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Guy Claiming to Be the Real Cole Train Now Suing for Gears of War Money

Seems the Man Filing the Lawsuit Actually Resembles Cole Train in Many Ways Ever have those moments where you see a video game character and realize it’s you? Well, apparently, that’s what happened with Lenwood Hamilton when his son’s friend showed him Gears of War in early 2016. It was at that moment Hamilton knew someone messed up, because he’s now suing for royalties. That’s right. Whether it’s Epic, Microsoft, or just voice actor Lester Speight, we don’t know Yet. And Lester Speight, aka Terry Tate, apparently worked in Hamilton’s wrestling company. He’s the man behind the Cole Train; the whoos, the one-liners, and all the smack endearing us to the character come from his portrayal. So the story goes that Speight and Hamilton actually thought about creating a video game character during their work together. What are the odds, right? By Hamilton’s account, Speight took off with the idea and established Cole Train in Gears of War. Furthermore, Hamilton outright declares that he is Cole Train; the character is like him in virtually every way. And just like Cole Train, Hamilton is a former football player, on top of being a former wrestler. Even the front gold tooth is apart of his unique physicality. Hence, Hamilton will be suing…

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Fan-favorite Maps and Characters Return in Gears of War 4 Update

Slowly, Treats from the Gears of War Universe Just Pour In Out now, a new Gears of War 4 update for fan veterans. This latest patch, Series 2 Collection, significantly expands multiplayer content. We get over 280 collectible cards, including iconic characters from Gears of War 3. Out of a total thirteen, four make up our “first”  band of legacy characters. However, there’s more in this latest patch. Additionally, two fan-favorite maps have been re-imagined. “Blending together the best of Gears 2’s original take and the Gears 3’s re-imagining,” we get the Gears 4 version of Blood Drive. Battle through pillars and along city streets, where open terrain leads to longshot firefights. Then we have the classical Clocktower re-imagined. It is now the Bank of Bronn, where players can reacquaint themselves with turkey shoots at the bank entrance. Otherwise, fight on the low streets for control of the center, in what will inevitably lead to back and forth chainsaw kills. Both maps are currently available for Season Pass holders, and everyone on January 17. On top of that, The Coalition wants to give Season Pass holders more for their buck: Today, they announced sixty random cards from Series 2 Characters and Weapon Skins. This new Airdrop comes January 13, in conjunction with Bounty Gear…