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Nintendo Can Take Over Your Board Game Cabinet For 20% Off

Super Mario Bros. Monopoly, $32 | Legend of Zelda Chess, $60 Update: Zelda Chess is a few bucks cheaper on Amazon. $60 From amazon Gizmodo Media Group may get a commission Buy now Board games are more fun when Nintendo’s involved. Today at GameStop, save 20% on Super Mario Bros. Monopoly and Legend of Zelda Chess, plus free shipping with promo code SAVER. Those should help keep you busy until Super Mario Odyssey comes out. Recommended Stories Today’s Best Deals: Anker Gold Box, Clear the Rack, Amazon Dash Wand, and More Amazon’s New Dash Wand Is a Full Alexa Assistant, and It’s Basically Free Right Now Amazon’s Running an Anker Gold Box Deal! I Repeat, Anker Gold Box Deal.  READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


GameStop Customers' Credit Cards May Have Been Stolen, Company Says

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images A very bad year for GameStop got even worse this week, as the retailer sent out letters to online customers informing them that their credit cards may have been stolen. In the letter, which several Kotaku readers (and an editor-in-chief) received yesterday, GameStop says that breachers may have obtained names, addresses, and credit card information from anyone who “placed or attempted to place orders on our website from August 10, 2016 to February 9, 2017.” “We are notifying you because you placed or attempted to place an order on during this time period using a payment card ending in [number],” the letter says, confirming a report from earlier this year. Advertisement In a statement to Kotaku this morning, the company said: “GameStop identified and addressed a potential security incident that was related to transactions made on GameStop’s website during a specific period of time. GameStop mailed notification letters to customers who made purchases during that time frame advising them of the incident and providing information on steps they can take.” This news comes at a tough time for GameStop. The retailer has been struggling to adapt READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Deformers Free Weekend Begins on June 8, First Major Update Detailed

Ready at Dawn has announced that they’ll be hosting a Deformers Free Weekend from Thursday, June 8 until Sunday, June 11 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Deformers Free Weekend officially runs from June 8 at 10am PT until June 11 at 11:59pm PT and the 5.5GB client for PS4 will be available through the PlayStation Store beginning tomorrow. To access the Free Weekend, you’ll need a PlayStation Plus membership and an internet connection. Here’s what to expect from the Free Weekend: During this event, Deformers’s full retinue of 44 Forms and 9 Arenas will be available for play in a variety of modes, including Free-for-All Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Form Ball, and Custom games — Steam and PlayStation 4 players will also be able to check out Offline mode, which is a brand-new addition to Deformers. Everyone will also have the chance to level up, increase their Prestige rank, earn Silver and Strands, and unlock unique and lovable Forms plus all the different ways to customize them with Styles, Taunts, Tags, and Emotes in the Workshop. If you decide to buy Deformers, which will be 50% off through GameStop from June 9 to 15, you’ll get to keep all of your progress, READ FULL STORY…


Report: Gamestop Trade-In Credit Will Soon Apply to Amazon Accounts


GameStop’s Q1 2017 Results Driven By Successful Switch Launch as New Software Sales Decline

Video game retailer GameStop has released its first quarter earnings for the current fiscal year, and has reported a 2.3% growth in store sales, thanks to a “successful” Nintendo Switch launch. For the period ended April 29, total global sales increased by 3.8% to $2.05 billion, with a 24.6% increase in hardware sales led by Switch. However, new software sales declined by 8.2%, which GameStop attributes to “tough overlap of a few key AAA titles launched last year.” The retailer is referring to major video game releases that were clustered around Fall/Holiday 2016, resulting in almost all of them taking a hit. Pre-owned sales also declined by 6.2%, which the retailer says it was expecting. Digital sales and Collectibles both experienced growth. While digital sales increased by 3.0% to $44.1 million, thanks in part to GameStop’s Kongregate business, digital receipts saw a decline due to lower sales of new consoles bundled with digital software. On the other hand, a global demand for Pokémon products led collectibles sales to a significant increase of 39.1%, amounting to $114.5 million. In terms of the future, CEO Paul Raines notes that GameStop will continue “executing our diversification strategy, exercising cost discipline and increasing our share in the video READ…


GameStop Announces New Trade-in Offers and Promotion

GameStop has announced a slew of new trade-in offers that may help gamers fund some of their plans for the summer, whether that involves an out-of-town vacation or a new gaming console. While GameStop constantly accepts trade-ins for many new or pre-owned items, they’ve listed some of the high-value trade-in offers for several items including smartphones, tablets, and consoles. GameStop Pre-Owned Merchandising Vice President John Tovar said: Spring is a great time to make a profit off all your electronics and gaming hardware clutter so you can earn quick cash to spend toward summertime fun. Trading in electronics like iPhones and iPads, as well as gaming hardware can add up to Costa Rican or Vegas vacations, concert or amusement park tickets and even gas to go on a summer road trip. Whatever your vacation plans are, GameStop can help you fund your summertime fun. We’re not just talking pocket change. GameStop’s trade-in program pays top dollar for many items. For example, our average trade value across all iPhone versions is $126 and goes all the way up to nearly $400 for newer models. Here’s the list of Top Phone and Electronics Up-To-Trade Values: iPhone 7 = $355 READ FULL STORY AT…


GameStop Expo 2017 to Be Held on August 27 in Las Vegas

GameStop has announced that this year’s GameStop Expo 2017 will be held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, on August 27, 2017. According to the announcement, the event will be held on a Sunday, a first in its history, to give more fans an opportunity to attend the company’s annual gaming event. GameStop Senior Vice President of Merchandising Bob Puzon had this to say about the change: Every year our customers ask us to make the GameStop Expo bigger and better. We have delivered on their request by bringing our Expo back to the entertainment capital of the world, opening our doors for the first time on Sunday, playing host to one of the biggest non-pro gaming tournaments in the industry, and allowing fans the opportunity to purchase some of their favorite novelty items on the show floor. Apart from the many booths featuring demos from both video game and hardware developers, attendees will also be able to purchase accessories, collectibles, and more from the participating venders. The GameStop Expo 2017 will also play host to the finals of the ESL Injustice 2 GameStop Hometown Heroes tournament. Tickets for GameStop Expo 2017 READ FULL STORY…

Eleven-Year-Old Buys Used Copy Of GTA V, Finds Bag Of Meth

Image via Kayla McAllister on Facebook According to Havana, Florida mom Kayla McAllister, her 11-year-old son was flipping through the manual of a used game purchased from GameStop on Sunday when he came across a plastic bag containing a white substance. They called the police and yep, it’s meth. Advertisement According to McAllister, who wrote about the incident in a Facebook post on Sunday evening (thanks to reader Adam for the tip!), she and her son had visited the Capital West Tallahassee GameStop location at around noon on Sunday, May 7 in order to trade old games. They purchased a used copy of Grand Theft Auto V. During the game’s lengthy install process her son decided to look through the game’s manual, which is when the packet of drugs was discovered. From Kayla’s Facebook post: Advertisement Today i took my son to gamestop in Tallahassee to trade in games and get some new ones. When he opened the booklet inside one of the pre owned games he ( MY ELEVEN YEAR OLD SON!!!!!!!) found this. A baggie of fucking meth! Clearly the game was not properly checked when it was traded in and because of the carelessness i could have…


Injustice 2 Championship Series Unveiled; Gets its Own Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has detailed four different eSport events for the upcoming fighting game Injustice 2 under the Injustice 2 Championship Series banner. …Read More The post Injustice 2 Championship Series Unveiled; Gets its Own Trailer by Tomas Franzese appeared first on DualShockers.


Nintendo Switch Shipments Still Selling out Same Day and Exceeding Expectations According to GameStop

According to GameStop — relayed by Forbes — two months after its launch, the Nintendo Switch is still flying off shelves. More specifically, the retailer claims that it is still seeing same-day sellouts of each new shipment …Read More The post Nintendo Switch Shipments Still Selling out Same Day and Exceeding Expectations According to GameStop by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.


I Traded In A PS4 To Save My Valentine's Day

Image via Lazada.SG, where they sell this as a skin, apparently. It’s Valentine’s Day, a day to show the ones we love how important they are to us. This year I got my wife a box of chocolate-covered strawberries, and traded a PlayStation 4 for food. Let me explain. Advertisement Emily and I had Valentine’s Day all planned out. Since our babysitter would be busy doing stupid things for his girlfriend, I decided to take a few hours off in the AM. Instead of our traditional Valentine’s Day dinner at whichever restaurant wasn’t already filled with doting lovers, we were going to have a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast. Some heart-shaped pancakes, penis-shaped sausage, ovary-reminiscent eggs, that sort of thing. But upon waking up this Valentine’s Day morning, our plans to symbolically eat each other hit a snag—we had no money. Strange, we normally have money. Where did the money go? Advertisement In my case, the answer was limbo. I’d been spending quite a bit on some home improvement items over the past couple of weeks, in anticipation of incoming tax return monies, because spending money READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Gamestop’s new circle of life policy – The hard and uncensored story

Gamestop is in the news once more, and honestly it’s not all that surprising what it is about. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll remember our piece on Gamestop’s corporate greed. Since that was written more light has been cast on the pre-owned gaming giant (it´s worth pointing out that EB Games isn´t much better), and how… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


GameStop Will Let 1,000 People Pre-Order a Nintendo Switch on Saturday

Circle of Life

GameStop Employees Say “Circle of Life” Program Threatened Their Jobs as Controversy Continues

GameStop saw itself thrust into the limelight this week with allegations of purposely misleading customers via its new “Circle of Life” program. In case you missed the first two stories, click here and here for context. Now, more employees have come forward to speak out about their experiences with the program on condition of anonymity and, let’s just say, this doesn’t look good…at all. Kotaku has been inundated with emails from former and current employees, explaining what they had to go through. Their identities have been protected for obvious reasons but their employment status with the retailer has been verified. The gist of it is this: employees didn’t want to intentionally mislead customers but they were pressured by the management, and claim that they were at risk of losing their jobs. Some were actually fired. We’re not going to copy and paste all the accounts here so make sure to follow the source link provided at the bottom of this post. Below are snippets from the emails that stand out. Current Assistant Manager: None of us like to do it, but we are all scared for our jobs. I worked two jobs myself until I hit [Assistant Store Leader] READ FULL…