NieR: Automata Gets an Update to Fix Item Name That Upset Some Fans

Platinum Games found itself involved in a little bit of controversy this week as NieR: Automata players discovered that the game contains an item called “NIN64” that gets classified as a trash item in player inventory. Although some didn’t think much of it and came up with different theories about what it means, others weren’t having it and demanded that Square Enix and Platinum Games change the item name. They believe the studio was firing shots at Nintendo. Producer Yosuke Saito ended up taking notice of the complaints, and said in a tweet (translation courtesy of Siliconera), that the developer will “change the name of an item you’ve all pointed out.” We can now confirm that NieR: Automata has received an update (1.03) ahead of its Western release that changes the controversial name alongside fixing some bugs. The game releases in the West on March 7. Do our readers think it was a tasteless joke or are players overreacting? Let us know your thoughts. [Source: Siliconera, Gametransfers] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

Fire Pro-Wrestling

Spike Chunsoft Might Be Revealing Something Pro Wrestling-Related Next Week

[embedded content] Spike Chunsoft has launched a teaser website containing the short clip above, hinting at revealing something next week that has to do with pro wrestling. The website also links to a Twitter account with the handle @sc_prowrestling. The profile name at the moment is “3/2 in San Francisco.” This is possibly hinting at a reveal during GDC 2017, which is taking place in San Francisco from Monday, February 27 to Friday, March 3. The teaser website’s URL also contains the numbers “170302.” — 3/2 in San Francisco (@sc_prowrestling) February 24, 2017 — 3/2 in San Francisco (@sc_prowrestling) February 24, 2017 Do you think we’re getting a new pro wrestling IP or another Fire Pro Wrestling title? Let us know. Whatever it is, we should find out on Thursday and will keep our readers posted. In the meantime, feel free to speculate. For GDC 2017 coverage thus far, head over here and stay tuned for more. [Source: Spike Chunsoft (Twitter, webpage)] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


The Elder Scrolls Online Has Sold 8.5 Million Copies, According to Director

The Elder Scrolls Online has sold 8.5 million copies since its launch back in April of 2014, according to who recently spoke to game director Matt Firor. According to the MMORPG, the massively online …Read More The post The Elder Scrolls Online Has Sold 8.5 Million Copies, According to Director by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.

htc vive

Tethered Hits Oculus Rift and HTC Vive February 27, 2017

Yesterday, UK-based developer Secret Sorcery announced that former PlayStation VR exclusive game, Tethered, is hitting PC via Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on February 27, 2017. …Read More The post Tethered Hits Oculus Rift and HTC Vive February 27, 2017 by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.


GTA V Thieves on Youtube

Experience Inc.

PS Vita Exclusive Stranger of Sword City Revisited Shows Plenty of Details in New Trailer


Four Telltale Games Veterans Get Hired by Ubisoft


The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Extended Edition Releases Next Week

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing originally released on PC in May of 2013, and now nearly four years later the definitive version of the game is coming to consoles. The Extended Edition of the action-RPG will include all of the DLC that has been released for the game (which means there are three playable characters from the start), and will arrive on PlayStation 4 on March 1. Developer NeocoreGames wants this to be the start of a series, and have optimized the PS4 title for remote play. Here’s how NeocoreGames’ Community Manager Balázs Farkas described the PlayStation 4 title on the PlayStation Blog: This is an intense action-RPG with a fast-paced combat, bordering on gruesome yet hilarious: the worldbuilding creates a dark and foreboding setting while the dialogue is light. There are tons of Easter eggs and pop-cultural references making fun even of the game’s own genre tropes, but never in a way that it undermines the arc of the story and the characters. You’ll explore the dangers of the wilderness and the city while fighting numerous monsters inspired by classic and modern weird fiction, a blend of Steampunk, Gothic and Noir. You’ll be collecting better and better equipment, managing READ FULL…

concept art

This Week’s State of Decay 2 Art is Bloody, Brutal, and Exhausting


Fan Crafts Superb Bloodborne-Themed Magic: The Gathering Cards


Old Time Hockey Release Date Announced

[embedded content] Hockey fans, rejoice! There’s another player skating to the rink, and it’s coming out very soon! In a press release, V7 Entertainment announced that Old Time Hockey will shoot out this March 28 for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Not familiar with the game? Check out the release date trailer above. Old Time Hockey is a classic arcade take on the sport (NHL 94, Blades of Steel), coupled in with an old school visual style. Prepare for brawls, high scores and lots of mustaches! Check out details from the game, as well as the 10 teams that you’ll be able to play as in Old Time Hockey. Control schemes range from arcade 2-button controls, beer mode (one-handed) control scheme to more modern style. Play competitively or cooperatively on the couch with your friends in arcade mode, or take to the ice as the worst team in the Bush Hockey League in the hijinks-filled story mode! Cascadia Timber Cats – INDEPENDENT STATE OF MINDThe Cascadia Timer Cats are based in Seattle, Washington. The Timber Cats were originally called the Seattle Chuckanuts and were the farm team of the historic Vancouver Urbanites. Charlestown Stonemasons – NEW ENGLAND, STAND UP!The READ…

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

Marvel Games Won’t Be Restricted by Current Canon

Marvel doesn’t want developers to be shoehorned by current or former comic storylines. Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosemann told IGN that they want developers to have freedom in their storytelling. He also stressed that it’s important to allow creative teams to have the ability to craft their own spin on established characters. “We want to give [developers] freedom to tell their story and we want to make it an original story,” said Rosemann. “We want to give our partners…freedom to look at all of Marvel history and to pick from what interests them. It’s a bit like we’re saying, ‘Hey you’re the chef, you’re going to make this meal. Here’s all of the ingredients. You pick the ingredients that you like and make a new meal.” Marvel Games currently have four announced projects at the moment, which includes collaborations with Insomniac Games (Spider-Man), Capcom (Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite), Telltale (Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series), and Crystal Dynamics (The Avengers project). It’s great to know that these talented developers will get the chance to see their own vision come to life instead of having to use somebody else’s creation entirely. While video games are becoming a more important part READ…


Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons Get the Spotlight in Latest Video, Game Has Gone Gold

[embedded content] While we just got a new Mass Effect Andromeda video yesterday, we have yet another one today and I’m not complaining! For this one, BioWare gives us an overview of the Mass Effect Andromeda weapons players will be able to wield at launch. First off, all classes can now equip any kind of gun type, so that alone is a major step up compared to past Mass Effect titles. In Andromeda, there are four kinds of guns: pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and sniper rifles. As for melee weapons, we see in the video that there’s three kinds: the sword  Asari sword), a Krogan hammer and what looks like an omni blade that seems to be similar to the one Commander Shepard used in the trilogy. Weapons aren’t the only things that can decimate enemies, of course. There are different kind of abilities available to cater to every play style. Finally, the video gives us a quick look at Andromeda’s mobility system that’s a big departure from the old games in the franchise. This time, players will be able to hover, dash to the side and evade. Additionally, the official BioWare Twitter account has tweeted that Mass Effect Andromeda…

Lazy Bear Games

Graveyard Keeper Announced for Xbox One and PC; Coming in Summer 2017

Today, developer Lazy Bear Games — the team behind Punch Club — and publisher tinyBuild Games announced Graveyard Keeper, a medieval cemetery sim for Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux, due sometime in the summer of this …Read More The post Graveyard Keeper Announced for Xbox One and PC; Coming in Summer 2017 by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.