HORI’s Upcoming Nintendo Switch Accessories Leaked Ahead of Conference

We are within spitting distance of Nintendo’s Tokyo Livestream where they will unveil more details of the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch. However — as to be expected — there has been a leak. The accessory manufacturer HORI …Read More The post HORI’s Upcoming Nintendo Switch Accessories Leaked Ahead of Conference by Lou Contaldi appeared first on DualShockers.


Hori leak all but confirms Zelda Switch’s March launch

With the sheer amount of rumors that have been going around for the last few months, the last thing we would be surprised about is confirmation that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would launch alongside the Nintendo Switch. Yet, just a few days before Nintendo’s tell-all video about the Switch, here we have another leak that just about confirms what’s been on everyone’s mind.This time, the leak comes from Hori, the company behind various gaming accessories like screen protectors and fight sticks. Hori’s lineup of Nintendo Switch accessories has leaked. The document showcasing everything gives us a look at Breath of the Wild skins for the Switch dock and Joycon dock. What’s interesting is that Hori notes that these skins will launch in March. Now, unless Hori wants to beat Nintendo to the punch, we have to assume that they’re launching in March to coincide with Breath of the Wild.Another thing of note is one of the buttons on Xbox-style Hori controller. On the far left, you’ll see what appears to be a recording button. This provides further proof that the Switch controllers will have a button that allows players to record gameplay and take screenshots similar to the…


Hori will let you play PS4 games using a mini keyboard and mouse

A keyboard and mouse has always been, and always will be in my opinion, the best control method for playing first-person shooters. It’s just not possible to match the speed and precision of that combo using a pad. Sure, you can add silent aids to compensate, but a thumbstick will never compete with a mouse. Well, it looks as though long-time video games peripheral maker Hori is set to try and solve the issue for the PS4. Not by creating a PS4-specific full QWERTY keyboard and mouse, but instead by splitting the PS4 controller in two, replacing one half with a mouse or both halves using a mini-keyboard and mouse. They’ve called this new range Tactical Assault Commander or TAC for short. As you can see from the images, there’s actually three versions of the TAC carrying the names M-1, K-1, and G-1. The G-1 puts half of Hori’s 3rd-party DualShock controller equivalent in your left hand, which also has a grip strap that sits over your hand to help stop you dropping it. Then in your right hand there’s a mouse, complete with all the freedom that brings for aiming and selecting in-game. The M-1 and K-1 offer two…