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D.Va Takes the Spotlight in New Heroes of the Storm Video


Now You Can Farm WoW Gold For Overwatch Loot Boxes And Hearthstone Cards

Thanks to a change in the way Blizzard’s WoW tokens work, players can now farm World of Warcraft gold and apply it towards credit for Overwatch loot boxes, Heroes of the Storm character unlocks and Hearthstone cards. Advertisement WoW Tokens are items introduced to World of Warcraft to give players a way to buy subscription time for in-game gold while giving others a legitimate alternative to purchasing gold from third-party websites. The player in need of World of Warcraft currency can buy a WoW Token for $20 in cash, then sell it for a fixed amount of gold in the game’s auction house (current asking price on North American servers is 62,393 gold). Players buying these tokens at the auction house would then redeem them for 30 days of game time. Starting today, players can trade those tokens for $15 of Battle.net credit instead of game time (amounts may vary by region). Here’s a video explanation of how that works. Depending on your World of Warcraft gold farming acumen, this could be a nice way to turn that lazy grinding time into extra in-game items or even full digital Blizzard READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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Heroes of the Storm Full Hero Roster to be Unlocked this Weekend


Heroes of the Storm Gets a New Trailer Highlighting Zul’jin

Heroes Of The Storm's New Brawl Mode Is A Good Reason To Check In Every Week

Heroes of the Storm’s weekly Heroes’ Brawl launched today, bringing a regular rotation of entertaining game variants to Blizzard’s MOBA. I played several rounds of the Punisher Arena mode earlier today, and while I’m not any better than last time I played, I didn’t care nearly as much. Advertisement Punisher Arena, available for the next week and change, pits two teams of five players each against each other in an arena where two massive Punisher creatures are duking it out. It’s a best of three round game, with the first team to reach 100 points two times out of three winning. Players kills are worth four points, Punisher kills worth 10. The big creatures alternate between attacking each other and attacking players, so it’s up to each team to know when to push and when to fall back. Rounds are fast, and a great deal of fun, even if you’re a level 7 in a game comprised almost completely of level 40 players. While skill does come into play, there’s also a random element. Each round players get to select one of three Heroes from a list of three. One round your team is two Specialists, two Support and one…


Blizzard Revealing New Heroes of the Storm Character Next Week on Facebook Live

Blizzard has announced they will be revealing the next hero character for Heroes of the Storm via a Facebook Live video on Thursday, October 6 at 8 AM Pacific Time. The hero will be revealed via a live drawing by Samwise Didier, the Art Director for Heroes of the Storm. After the recording the video will be sped up and uploaded to the YouTube channel for those who want to see a speed drawing. You can find the video once live, at Facebook.com/Blizzheroes.