grand theft auto

grand theft auto

GTA V Players Activate Secret Alien Mission via Game Files as Single-Player DLC Reports Resurface

[embedded content] Datamining group Chiliad Mystery Guru Team has managed to uncover and activate a secret alien mission in Grand Theft Auto Online through the game’s files. From what has been unearthed so far (video above), it seems to be a supply run mission involving alien eggs found near a crashed UFO. Triggering it is no easy task. According to a detailed Reddit post by the group, “much hard work” and sleepless nights went into tinkering with the game’s codes to get the mission to run and no one knows how to get it working normally. While Rockstar has made no comment and we’re not sure if this is how the final mission would have come out, it settles all those reports of the developer toying around with the concept. What’s particularly interesting, however, is that this discovery has raked up years worth of discussions surrounding the game’s single-player DLC, which reports say was shelved back in 2014. Apparently, an alien mission of some sort was included in the canned single-player content. “Given that online is set before the events of single player, I think we can safely assume that this (if anything) is the beginning of what may be added to single player!”…

Genre-Blending Genius Edgar Wright Talks Ant-Man, Baby Driver and Grand Theft Auto

Image: Sony At first glance, Baby Driver doesn’t look like it uses genre conventions in the way that Edgar Wright’s other works have. While you can easily see the homages to zombie horror and paranoid sci-fi in Shaun of the Dead and World’s End, the fusion at the heart of Baby Driver’s DNA is initially more elusive to parse. But once you put sunglasses on and deconstruct it, it’s right there: the new movie is a musical where car chases are the “songs.” And it rocks. I saw Baby Driver in Austin, Texas a month ago when Edgar Wright was in town to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater chain. The film, which is excellent, centers on Baby, a preternaturally gifted driver who works getaway gigs for master heist planner Doc, played by Kevin Spacey. Spacey, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Elisa Gonzalez and all of the other actors’ performances feel like tight little corn kernels of character that pop when the plot gets hot. Baby Driver threads cinema’s decades-long fascination with teenagers through a crime drama that also harbors tons of humor and poignancy underneath its too-cool skin. Baby Driver boasts a less-frenetic version of the…

grand theft auto

Rockstar Games Issues Statement in Support of Modding Community; Encourages Take-Two to Refrain from Legal Action

After some disputes between Take-Two Interactive and the GTA modding community, Rockstar Games is stepping in to help resolve some of the issues. …Read More The post Rockstar Games Issues Statement in Support of Modding Community; Encourages Take-Two to Refrain from Legal Action by Ryan Meitzler appeared first on DualShockers.

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Grand Theft Auto V Update 1.40 on PS4, Xbox One & PC Today Adds Gunrunning Content

[embedded content] Grand Theft Auto V update 1.40, aka the Gunrunning Update, is now available to download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Rockstar Games has announced. According to players, it’s 2.2GB. Here’s a look at all the new content with today’s update: New Content Bunkers have been added to GTA Online. Players can purchase a Bunker from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. Bunkers can be customized with a choice of add-ons such as a Personal Quarters, a Shooting Range, a Gun Locker and Transportation. Upon purchasing a Bunker, VIP, CEO or MC President Players will gain access to the Gunrunning Business. The Gunrunning Business has been added to GTA Online. The Gunrunning Business is managed via the Disruption Logistics website on the laptop inside the Bunker, and allows players to Resupply and Sell the weapons generated by their Gunrunning Business. The Disruption Logistics website is also used to manage Bunker Staff, Research and buy Bunker Upgrades. 6 new Weaponized Vehicles have been added to GTA Online and can be purchased from the Warstock website. These can be modified in the Weapon & Vehicle Workshop bay of the Mobile Operations Center: HVY APC, BF Dune FAV, Bravado Half-track, Pegassi Oppressor, Declasse Weaponized READ…

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GTA Online’s Gunrunning Update Arrives on June 13

[embedded content] The massive Gunrunning update for Grand Theft Auto Online arrives on Tuesday, June 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Rockstar Games announced today. Here’s what to expect from some of the new Gunrunning content, which includes a Bunker, a Mobile Operations Center, Weaponized Vehicles, and more: Everything begins with a Bunker: the massive, underground hub of your new enterprise. Any CEO, VIP or MC President can jump start their promising career from here to get operations off the ground. For heavy duty tactical operations on the move, arms dealers can invest in a Mobile Operations Center (MOC), the kind of powerful support usually enjoyed only by trained assassins or rogue nuclear states. Storable in your Bunker, this drivable command center’s modular construction allows for tailored combinations of vehicle workshop, weapons workshop, luxury living quarters, and command center – with facilities for upgrading and customizing your arsenal and modifying Weaponized Vehicles (including turrets for your MOC that can be manned by your squad) – all at your fingertips, and pulled by a fully customizable commercial semi. Weaponized Vehicles are a brand new class to stock and customize. Build a fleet to cover every eventuality: from the ultimate utility of the READ…

grand theft auto

Grand Theft Auto V Is the Highest Earning Game in Over 20 Years

File this one under amazing facts that won’t surprise anyone. NPD analyst Mat Piscatella recently tweeted out that “Grand Theft Auto V is the #1 best-selling game in the US (since NPD began tracking in 1995).” Piscatella later clarified this impressive feat by stating that this wasn’t in terms of units (as Wii Sports still narrowly edges it out if you count pack-in titles), but in dollars. Grand Theft Auto V‘s momentous success can be contributed to a number of factors. Not only is it the fifth main installment of gaming’s biggest series, but it also released on five separate platforms. Many players ended up purchasing the game twice: once on Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3, and then again when the remastered version came out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s one of the few games that have really taken advantage of selling to two generations of consoles, and that has boosted the total number of units sold to over 80 million worldwide. It also helps that Rockstar has been great about supporting the game’s popular online mode. GTA Online continues to receive major updates despite the game being nearly four years old. This support has kept the userbase READ…


11 Video Games That Got Banned and Why

Censorship – it’s a hot button issue in the video game world right now. When developers alter their vision to better suit the needs of the market, some gamers treat it like a knife to their heart. But the alternative might just be worse. All around the world, video games have been pulled from store shelves because they were just too much for the community to handle. Whether that censorship is justified isn’t for us to say (but let’s be fair, it probably isn’t). What is instructive is to examine the games that got banned and try to figure out what pisses people off. In many cases, it’s pretty obvious – intense violence, graphic sex, or unsavory themes. And you’ll certainly see your share of those things in the games that follow. But there are other reasons that games get prohibited from sale, and they’re pretty weird. RapeLay Many of the games on this list were banned simply because of cultural misunderstandings. You… can’t say that for RapeLay. The insanely controversial game developed by Japanese studio Illusion was released in 2006 and almost immediately kicked off a firestorm of bad emotions. If you haven’t heard of it, RapeLay puts you…

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GTA Online Gets the “Massive” Gunrunning Update in June

Calling it a “massive new update” where the Southern San Andreas’ illegal weapons trafficking industry rises to the surface, Rockstar Games has announced that the Gunrunning update for Grand Theft Auto Online will arrive in June. Here’s what Rockstar had to say about the Gunrunning update: Dotted throughout Blaine County are hatches – look into these mysterious properties on the Maze Bank Foreclosure site and you’ll find sprawling underground headquarters for sale, ready to be stocked with new military grade vehicles and weapons manufacturing equipment capable of developing highly sought after offensive and defensive technologies. As the residents of Los Santos know, the only thing more fun than crime is profit and should you choose to invest in this new business, some extremely shady customers are ready to pay top dollar for what you can deliver. Expect details on the business and research opportunities, full-service Mobile Operation Centers complete with new weapon upgrades and deep customization, all new Weaponized Vehicles, and more included in Gunrunning soon. As announced earlier this week, Grand Theft Auto V has reached 80 million copies sold since launch in 2013. [Source: Rockstar Games] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


I Can't Stop Watching A GTA V AI Learning How To Drive On Twitch 

Right now, a little over 1,000 people are watching an AI drive like a maniac on GTA V. I can’t look away, even as the AI causes pandemonium across the streets of Los Santos. [embedded content] Hosted on the Twitch channel sentdex, “Charles” is a neural network that learns by throwing shit at a wall and seeing what works, basically. Advertisement Advertisement Charles “takes all actions based on single frames at a time, and bases his decisions on just pixel data,” the Twitch description states. “Charles only sees exactly what you see.” So far, in my time watching this automotive abomination, Charles sure loves to go against traffic, if not speed right into the ocean. I have no idea why it believes that driving in this way is “good,” but we also have to consider that it is trying to learn in a world where the computer seems to have nefarious intent against the player: GTA Online Players Have A New Conspiracy Theory That NPCs Are Out To Kill Them Recently, a paranoia has taken a hold of some GTA Online players, who READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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Someone Actually Ate That Famous (And Giant) GTA San Andreas Fast Food Order

GIF Last year, some people became obsessed with an old fast food order that happens in GTA San Andreas. And now, a competitive eater tracked down all the food in real life, ordered it, and then tried to eat it all in one sitting. Advertisement Matt Stonie is Youtuber who creates food challenge videos, such as eating a giant bowl of Cheerios. At some point, he came across an internet post that detailed exactly what a GTA character named Big Smoke ordered in-game, and decided to use that as inspiration for one 9000+ calorie mega-meal that spans multiple fast-food restaurants. Behold: In GTA San Andreas, during the mission “Drive-Thru”, you and a few other characters go through a Cluckin Bell drive-thru. Big Smoke, one of the leaders of the Grove Street Family gang, proceeds to order a ridiculous amount of food. His complete order is: Two number 9s A number 9 large A number 6 with extra dip A number 7 Two number 45s One with cheese And a large soda It’s one thing to figure out what the real world version of this order would look like, but READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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GTA V's Police Are A Danger To Themselves And Others (But Mostly Themselves)

GIF You thought Grand Theft Auto V’s firefighters were bad? The police would like to have a word with you. Advertisement Documenter of incidental GTA chaos and disaster artist extraordinaire Merfish turned the police into their latest muse. Unlike GTA V’s firefighters, the police had to be provoked a little, but once they turned aggro, things quickly spiraled out of control. Simply beautiful. I could watch this bit for days: GIF Obviously I’m gonna need you to share your GTA V cop stories now. You should probably get to it, unless you want these poor virtual officers to harm themselves even more while struggling to arrest you. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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GTA Online Gets New Vehicle Vendetta Adversary Mode, Pegassi FCR 1000 Motorcycle and More

The new year has brought with it a new motorcycle, fresh wave of bonuses, and a new adversary mode in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto Online. You can now snag the “uber-customizable” Pegassi FCR 1000, which the developer describes as follows: This fully-featured beaut of a bike treads the fine line between old-school, no-frills engineering and a tight-trousered hipster’s delight. An instant classic, this bike will be the envy of your grandpa, even if he did disown you. The Vehicle Vendetta adversary mode will pit players against other motorized opponents competing for the power-ups below: Beast: Automatically transforms you into a Rhino Tank. Detonator: Removes obstacles and objects from the arena. Bomb: Place up to three bombs around the map to destroy trailing enemies. Rockets: Fire rockets at oncoming drivers to incapacitate them. Repair: Returns vehicle back to max health. Ghost: Become translucent, allowing you to drive through enemy vehicles to steal their power-ups. Jammed: Forces the accelerator on for the enemy team’s vehicles. Flipped: Reverses the enemy team’s steering, acceleration and braking controls. Zoned: Slows down time for all players. Deadline: Automatically switches you onto the Nagasaki Shotaro complete with devastating light trail. Random: Chance to collect any power-up except Detonator. From READ FULL STORY…

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Grand Theft Auto’s Biggest Mod Comes as The Titanic

The Creation of a GTA V Titanic Shows How Far Modding Has Come There’s just something about modding that brings out the creative genius in people. GTA V modder MkElite, aka Muhammad Khan, has demonstrated the ingenuity that can come from deep aspiration. And deep is exactly where his latest creation ends up. Because, somehow, Khan managed to recreate the catastrophic sinking of the Titanic, based on Jame’s Cameron’s movie of the same name. All we have to do now is wait for GTA V Titanic to be the most downloaded mod in history. Khan, however, was not alone in this endeavor. He had help from 3D modeler Kyle Hudak, Kyle who’s working on his own game: Titanic: Honor and Glory, a standalone mystery-adventure that takes place on the ship. Then, utilizing the skill set of modder KAFAROS, delivered the gigantic ship to Grand Theft Auto V. So thanks to the collaboration of these three creative individuals, we get to relive the epic conclusion of a master-piece within Rockstar’s IP. Which also means you’ll see Jack and Rose this time around, too. Yep, Khan went so far as to add the lovers’ plight to the game. From the events leading up to sinking, to how…

grand theft auto

YouTube Blocks Samsung's Takedown Of GTA V Note 7 Bomb Video

Yesterday, Samsung filed a copyright claim on a viral video of a Grand Theft Auto V mod that turns the notoriously explosion-prone Galaxy Note 7 into, well, a bomb. The video got taken down, even though it clearly wasn’t in violation of any copyrights. Advertisement After the video got taken down, the video’s creator, who goes by the handle sdaddy345, said he’d filed a counter-claim against Samsung, noting that the video had done great things for his fledgling YouTube channel. It appears to have worked. The video is back up, and sdaddy345 has posted his correspondence with YouTube on the issue to show how it all went down. YouTusaid they’d review the counter claim, and now, one day later, the video’s back. Sorry, Samsung. Granted, if you didn’t want everybody making fun of you, you probably should’ve tested your phones to ensure they didn’t fucking explode first. Just a thought! READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!