Mass Effect 3


One Of Mass Effect's Best Moments Is An Amazon Echo Easter Egg

Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot devices are good for more than shopping, listening to music and home automation. Just try asking it one of the most important questions in the Mass Effect universe. “Does this unit have a soul?” Advertisement Folks over at the Mass Effect Reddit (via Eurogamer) discovered the easter egg while playing around with the Alexa digital assistant housed inside Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot devices. Posing the question “Does this unit have a soul?” causes Alexa to respond with ““Keelah se’lai.” The exchange, both lines from the Mass Effect series, references the final moments of the conflict between the mechanoid Geth and Quarians in Mass Effect 3, in which Shepard, Tali and Legion must make an important decision. You do not need an Amazon Echo device to test the exchange out. I recorded the following clip using the web-based Alexa Skill Testing Tool at READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Mass Effect: Andromeda Closely Ties Single Player and Multiplayer

Fortunately, the Single-Player Storyline Will Not Rely on Multiplayer Players of Mass Effect 3 might remember the interconnectedness of multiplayer and single player. While the multiplayer strikes did affect the campaign, there wasn’t much of a story link. Furthermore, some may have felt a sense of dependence on multiplayer when attempting to obtain the best possible story outcome. However, BioWare recently revealed that Mass Effect: Andromeda will closely integrate both. At the same time, single player will still be fully realized without multiplayer participation. We’ve learned about both game modes from BioWare producer Mike Gamble, who stated the key ways Andromeda will differ from Mass Effect 3: “There’s a system that we use called the Strike Team system, and fundamentally it allows you to go between singleplayer and multiplayer within the game,” he told Kotaku. You’ll access multiplayer through the main game. Essentially, as the story of Mass Effect: Andromeda unfolds, players will have options to partake in co-op maps. In that way, it is more integrated and completely relinquishes the ‘multiplayer’ option in the main menu. Sounds very much like the Dark Souls(but only in that regard) since players can achieve seamless co-op during their campaigns. So, in what Gamble calls an elaborate “meta-story,” multiplayer objectives stem from single-player events. “It’s pretty seamless” said…


Possible Mass Effect: Andromeda Release Date(Would Make Sense)

Although Listed Dates Are Likely Placeholders, Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Makes Sense The possible Mass Effect: Andromeda release date, alongside South Park: Fractured But Whole, comes courtesy of Microsoft. Simply follow the Xbox Live Rewards site to find both listed for March 31 and March 30 respectively. Microsoft has listed them alongside many games anticipated for the first quarter of 2017. Developer BioWare has already stated that their epic sci-fi RPG would be out “early 2017.” They said as much after publisher EA suggested it would release during their financial fourth quarter, which spans January to March. Now obviously, the dates listed could simply be placeholders. Among them is Injustice 2, which Ed Boon has already tweeted, “won’t come out March 28.” This was probably the most obvious takeaway. Here’s why Mass Effect: Andromeda would see a sound release on March 31st. Besides the fact that BioWare already claimed an “early 2017” release, March 31st seems the latest date they can get away with. Considering the game has already been delayed once, it is not EA’s prerogative to stall their AAA titles. But it’s also not in BioWare’s character to deliver unpolished games. Mass Effect 3 was a matter of debate, with many fans upset over the conclusion’s lack of closure. BioWare did offer consolation…