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The Witcher Dev “Wouldn’t Mind” Working on Naughty Dog Games Like The Last of Us

PlayStation Blog has published an interesting new interview with Konrad Tomaszkiewicz of The Witcher studio, CD Projekt RED, quizzing him about his favorite PlayStation games. When asked if there were any platform-exclusives that he wishes he had worked on, Tomaszkiewicz said that he “wouldn’t mind” working on Naughty Dog games like The Last of Us and Uncharted because they’re “very story-driven, action-packed experiences” that “pack a huge emotional punch.” He revealed that The Last of Us is one of the few games that he ended up watching the full end credits for. Tomaszkiewicz has also invested a lot of time into the Souls series (including Bloodborne) and Nioh, noting that these games offer challenging encounters that encourage players to figure out their gameplay strategy and test their skills. As a fan of the RPG genre, Tomaszkiewicz places a heavy emphasis on stories and mentioned that Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain “really” got him thinking about storytelling in video games. “It had a lot of powerful moments that linger with you long after the credits roll,” he explained. “It really sticks with you, especially when you’re a parent or expecting to be one. And the way your choices impact the story was really something.” The full interview has more on Tomaszkiewicz’s READ…


E3 2017 Predictions – What Sony’s Studios Will Show at the Event

One of the most exciting times of the year for gamers is quickly approaching as E3 2017 will take place from June 13-15. Every year the Electronic Entertainment Expo features some of the biggest gameplay reveals, shocking annoucements, and allows the press to go hands-on with some of the biggest upcoming titles of the year. It’s an incredible time for everyone involved in gaming, from the console manufacturers to consumers that love to get caught up in hype. While there are bound to be plenty of surprises this year, it doesn’t mean that we’re going in blind. In order to make sure your expectations are in check, PlayStation LifeStyle is taking a look at all of Sony’s first-party studios, and whether or not they’ll be announcing a new title at E3. Check out the list below to view our E3 2017 Sony predictions for their internal development teams. Now that you’ve looked at our E3 2017 Sony predictions for first-party studios, it makes it way easier to piece together what might be announced at the E3 2017 Sony press conference. It’s also worth noting that there are several Sony studios that don’t develop games themselves, but work in a support role (this includes Foster READ…

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Classic Mode Returning to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

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New Uncharted 4 Patch Adds Hardcore Difficulty to Survival Mode

Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog Takes Home Award for Outstanding Character Animation at 2017 Annie Awards

Uncharted 4 Update 1.20 Today Adds Hardcore Survival, New Ranked Season

A 388MB download, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End update 1.20 today on PlayStation 4 brings Classic Mode back to the Beta Test Playlist, begins a new Ranked Season, and introduces the tougher Hardcore Mode to Survival. Here’s what you need to know about Hardcore Survival and the new Ranked Season: Survival: Hardcore Mode Introduced Take on a new challenge in Survival’s Hardcore Mode, available now. This intense new difficulty tier introduces higher stakes, giving players only one chance to make it through all 50 waves. That’s right, if your team is defeated, you’re back to square one. Hardcore Mode is not for the faint of heart – it’ll take skill, close teamwork, and careful strategy. Balance Changes: Arsenal price ramp based on difficulty: Easy costs will be multiplied by .75, Normal costs will be multiplied by x1, Hard costs will be multiplied by x1.25, and Crushing costs will be multiplied by x1.5 All bosses now avoid Indra’s Eternity and El Dorado player mysticals Brute enemies stagger less often from headshots Increased grenade, mine and C4 arsenal cost C4 is now earned at the same rate as Grenades and Mines Increased the cost of Indra’s Eternity Decreased Sprit of the Djinn and Path of…

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Uncharted 4 Nominated By Writer’s Guild for “Outstanding Achievement in Video Game Writing”

The US Writer’s Guild has announced its nominees for 2017’s Writer’s Guild Awards, and Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has earned a nomination alongside Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal and Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Here’s the full list: OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN VIDEO GAME WRITING Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Written by Brian Bloom; Activision Far Cry Primal, Story by Jean-Sébastien Décant, Ian C. Ryan, Kevin Shortt; Lead Writers Ian C. Ryan, Kevin Shortt; Writers Lynne Kamm, Susan Patrick; Narrative Designer Navid Khavari; Additional Narrative Designer Paul Dobson; Ubisoft MR. ROBOT 1.51exfiltratiOn, Story by Adam Hines, Kor Adana; Written by Adam Hines; Night School Studio Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Written by Neil Druckmann, Josh Scherr; Additional Writing Tom Bissell, Ryan James; Naughty Dog The awards will be held on Sunday, February 19. Back in December, Great Britain’s Writer’s Guild Award nominees were announced, with FIFA 17‘s The Journey, Virginia, and Fragments of Him making the cut. A winner will be announced on Monday, January 23. [Source: Writer’s Guild Awards (US, UK) via Gamasutra] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

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PS4 Sales Reach 53.4 Million, Uncharted 4 Sold 8.7 Million Copies Last Year

After selling more than 6.2 million PlayStation 4s between November 20 and January 1, Sony has announced that lifetime PS4 sales are now over 53.4 million, as of January 1, 2017. Back in early December, more than 50 million PS4s had been sold. The holiday season (November 20 to January 1) was also strong for PS4 software sales, with more than 50.4 million games sold worldwide through retail stores and the PlayStation Store. Launched in May, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End sold through more than 8.7 million copies globally through retail stores and the PlayStation Store, as of December 21, 2016. It moved more than 2.7 million copies in its first week. Sony Interactive Entertainment President Andrew House said: We are truly grateful for the tremendous support from our fans and partners, which has helped to make this holiday season one of the best in our history. We will aim to continue the momentum this year by broadening the PS4 title portfolio, further enriching the revolutionary gaming experiences on PlayStation VR and high quality gaming experience on PlayStation 4 Pro, while also expanding network services. We will remain steadfast in making the PS4 the best place to play. Sony didn’t say READ FULL STORY…


Naughty Dog to Give Talk on Uncharted 4 Combat AI at GDC 2017

One of the key members of Naughty Dog will go behind-the-scenes on one of 2016’s biggest releases at GDC 2017. The Game Developers Conference announced today that Naughty Dog game designer Matthew Gallant will be giving a talk on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End‘s combat artificial intelligence. The talk, which is titled “Authored vs. Systemic: Finding a Balance for Combat AI in Uncharted 4,” will discuss the balance “between authored content and systemic behaviors.” This is just one of the many talks planned for GDC 2017, which takes place from February 27 to March 3 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. While the specific date and time for the talk is still to be determined, here’s the full description from the GDC website: While combat in the Uncharted series has historically been tightly authored by the design team, Naughty Dog knew early in development that Uncharted 4 was going to be different. The open-ended gameplay and large complex environments led them to explore a more systems-driven approach to artificial intelligence. After over-steering in that direction, they ultimately found a balance between authored content and systemic behaviors. This talk explores the development process of Uncharted 4, and the lessons they learned about READ FULL…

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Can Bring Expansions Back to Prominence

One of the first video games that I really fell in love with was the original Half-Life. Valve Corporation’s first-person shooter blew me away with its fantastic artificial intelligence, and I ended up exploring every inch of the Black Mesa Research Facility. It took six years for an equally stellar sequel to be made, but thankfully I didn’t have to wait nearly as long to get more of the action I craved. I only had to wait one year to experience more Half-Life due to Gearbox Software developing an expansion called Opposing Force. This title showed the events of the first game from a different perspective, as I was no longer playing as Gordon Freeman, but a U.S. Marine that was viewed as an enemy in the original game. It did just enough different to provide a fascinating and fresh take on something I had largely seen before (especially since very little changed from a gameplay perspective). Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it wasn’t uncommon for these types of expansions to come out for popular titles (Half-Life even ended up receiving two additional ones called Blue Shift and Decay). These types of sizable expansions eventually fell out of favor, as yearly sequels became a regular occurrence…


Naughty Dog Directors Reveal Their Favorite Games of 2016

As part of a recent feature by Game Informer, Naughty Dog Directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley (The Last of Us, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End) revealed their favorite games of 2016. First up was Druckmann, who gave his #1 pick to The Last Guardian. “My GOTY,” he said. “Another beautiful tale of a bond created through interaction by Team Ico/genDESIGN. Trico is a masterclass in creating a believable, living creature. By the end of the journey I was wiping away tears – the first time that has ever happened to me in a video game.” Inside was Druckmann’s second favorite game of 2016, with Super Mario Run, Rez Infinite, and Dishonored 2 rounding out his top five. Straley’s top game of 2016 was Inside, and he went so far as to say it might be in his top five of all time. “It’s not often I find myself slack-jawed with giddy little laughs burbling uncontrollably out at the TV while playing a game,” he said. “Inside, for me, was the perfect concert of all the tools we have at our disposal as developers to make something truly artful and inspired. It’s probably in my Top 5 of all time.” The other games in Straley’s top READ…

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Double XP and Relic Bonus Active This Weekend in Uncharted 4 Multiplayer

A new live update (1.13.038) has gone up for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, introducing another bonus weekend for the competitive multiplayer. Until October 17, players can earn Double XP for every match and a 50% relic bonus for all challenges completed during this period. Naughty Dog points out this is also a good time to jump in and check out the Bounty Hunters update that brought back The Village map from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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Electronic Arts’ Amy Hennig Talks About AAA Crunch

Few names are bigger in gaming than Amy Hennig, and now the former Uncharted director and writer (and current Electronic Arts employee) is speaking out against development crunch. It’s no secret that many games are turned around on tight deadlines, and Hennig shows that these problems still exist even for some of the biggest developers in the industry. This comes from a great episode of Idle Thumbs’ Designer Notes podcast, where Hennig discusses her time at Naughty Dog and working on Uncharted 3. When asked about what impact working at Naughty Dog had on her personal life, Hennig had a sobering response (transcription courtesy of “[It was] really hard. The whole time I was at Naughty Dog – ten-and-a-half years – I probably, on average, I don’t know if I ever worked less than 80 hours a week. There were exceptions where it was like, ‘Okay, let’s take a couple of days off,’ but I pretty much worked seven days a week, at least 12 hours a day.” Hennig also revealed that it wasn’t just her who was working a crazy schedule, as she said “a lot” of the team would work weekends as well. “Naughty Dog is pretty notorious for…

Amy Hennig

Sounds Like Naughty Dog’s Uncharted Crunch Was Brutal

Crunch, or the process of video game developers working very long hours for a very long time, is a big problem. I mean, look at your job: can you imagine working 80 hours a week, every week, for over ten years? Because that’s what former Uncharted writer and director Amy Hennig did. In an interview on the Idle Thumbs podcast (via, Hennig, who is now with EA, talks about the “unsustainable” business model AAA games development is built upon, and the toll it takes on the individual humans responsible for putting your electronic entertainment together. Advertisement Advertisement After mentioning the stresses Naughty Dog faced between the release of Uncharted 2 and 3, when the studio ramped up and split into two teams to accommodate development on The Last Of Us, Hennig says she took almost no time off over a decade’s work. “The whole time I was at Naughty Dog, ten and a half years, I probably on average, I don’t know if I ever worked less than 80 hours a week. There were exceptions where it was like, ‘OK let’s take a couple of days off’, but I pretty much worked seven days a week, at least 12…