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Portal Knights Review – Procedurally Focused (PS4)

Has the procedurally-generated game been done to death by this point? Keen Games doesn’t think so, and they hope that their latest release of Portal Knights shows that there are still plenty of ideas to apply to an area of gaming that is dominated by the likes of Minecraft. Let’s see if their RPG-centric ideas agree with the zaniness that can occur when your world is procedurally created. Specialized Build Keen Games used their own in-house game engine for Portal Knights, which is fairly rare to see from a more independent developer. The result is a game that runs at a fairly consistent and high frame rate, dipping only in action-heavy moments in split-screen (more on that in a bit). Water blocks also have the occasional odd block-ish look to them, which thankfully doesn’t last for very long. Overall, the graphical fidelity of Portal Knights falls somewhere between the Unity and Unreal engines, featuring all the different biomes you’d expect, from lush forests to harsh deserts, winter wonderlands, and the amusingly-named Brackenburg. These biomes are presented in a way unique to Portal Knights. The game has a story about the splitting of the world into multiple islands, separated by READ…