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Mass Effect: Andromeda Tops the UK Sales Chart This Week; Sells Best on PS4

The 12th week of the 2017 UK Sales Charts are in, and unlike the 11th week, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is no longer atop the charts, where it had been perched for the previous two weeks …Read More The post Mass Effect: Andromeda Tops the UK Sales Chart This Week; Sells Best on PS4 by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.


Splatoon 2 Lobby 'Easter Egg' Lets You DJ While You Wait

If you’re playing one of the “global testfire” demos for Splatoon 2 this weekend, don’t forget to take a few moments and jam and create some tunes while on the match-making screen. Advertisement As many people have discovered on Youtube, the game has an easter egg that lets players mess with the pitch of the lobby music and also add their own warbly sounds by rolling the Joy-Con analog sticks and punching the D-pad buttons. You can find one of the more expertly crafted jam sessions posted over at Polygon. The right Joy-Con’s Y, X, B, and A even add hauntingly modulated voice samples, in case you wanted to channel DJ Octavio, the first game’s main antagonist, by lacing your melody with the cries of respawning Inkling kids. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be respawning a lot as you attempt to navigate the game’s unintuitive motion controls The music you can create is more of a fun distraction than anything else, like stretching Mario’s face in Super Mario 64. Then again, given humanity’s collective creativity and industriousness, it’s possible a modern day musical genius will compose something astounding READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Why Some Zelda Speedruns Use German And Others Use Japanese

It’s a bit curious to see Breath of the Wild played in German but that’s the fastest language. Speedruns use different languages and versions to cut down on time. Here’s how that works for The Legend of Zelda. Advertisement Making sure you get the best times is mostly a matter of skill but what language and version you are playing on can make a huge difference. When in doubt, Japanese is the fastest language. The character hold more information than other languages can. But for some games, you’d be surprised what the fastest language is. This list will give you a look at the various decisions that go into picking which version to speedrun in popular Zelda games. The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link We’ll start with the basics. There’s not as much text here to make a difference and grabbing a Famicom can be a hassle. Most runs are done on in English for both games. Advertisement In The Legend of Zelda, there are a few things that change depending on what version you are running. Item manipulation to get bombs and other goodies means that runners pause a bit before starting their runs…


GameStop says it’s expecting Switch shortages all year

GameStop has been highly optimistic about the Switch, even going so far as to say that it could eclipse the Wii in the long run. Now in a new post-earnings call with investors, GameStop chief operating officer Tony Bartel had tons more praise for the Nintendo Switch.“The demand is incredibly strong for this. As soon as we get any in our stores, it’s out within hours. We anticipate we’re going to be chasing supply this entire year.”Bartel’s opinion of the Switch is certainly higher thanks to the huge demand, but Bartel attributes that demand to Nintendo’s effort at providing more high-quality games within the first year of the console’s life than it did with the Wii U.While the early comparisons to Wii shortage bodes well for Nintendo as a company, if consumers feel as though they can’t get the device in a timely manner they may lose interest in it. Nintendo needs to be doing all it can to make sure it can keep the system in stock at brick and mortar retailers as well as online like Amazon if it wants to keep people interested in upcoming games like Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, both of which…


Some people reporting D-Pad problems with the Pro Controller

While it’s been nearly as hard to find a Switch Pro Controller as it has the actual console, it seems that some people are reporting problems with the D-Pad on the controller. A cursory search of YouTube reveals that several people have made videos about the issues they’re experiencing, which seem to be the Up and Down buttons also triggering when you press left and right. [embedded content] While it’s hard to tell what’s going on with these videos, there are also text reports of issues that people are experiencing with their Pro Controllers. In a reddit thread titled, “Pro Controller dpad not that great” several users expressed their dissatisfaction with how the D-Pad on the controller works. Mine constantly recognizes up input when i’m pressing left. 🙁 I’m glad it’s not just me. I’m very gentle with my controllers and I noticed the dpad acting up after a few hours of shovel knight. Casting magic when I’m trying to attack was super annoying. My dpad also clicks a little and just isn’t as accurate as I’d like. Same issue here. Makes it difficult to play Shovel Knight. Just tried the same thing on a Wii READ FULL STORY AT…


Nintendo accepts cow milking challenge from a farming museum

One of the mini-games included in 1-2-Switch is a cow-milking game, in which players race to see who can milk the most milk from a cow in a certain amount of time. This caught the attention of the Billings Farm & Museum, which issued the following challenge to Nintendo:The included text on the Facebook post with this picture says:So Nintendo has a new game out called 1-2-Switch and we noticed it includes a cow milking game. We sent them a message inviting them out to our farm to show them how it’s REALLY done and to school them at their own game. Haven’t heard back yet.Maybe they’re too afraid of a little challenge…The best part? READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!

FDG Entertainment

Publisher is Gauging Interest For Physical Nintendo Switch Release of Monster Boy

Are you a physical media-only Nintendo Switch purchaser, or simply a fan of classic side-scrolling action adventure games? Publisher FDG wants to know if you are interested in grabbing Monster Boy and the Cursed Kindgom on a …Read More The post Publisher is Gauging Interest For Physical Nintendo Switch Release of Monster Boy by Lou Contaldi appeared first on DualShockers.

Blaster Master Zero

Inti Creates CEO: Nintendo Switch is “Very Easy to Work With;” Teases Two Big Projects in 2017


GameStop: Nintendo Switch’s Sales are “Incredibly Strong,” Has a 5.5 Item Attach Rate

GameStop continues to beat the Nintendo Switch drum. Only a few days ago, GameStop’s lead merchandising executive made bold claims that the fledgling home console could “eclipse the Wii” in sales and that figures have been “phenomenal. …Read More The post GameStop: Nintendo Switch’s Sales are “Incredibly Strong,” Has a 5.5 Item Attach Rate by Lou Contaldi appeared first on DualShockers.

Monster Boy

Want a physical version of Monster Boy on Switch? Vote for it!

FDG Entertainment is releasing Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom on Nintendo Switch sometime this year and they’re curious if there are enough fans of the game to warrant a physical release. They’ve sent out a tweet to ask those of you interested in a physical version to like the tweet to vote.Monster Boy on Cartridge? Vote for a physical release on #Switch Hit ‘LIKE’ to vote! #MonsterBoyGame #WonderBoy #Nintendoswitch— FDG Entertainment (@FDG_Games) March 23, 2017There’s no metric on whether or not a physical version will happen based on the number of likes they get on this specific tweet, but if you’re looking forward to the latest game from Wonder Boy series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa, then you should probably head over to Twitter and hit that heart button to help the game.Not familiar with the game? Here’s one of the brief trailers we’ve seen so far. Nintendo eShop Card – $20 READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!

Breath of the Wild

Dev says framerate issues in BoTW are software, not hardware issues

One of the interesting reveals of Breath of the Wild was that the Wii U framerate appears to be more stable than the Nintendo Switch framerate. This led some people to wonder if Nintendo’s newest console was yet again underpowered for the games it’s attempting to run, but an unaffiliated developer from Bplus Games believes he knows why the game has issues.Most of the frame-rate issues in Zelda are just programming failures. If Nintendo sets the right people to it they can totally fix them.Some dev friends and I have the same feeling about that. Because sometimes it is just a specific zoom ratio that makes the frame-rate drop. Just zoom in a bit closer or further away and it runs super smooth.The problem is that the game wants to show both near and far LOD (Level of Detail) objects. This is a frame-rate killer if two objects are in each other. To show that, it would need around 10 times the power.And if you see Kakariko Village, the framerate hell there, and then the more beautiful Hateno Village, which runs super smoothly, you see that doesn’t make sense. So something else is going wrong there.This is an interesting perspective…


JonTron’s voice removed from Yooka-Laylee after controversial remarks

JonTron of former GameGrumps fame and popular YouTuber has found himself in hot water over some comments he made that expressed racist and proved-wrong alt-right talking points. I won’t be repeating what JonTron said here, but if you’re curious you can see the statements here where they’ve been compiled.Some of the statements JonTron made were pretty racist and have been actively proven to be false beliefs, which is why so many people are riled up about the things he said. He’s spouting misinformation about topics he has no business discussing and it’s gotten him knocked off the Yooka-Laylee project offered to him by Playtonic a few years ago.You see, JonTron is a huge fan of Banjo-Kazooie, so Playtonic themselves were ecstatic to reach out to a fan and offer him a voice position in the game.@PlaytonicGames @grantkirkhope Also I’m flattered you’d ask. I’d do a voice in a heartbeat <3.— Jon Jafari (@JonTronShow) February 16, 2015You’ll notice that tweet was sent way back in 2015, before JonTron went on this ugly racist rant on video. Yesterday when the studio found out about the racist rant, here’s what they posted to their blog to address the issue:We recently became aware of…


Minecraft: Story Mode complete is the latest game more expensive on Switch

Yesterday Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure went up for pre-order on Amazon and fans immediately noticed a glaring difference between the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch versions. Amazon is charging a full $10 more for the Switch version, which is something we saw with RiME, another game headed to Switch with a premium cost.When pressed about why games on Nintendo Switch cost more than those on other platforms, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime stated that it’s a third-party issue and Nintendo has no control over the pricing they choose. One of the publishers for RiME weighed in and stated that the cost of producing cartridges for Switch is more expensive, which is why the Switch versions cost more.If this becomes a recurring pattern for the Nintendo Switch where the portable version of the game costs $10 more, do you think it’ll have a negative impact on game sales? Are you willing to pay $10 more for a game you really like just to be able to play it on the go?Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure will be out on Nintendo Switch starting June 27th.Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure – $39.99 READ FULL…

Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure Coming to Nintendo Switch in June

The Telltale Games episodic adventure Minecraft: Story Mode will bring its entire run of eight episodes to the Nintendo Switch in June. …Read More The post Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure Coming to Nintendo Switch in June by Ryan Meitzler appeared first on DualShockers.