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Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro Version Doesn’t Hit 60fps With the New Patch, Says Digital Foundry

[embedded content] Final Fantasy XV just received patch 1.05, with the promise of offering up to 60fps on the PlayStation 4 Pro. As with all major releases, Digital Foundry has put the game to test post-patch and, unfortunately, the results are a bit of a let down. We’ll get straight to the point – the outlet has noted that Final Fantasy XV doesn’t hit 60fps and instead, runs between 30-50fps. Additionally, it puts the PS4 Pro version behind the standard versions. You can watch the analysis in the video above. In case you prefer a write-up, here’s a snippet from Digital Foundry’s detailed analysis, the full version of which you can find via the source link. At this point, both the Xbox One and standard PlayStation 4 now provide a smoother experience. PS4 still exhibits minor frame-pacing issues but the problem is less pronounced than the Pro’s flagship high mode. Xbox One uses an adaptive v-sync solution that produces completely smooth frame-pacing throughout, leading to a stable experience. There is additional slowdown on Xbox One and a lower resolution overall, but at this point, Microsoft’s system still provides the most consistent frame-rate. Unfortunately, as it stands, the PS4 Pro READ…

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV

Action Game A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV Releases for Free on March 1

[embedded content] Given away to anyone who pre-ordered Final Fantasy XV at GameStop, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One action game A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV is releasing for free on March 1 in Europe, Square Enix announced today. It will likely arrive in North America around the same time. Featuring retro-styled graphics and fast-paced combat, A King’s Tale takes place “a fictitious 30 years” before Final Fantasy XV. Following King Regis and his faithful companions – Weskham, Cid, and Clarus – as they defend the royal capital from raiding monsters, here’s what to expect from the gameplay: Deep Combat System – Combos, counters, and Regis’ signature Warp Strike combine for lightning fast real-time combat that rewards fast reflexes and smart tactics. Companions – Three distinct companions offer unique and new ways to attack as well as tailored super moves that deal massive damage. Magic – Ignite the battlefield, freeze your enemies, or electrify your foes with Fire, Ice, and Lightning magic. Summons – Call upon epic Astral entities to decimate your foes in jaw-dropping ways. Earlier today, Final Fantasy XV received an update that added further PlayStation 4 Pro support, a higher level cap, Timed Quests, and more. The Booster Pack+ (included in the Season Pass) will be out READ FULL…

Final Fantasy XV Update 1.05 Is Live, Adds PS4 Pro Lite Mode Offering up to 60fps

A 2.1GB download, Final Fantasy XV update 1.05 is live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a day ahead of schedule, adding a PS4 Pro Lite Mode offering up to 60 frames-per-second, Limited Time Quests, a higher level cap of 120, and more. Here’s the full list of patch notes for the new Final Fantasy XV update: PlayStation 4 Pro Console Lite Mode compatibility with a maximum of 60fps New Timed Quests (limited-time hunts and contests) Higher level cap (up to 120) Increased camera roll capacity (store up to 200 photos) Portable music player for chocobo rides Conclusion of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival Various bug fixes Additionally, the update adds two tracks from NieR: Automata – Inishie no Uta/Unmei and Weight of the World – to the radio. The first timed hunt tasks you with fighting 100 cactuars and slactuars. If you’re successful you’ll receive 333 AP. Featuring “a selection of powerful items designed to improve your angling and give you the edge in combat,” the Booster Pack+ will be available tomorrow, February 21, for Season Pass owners. The Magitek Exosuit won’t be included, as Square Enix is re-working the design. On March 28, Square Enix will release the Chapter 13 update and Episode Gladiolus DLC. [Source: Reddit (1), (2), NeoGAF, Gematsu, Eurogamer,…

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New Final Fantasy XV Update and DLC Get Patch Notes and New Screenshots

Final Fantasy XV Gets an update prior to the new DLC, boosting the PS4 Pro Lightweight Mode and more, while also adding two songs from the NieR series. …Read More The post New Final Fantasy XV Update and DLC Get Patch Notes and New Screenshots by Alex Wallace appeared first on DualShockers.

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A Wild Theory About Final Fantasy XV's Secret Dungeon

I have fallen into the rabbit hole of deep dives into Final Fantasy XV lore and I don’t think I’ll ever escape. Please send help. Advertisement Spoiler warning, etc.  As many of you have already discovered, Final Fantasy XV has a secret dungeon called the Pitioss Ruins that’s one of the best things in the game. It’s very different from anything else in Final Fantasy XV. There’s no combat, only puzzles and platforming, and you go through the whole dungeon without any of your party members. The game doesn’t try to explain why Pitioss Ruins exists, what any of the surreal statues and passageways mean, or why you have to jump your way through a giant demonic wall en route to uncovering the dungeon’s secrets. It’s reminiscent of a Destiny raid in that it plays by different rules than anything else in the game, and it never quite explains itself. It’s fantastic. Advertisement Yesterday after we posted our FFXV spoilercast, Kotaku reader Randy Randerson directed me to this insane breakdown of the lore in Pitioss Ruins, constructed by Redditor perona77. It’s way too long and intricate READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Final Fantasy XV Available for $40 on Amazon for Limited Time

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Podcast: An In-Depth Discussion Of Final Fantasy XV 

On today’s episode of Kotaku Splitscreen, we’re taking a spoilery deep dive into Final Fantasy XV. Advertisement Kirk and I have drastically different opinions on the fifteenth Final Fantasy—I liked it a lot; he didn’t—which makes for a fun conversation as we pick at the game’s warts. Final Fantasy XV is a messy, clearly unfinished game, but do the characters and combat make up for that? LET’S DISCUSS! You can listen to this week’s episode on iTunes or Google Play, or directly here. (MP3 download here.) As always, you can reach us at READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Final Fantasy XV’s User Interface Is So Bad

I like plenty of things about Final Fantasy XV, but the map and menus are not among them. This game’s interface is a mess of nonsense so carelessly taped together that it defies logic or comprehension. Advertisement Final Fantasy XV introduces itself as “A Final Fantasy for fans and first-timers.” Over the fifty-odd hours I’ve spent with the game, I have repeatedly tried to imagine a newcomer getting their head around this hive of counterintuitive menus, confusing button mapping and inconsistent prompts. I’ve mostly failed. I began to document my many problems with this game’s user experience and quickly realized that I was staring into a bottomless abyss. I just never ended. Nearly every moment in the game is plagued by some instance of bad UI, unclear text, contradictory information or bad prompts. (This is all collectively referred to as UX, which stands for user experience. I’m mostly talking about UX in this article, though UX and UI are closely related.) Advertisement Rather than attempting to catalogue every UX sin this game commits, I decided to keep my focus on a few particularly egregious examples. Let’s start with the worst thing in the game. You may be wondering, what is…

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Final Fantasy XV Getting Ridiculous in-Game Cup Noodle Helmet for Noctis as a Boss Collection Bonus


PS4 and Overwatch Dominate Games Media Coverage in 2016

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New Final Fantasy XV Trailer for GDC Teases Talk on Making its Music “Epic and Interactive”

Square Enix put a lot of effort in making the music of Final Fantasy XV both epic and enjoyable, and at GDC they will explain how. …Read More The post New Final Fantasy XV Trailer for GDC Teases Talk on Making its Music “Epic and Interactive” by Giuseppe Nelva appeared first on DualShockers.

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Final Fantasy XV Character Creation Feature Shown in New Image

Want Final Fantasy XV to have a character creator feature? While fans are still waiting, we’re happy to report that there’s been some progress made. In an interview, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata talks about the character creation tool and how it’s being made specifically for soon-to-be-added multiplayer mode. However, Tabata also states that this character creation tool can be used in the single-player mode as well. Tabta: The character creation function is actually in the works right now, however is not something that we can just show off, as it would probably not wow your readers at this stage. However, what we’re doing right now is not just implementing a character creation feature, but we want to combine that with a multiplayer feature, so that players can not only create a new character, but also bring it in multiplayer. Right now, the current stage of development lets you change the character and morph it into another character that looks very different. To go along with his statement, an in-progress image of the character creation tool can be seen below. The menus in Japanese correspond to height, face size and amount of muscle. Bear in mind that READ FULL STORY…

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Watch Final Fantasy XV’s Regalia Driving Off-Road and Jumping Without Getting Stuck in New Video

Square Enix shows the modified Regalia driving off-road again in Final Fantasy XV, but this time it goes definitely better. …Read More The post Watch Final Fantasy XV’s Regalia Driving Off-Road and Jumping Without Getting Stuck in New Video by Giuseppe Nelva appeared first on DualShockers.


Final Fantasy XV Mega-Interview: First Look at Character Creation, Future of the Game, DLC and Much More

Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata provides plenty of answers to our questions about the future of the game, also providing the first glimpse on the ability to create our own avatar. …Read More The post Final Fantasy XV Mega-Interview: First Look at Character Creation, Future of the Game, DLC and Much More by Giuseppe Nelva appeared first on DualShockers.