA) is known for getting behind massive franchises. Madden, FIFA, NBA Live, Battlefield, Star Wars…The list of huge games goes on for a while when you’re talking about EA. Yet as we’ve seen in the past few years, EA does appreciate the indie scene. Games like Unravel charmed audiences around the world, and the publisher now has a program called EA Originals to help foster some more growth in the indie space. The newly-revealed game A Way Out was shown at this year’s EA PLAY, and we were able to take a sneak peek once we were away from all the hype of the event. Co-Op ONLY As we sat in a temporary office in the back of EA’s PLAY event with Director Josef Fares, it was funny taking in fellow journalists’ reactions to A Way Out. Josef spoke with confidence about his new game, bolstered perhaps by the reaction he had already received at EA’s press conference a few days ago, and the success of his previous game, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Or maybe it was the $3.7 million EA handed over to him and his team at Hazelight Studios while still retaining complete READ…