The Elder Scrolls: Legends – The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood Now Available; Launch Trailer Released

Today, The Elder Scrolls: Legends – The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, the first major new PvE content addition to the base game, is available worldwide across all active platforms: PC, Mac, and iPad. …Read More The post The Elder Scrolls: Legends – The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood Now Available; Launch Trailer Released by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.


Sunless Sea Is Great On iPad

Good luck, tiny boat. The beautifully-written survival exploration game Sunless Sea came to iPad last week. It feels right at home on mobile. You play as a sea captain in a steampunk/Lovecraftian/fantasy version of London that’s fallen beneath the surface of the earth and onto a subterranean sea. You set out from your home port of Fallen London in pursuit of a goal—fame, exploration, finding your father’s remains. Some locations remain the same from playthrough to playthrough, while others move around. Through lush text, you travel to strange lands, trade mysterious goods, and unravel bizarre tales surrounding even more bizarre characters. You have to manage food, fuel, and sanity (heavily dependant on light) as well as fight the occasional pirate or monster that appears from the ocean’s depths. You’ll die a lot in a lot of unusual ways. I’ve been killed by living icebergs, gone mad in complex mazes, and had my crew mutiny and eat each other while at sea. The game uses permadeath, meaning that if you die you have to restart the game, though you can turn this option off. I spent about 20 hours in Sunless Sea in 2014 READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Apple’s is showcasing a ton of cool indie games in iTunes.


Sunless Sea is coming to iPad in the spring, Failbetter Games announced today.

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Rome: Total War for iPad Will be $9.99; Requires 4GB of Space to Install

Feral Interactive revealed the price and specs today for the upcoming iPad version of Rome: Total War. The game will sell for $9.99, and will require 4GB of space to download. It will be compatible with any iPad Air and iPad Pro model. If one wants to play on an iPad Mini, they must use the iPad mini 2 or newer. Rome: Total War for iPad is still without a release date, but it is coming this year.

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BioWare Action RPG Jade Empire Now Available On iOS

A wondrous combination of martial arts action and BioWare storytelling, Jade Empire is a classic action RPG that could really use a sequel. Perhaps today’s release of Jade Empire: Special Edition on iOS is a step in that direction. Or not. Advertisement Aspyr Media, the folks behind the iOS version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, have ported BioWare’s martial arts epic to touchscreen. For $9.99 players get the full game experience, with more than 40 hours of gameplay and—for the first time—achievements. Everybody loves achievements. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, it’s basically a standard BioWare RPG, with moral choices, rich characters, followers and plenty of deep storytelling, only with lots of kicking and punching. And in case you’re wondering how the action RPG controls on a touch screen, here’s an expert mode controls tutorial. We’re probably not getting a Jade Empire sequel any time soon, but at least the iOS release will mean new fans to commiserate with. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!