Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th Game Giveaway

[embedded content] Now that the ruckus known as E3 is now over, we can once again dig down and do another PlayStation LifeStyle game giveaway! For this week, we have six (6) Friday the 13th: The Game digital US (R1) PS4 codes to give away courtesy of Gun Media! How to win one? Super simple! Just leave a comment telling us how you’d kill of Jason Voorhees and why it would work. Winning comments will be picked this weekend and be sent their code through the email they have registered with Disqus. (Note: Once contacted, the winner has 48 hours to reply, or we’ll send the code to someone else) You can check out our Friday the 13th: The Game review right here. There’s also free stuff that awaits you once you’ve downloaded it. Stay tuned for more game giveaways here on PlayStation LifeStyle! READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


E-Win Racing Gaming chair giveaway – One calling series ergonomic gaming chair with pillows

I don’t think that I (Robin Ek, TGG) ever mentioned our partnership with E-Win publicly, because I was so busy with E3 2017 that I must have forgotten to do so (I and everyone else at TGG worked around the clock to cover as much as possible from the E3 2017 event). Anyways, to make a long story short. About… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

Dynasty Feud

Dynasty Feud PC giveaway – Three Steam keys for three action hungry Gamers

I think it’s safe to say that the coming days are going to be very Gaming intense due to the E3 2017 event (we will try to cover the event with the best of our ability!). Well, guess what? Things are just about to get even more Gaming intense, because we got three Steam keys to give away for Kaia… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


NBA Playgrounds Game Giveaway!

[embedded content] It’s time yet again for another giveaway here on PlayStation LifeStyle! Thanks to the fine folks at Sandbox Strategies and Saber Interactive, we’re giving away the arcade sports game, NBA Playgrounds — and yes, just in time for the NBA Finals! How to win one of the four (4) US (R1) PS4 codes for NBA Playgrounds? Super simple! Leave a comment below telling us who’d be your dream NBA duo and why. You can pick from any NBA era — past or present, and even video game characters just to make it more crazy! Winning comments will be picked this weekend and be sent their code through the email they have registered with Disqus. Check out our review of NBA Playgrounds here, where we say, “The debut installment of NBA Playgrounds gets the fundamentals right.” Stay tuned for another game giveaway next week here on PlayStation Lifestyle! READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Thea: The Awakening PS4 and Xbox One giveaway – One key for each console

As you might remember, we hosted a “Thea: The Awakening” PC giveaway last year (which went really well). Well, since “Thea” launched for PS4 and Xbox One just recently. We thought that it would be a good idea to do a giveaway for the Xbox One and PS4 version of the game as well =) That’s also why I’m happy… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Cubotrox PC giveaway – Six Steam keys for six puzzle hungry gamers

Yes, you guessed it. It’s giveaway time again =) So what could you win this time then? Well, I’m glad that you asked, because we’re giving away six Steam keys for The Barberians Game Studio’s awesome puzzle game “Cubotrox“! (each Steam key is worth 5,99 Euros). In other words, here’s your chance to win yourself a free “Cubotrox” Steam key =)… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Livelock Game Giveaway!

[embedded content] In this week’s game giveaway here on PlayStation LifeStyle, we’re giving away fast-paced cooperative shooter, Livelock! Thanks to Perfect World Entertainment and Tuque Games, we have 10 US (R1) digital codes for PlayStation 4 to give away! How to win? Just leave a comment below on who would be your perfect sidekick/companion if ever an alien menace terrorizes Earth and why. Winning entries will be chosen later this week, and be sent their code via the email address connected to their Disqus account. Story and game details for Livelock straight from Perfect World Entertainment: Nearly a century after a cataclysmic gamma ray burst, humanity is on the brink of extinction. Clusters of corrupted machines control what remains of the Earth, warring among themselves for resources. The large, robotic Capital Intellects are the last trace of humans, thrown into this fray in hopes of regaining control of the planet. Livelock is a fast-paced cooperative top-down shooter where you and two of your friends are tasked with controlling the Capital Intellects through the post-human conflict. Customize your character’s unique arsenal and function abilities to create a team that will bring order to the chaotic Earth, and see humanity rebuilt. READ…


Outlast 2 Game Giveaway!

Have we got one killer of a giveaway for you this week! Thanks to the awesome folks at Red Barrels, we’re giving away Outlast 2 for the PlayStation 4! How to win one of our three (3) Outlast 2 North America PS4 digital codes? Super simple! Tell us the scariest story you know (or the scariest thing that happened to you or you’ve experienced) in the comments and we’ll pick a winner by the weekend! And nope, cheeky stuff won’t be considered. Take note that we’ll be sending the codes to the email address you registered for Disqus. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check our Outlast 2 review where our own Paulmichael Contreras gave it a 9/10 (with an Editor’s Choice badge, too!) and said: Outlast 2 is an intense adventure that will keep you up for many sleepless nights. Red Barrels knows how to keep players on their toes. The game’s heavily-scripted scenarios can annoy if you don’t get the mechanic at play immediately, and are thus forced to repeat a section multiple times, but generally the formula continues to work in Outlast 2. This is survival horror at its most base level, where you are READ FULL…

Crania Games

Roots of Insanity PC giveaway – Three Steam keys for three horror hungry gamers

Yes, it’s finally time for a new horror game giveaway (yay!). So, what’s at stake this time? Well, we’re giving away three Steam keys for Crania Games FPS/TPS/survival horror game “Roots of Insanity” 😉 In other words, here’s your chance to win yourself a free PC-copy of “Roots of Insanity” =) (each key is worth 10 Euros via Steam). Anyways,… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

Android giveaway

Tempest iOS and Android giveaway – Three keys per format

As some of you might remember, not so long ago we handed out three Steam keys for Lion Shade’s pirate open world ARPG “Tempest“. Well, now it’s time for all you mobile gamers out there to get some giveaway love as well 😉 Because this time we’re giving away three keys for the iOS and Android version of “Tempest” =)… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Sniper Elite 4 Game Giveaway!

[embedded content] If you’re a faithful PlayStation LifeStyle reader, then you know that we give away a lot of stuff just to show our thanks. Well, we have another one and it’s a killer! Thanks to the awesome folks at Rebellion Developments, we’re giving away four (4) Sniper Elite 4 PlayStation 4 discs! Unfortunately, due to the logistics and whatnot, this is open to US only. Eligible participants can enter by following the steps in the widget below. At the end of the week, we’ll choose a winner (at random) and reach out to them for their address, and Rebellion will send the disc out to you. Easy, right? Note that if you don’t reply to our email in 48 hours, we will choose another winner, so make sure you use an email or form of communication that’s accessible for you. What are you waiting for? Go enter our Sniper Elite 4 game giveaway right now! a Rafflecopter giveaway Don’t forget to check out our Sniper Elite 4 review to see why we think: If you prefer your shooters to be more methodical or enjoy taking out enemies with pinpoint accuracy rather than just blindly rushing into skirmishes, Sniper Elite 4 READ…

Gabhel Games

Scary Humans PC giveaway – Five Steam keys for five survival hungry gamers

Yes, it’s finally Saturday again, and better yet. It’s once again time for a new giveaway =) And this time we’re giving away five Steam keys for Gabhel Games  procedural survival game “Scary Humans” (each Steam key is worth three Euros). In other words, here’s your chance to win yourself a free “Scary Humans” Steam key 😉 Anyways, this is… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Late Shift Game Giveaway!

[embedded content] PlayStation LifeStyle is here yet again with another game giveaway! For this week, we’re giving away Wales Interactive’s fantastic FMV (full-motion video) game, Late Shift! How to win our Late Shift game giveaway? Super simple. All you have to do is leave a comment telling us what would be the ultimate late shift job you’d want and why. Three winners will be picked by us, and will be emailed the code via the email address their Disqus account is associated with this coming weekend. Take note that the codes are for US PlayStation 4 accounts (R1). That’s it! Super simple, right? If you’re not familiar with Late Shift, check out our review where we gave it an 8.5/10 and state: Late Shift is an excellent FMV game and a unique point in interactive cinema. It’s a vastly interesting new way to allow the viewer to change the outcome of the movie they are watching, but has the very odd position of trying to sell itself as neither a movie or a game, but at the same time, both. What I am most interested to see is how Late Shift impacts the future of media. It might just be a READ…


Paladins Champion Lex and Full Lawbringer Skin Collection Giveaway – 10,000 Keys Free for All

[embedded content] PlayStation LifeStyle is back yet again for another giveaway to our loyal and awesome readers! With the free-to-play team-based fantasy shooter Paladins now in open beta, the fine folks at Hi-Rez Studios has given us a ton of keys for the champion, Lex, and his full Lawbringer skin collection (head, body, weapon). How to get one of the 10,000 keys that can be used on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC? Simple! Just enter and nab one in the widget below once you’ve proven you’re not a bot, and the “how to redeem” instructions are explained as well. Paladins In-Game Redemption Instructions: 1) Launch the Paladins client. 2) Log in using your account credentials. 3) From the in-game home screen click STORE then ACCOUNT then REDEEM CODE. 4) Correctly enter in your code in order to activate the unlock. You can download the Paladins open beta on PS4 right here (North America, Europe), and it’s a 3.3GB download according to the PlayStation Store. In case you didn’t know, Paladins was the most-played new Steam game of 2016 with over 8.5 million players on PC. Don’t forget, the codes can be used on PS4, Xbox One or PC! READ FULL…