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Magic: The Gathering RPG Announced By Creators of Neverwinter MMORPG

Perfect World Entertainment, Cryptic Studios, and Wizards of the Coast previously partnered to bring us Neverwinter to great success. Now, they promise to create a new game set in the Magic: The Gathering universe. …Read More The post Magic: The Gathering RPG Announced By Creators of Neverwinter MMORPG by Jordan Loeffler appeared first on DualShockers.

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“AAA RPG” Based on Magic: The Gathering Announced for Console & PC

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios (Neverwinter, Star Trek Online) announced today that they’re working on a brand new “AAA RPG” based on Magic: The Gathering. It’s being developed from the ground up for “both PC and console.” We’ll learn more details about the game, including the title, at a later date, but for now, the teaser description hints at what to expect: The world’s most popular strategy card game, Magic: The Gathering transforms players into Planeswalkers, powerful mages who can travel between planes, cast spells and summon mythical creatures. The beloved trading card game has over 20 million fans across more than 70 countries, and is available in 11 languages. Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios’ new RPG will allow fans of the game to fully immerse themselves in the Multiverse, the rich fantasy world in which Magic: The Gathering takes place. Perfect World Entertainment CEO Bryan Huang said, “It’s Magic: The Gathering like you’ve never experienced before. We are ecstatic about the direction of the game Cryptic has been shaping. It’s always been a dream of ours to bring Magic’s Planeswalkers to a modern RPG.” Cryptic Studios CEO Stephen D’Angelo added, “Everything from the graphics to the gameplay READ FULL STORY…

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Neverwinter Getting “Tomb of Annihilation” Expansion, Launches on Consoles After PC

[embedded content] Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have announced a new expansion for Neverwinter. Called Tomb of Annihilation, it’ll release on PC in July 25 and later on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Check out the announcement trailer above and an overview of the content below: Neverwinter’s Harpers seek to end the wickedness of a new death curse on the jungle peninsula of Chult, sending adventurers on an expedition to a land infested with Yuan-ti, undead and dinosaurs. Beginning at the new social hub of Port Nyanzaru, adventurers will explore various regions of Chult to uncover the evil behind the curse annihilating the people of Faerûn. Adventurers can team up with old friends Minsc, Boo, Celeste, the famed explorer Volothamp Geddarm, and an unexpected ally. – New Hub: Port Nyanzaru – New end-game Dungeon: Tomb of the Nine Gods – careful, it’s filled with traps, puzzles, and doom! – Discover the wonders of Chult in a brand new campaign! Navigate down the Soshenstar River and meet new and familiar faces! – Join Volo’s hunt for exotic monsters. Remember, you are the best bait. Further details will be announced in due course. We’ll update our readers when a READ FULL…

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Neverwinter: Tomb of Annhiliation Expansion Announced for July Release


Livelock Game Giveaway!

[embedded content] In this week’s game giveaway here on PlayStation LifeStyle, we’re giving away fast-paced cooperative shooter, Livelock! Thanks to Perfect World Entertainment and Tuque Games, we have 10 US (R1) digital codes for PlayStation 4 to give away! How to win? Just leave a comment below on who would be your perfect sidekick/companion if ever an alien menace terrorizes Earth and why. Winning entries will be chosen later this week, and be sent their code via the email address connected to their Disqus account. Story and game details for Livelock straight from Perfect World Entertainment: Nearly a century after a cataclysmic gamma ray burst, humanity is on the brink of extinction. Clusters of corrupted machines control what remains of the Earth, warring among themselves for resources. The large, robotic Capital Intellects are the last trace of humans, thrown into this fray in hopes of regaining control of the planet. Livelock is a fast-paced cooperative top-down shooter where you and two of your friends are tasked with controlling the Capital Intellects through the post-human conflict. Customize your character’s unique arsenal and function abilities to create a team that will bring order to the chaotic Earth, and see humanity rebuilt. READ…

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Neverwinter: Shrouds of Souls Launches on June 20

Shroud of Souls, the next major update for free-to-play MMORPG Neverwinter will be available on June 20 for the PS4, according to an announcement by publisher Perfect World. The update is the latest for the game’s last expansion, The Cloaked Ascendancy, and brings with it an all-new adventure, a new Loadouts feature that allows players to create customized character builds, a customizable Guild Hall social space, and a new Strongholds event called “Marauders.” Here’s an overview of the update: Morlanth, a dragonborn necromancer, has escaped from captivity beneath the River District, unleashing the Shroud of Souls. With a spectral force at her command, she looks to harness even more powerful spirits to act as generals for her forces. Adventurers must set out to stop this evil plan and restore peace to the River District once more. The free Shrouds of Souls update for Neverwinter will be available to download on June 20 for the PlayStation 4 and other platforms. READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

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Neverwinter: Shroud of Souls Expansion Gets Console Release Date

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Star Trek Online Season 13 Escalation Hits Consoles on June 6th

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Star Trek Online Update Today on PS4 & Xbox One Adds Agents of Yesterday Expansion

[embedded content] Around 6GB in size, today’s Star Trek Online update on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One adds the Agents of Yesterday expansion. However, if you’re looking to access Star Trek Online right now, the developers said at 9:45am PT, “Our console maintenance is, at this point, being extended by several hours. There’s an unforseen issue that has to be worked out. Thank you for being patient.” With Agents of Yesterday, you’re sent back in time to create a new captain from Star Trek: The Original Series. You’ll then participate in new task force missions, fly era-appropriate Starships, and exlore episodic story content inspired by the TV show. You’ll also encounter characters voiced by familiar actors, including Chekov (Walter Koenig), Scotty (Chris Doohan, son of James Doohan), Temporal Agent Daniels (Matt Winston), Admiral Leeta (Chase Masterson), and Cyborg Crewman 0718 (Joseph Gatt). Here’s a look at the new content with today’s update: New Sub-Faction – Players can access the new tutorial section to begin their new adventure as a captain from Star Trek: The Original Series. New Missions – Captains can earn rewards by participating in over a dozen Star Trek: The Original Series-themed missions. New Starships – Agents of Yesterday includes over a dozen new starships from every era, from READ…

Blacklight: Retribution

Neverwinter and Blacklight: Retribution Studio Perfect World Entertainment Confirms Layoffs

Addressing rumors that surfaced on social media last week, Neverwinter publisher Perfect World Entertainment has confirmed that it recently underwent a round of layoffs. In a statement provided to Gamasutra, the studio said that it was a difficult decision to make but that none of the games it has published will be affected. Headquartered in China and California, Perfect World is the parent company to Runic Games and owns Cryptic Studios, which developed Neverwinter and Star Trek Online for consoles and PC. The company also published Blacklight: Retribution. In December, it announced a collaboration with Evolve and Left 4 Dead developer, Turtle Rock, on a new IP. Full statement regarding the layoffs can be read below: This week, Perfect World Entertainment did experience a reduction in staff of under 30 employees. Perfect World employs thousands of people from all over the world and decisions like this are always difficult. However, we are incredibly grateful for the contributions of those individuals impacted and will do our best to help each of them through this transition. This reduction in workforce will not impact any of the games published by Perfect World Entertainment. Our thoughts go out to all those who have READ FULL STORY…

Neverwinter Update Today on PS4 & Xbox One Adds Storm King’s Thunder, Much More

[embedded content] Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have released a new Neverwinter update today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that adds the Storm King’s Thunder expansion and much more for free. After many PS4 players were unable to start Neverwinter following the update (error code CE-38612-0), the Neverwinter Twitter account said, “While some players are currently able to get in to #NWPS4, we’re aware of the current error and are working with Sony to resolve it.” They then added, “Reinstalling the game may work for some #NWPS4 adventurers, but please note, it may take a while depending on connection speed. In the meantime, we may also discover a quicker resolution to this issue. If you choose to reinstall, know that it may take a while.” As the patch notes for today’s Neverwinter update show, you’ll find Storm King’s Thunder, as well as Guild Alliances, Sword Coast Chronicle, and much more: New Campaign The new end-game campaign for Storm King’s Thunder is broken down into three parts, each unlocking a new adventure zone. When all three zones are cleared, players will have access to the dungeon on Fangbreaker Island. Three New Adventure Zones Bryn Shander – Adventurers must visit this remote settlement in Icewind Dale to save its inhabitants from attackers….