The 12 Best Games For The PlayStation Vita

Illustration by Sam Woolley The PlayStation Vita is something of an oddity—a pricy, powerful portable gaming console adrift in a sea of smartphones, touchscreen controls, and inexpensive app-store games. All the same, we have a fondness for Sony’s beefy handheld, and the many unusual games you can play on it. The Vita gives us a handheld machine with sticks, touch panels, lots of buttons, lots of online features and, oh yeah, graphical horsepower like we’ve never seen before in a gaming handheld. It lets you stream PS4 games remotely, which can actually work really well under the right circumstances. It also allows you to download and play select PSP games, the best of which sit comfortably next to their higher-resolution Vita brothers and sisters. So, what must you play on this thing? Start with these games. Making brilliant use of this portable platform and busting with imagination, Tearaway is a Vita dream come true. At its most basic, the game is a basic 3D platformer set in a world that appears to be made of construction paper. The trick is that the people of this world appear to be aware of you. They can see READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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Korean Slang For PlayStation, Xbox, And Nintendo Fans 

[Photoshop: Luke Plunkett | Kotaku] A few years ago, Kotaku introduced online nicknames for Japanese fans of the three gaming platforms. Now, let’s take a look at monikers given to Korean fans of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Via tipster Sang, here areinternet nicknames for gaming’s three corporate platform holders. Keep in mind, these are online nicknames and are most likely to be found in gaming forums’ comments. Sony Naenyun Station (내년스테이션): Literally, “Next Year Station.” The reason for this is that in South Korea many of the announcements are for the following year, hence the deprecating “Next Year Station” nickname. Recently, the term seems less common. Plbba (플빠): A portmanteau of “PlayStation” and “bba,” which is short for “bbasoonyi” (obsessive fan) or “bbadori” (brainless dude). This is used for rabid PlayStation fans. Similarily, “Ekbba” is a combination of “Xbox” and “bbasoonyi” or “bbadori.” Xbox Bbak One (빡원): “Bbak” is slang for something that ticks you off, and “One” refers to “Xbox One.” The reason why “Bbak One” is sometimes used online in Korea is that the console has fewer exclusives than the PS4 and fewer localized games in South Korea. Advertisement READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Moss Interview — Polyarc Director Tam Armstrong Discusses VR and Storytelling Elements

During E3 2017, we had the opportunity to sit down with Polyarc Director Tam Armstrong to get a closer look into the creation of Moss for PlayStation VR. …Read More The post Moss Interview — Polyarc Director Tam Armstrong Discusses VR and Storytelling Elements by Noah Buttner appeared first on DualShockers.


E3 2017 – Microsoft and Ubisoft Top YouTube and Twitch Views

With E3 2017 coming to a close and various outlets analyzing and releasing their own statistics for the event, it seems that Microsoft and Ubisoft dominated the show overall. We’ve already shared Brandwatch’s social media statistics before, which gives Microsoft’s presser and Assassin’s Creed Origins the top spots in social media chatter. Now, YouTube and Twitch have released their own numbers and both companies come out on top again but PlayStation isn’t too far behind. On Twitch, Microsoft pulled in 1.1 million viewers, up from 818k in 2016, followed by Ubisoft with 986k viewers. PlayStation was close behind with 962k viewers. Over on YouTube, Microsoft’s presser came in at number one again with 2.3 million views. Interestingly, PlayStation came in second with 1.3 million views, which is well above Ubisoft’s 624k on the website. However, Assassin’s Creed Origins not only dominated social media but also YouTube, with the game’s trailer being the second most-watched video from the event. The crown for the most-watched E3 trailer goes to EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II. The publisher’s FIFA 18 came in third, followed by Call of Duty: WWII at number four. Sony Santa Monica’s God of War rounded up the top five. The full READ…


E3 2017 – Sony Hints at Gamescom 2017 Attendance: “It Would Be Nice to Do Something in Europe This Year”

During this year’s E3 event, Gamereactor had the chance to speak with Jim Ryan, PlayStation’s global sales and marketing chief. When asked whether there were any European PlayStation shows planned for 2017, Ryan answered: “We’re just in the process of looking at that very carefully.” Ryan then went on to say, “We didn’t do a European show last year. We made a really conscious decision to pile the content into E3 last year, and without giving anything away … it would be nice to do something in Europe this year. So that’s something we’re looking at very carefully.” Rather than an outright “no comment,” Ryan chose to give a tease. When considering which European events Sony would likely show up at, gamescom and Paris Games Week spring to mind. With the E3 2017 PlayStation conference omitting a fair few expected titles, presumably saving them for the upcoming PSX 2017 event, perhaps Sony was also holding back reveals for an additional show. As for the confirmed gamescom 2017 attendees, here’s the current list of companies: Alternate GmbH astragon Entertainment Bandai Namco Bigpoint CD Projekt Deep Silver (Koch Media) Electronic Arts Grey Box Kalypso Media Konami Microsoft Mifcom GmbH Netmarble Roccat Square READ FULL…


Moss Preview — One Small Step for Mouse, One Giant Step For VR


Sony’s E3 2017 press conference – A little too much VR, and not enough of news for the PS4

Well Sony’s conference has come and gone, and I’ve got to say right from the get-go, I’m pretty disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I do love most of what they announced this year, however I was left wanting more from them. Last year we had so many awesome titles announced for the PS4, like “Horizon: Zero Dawn”, “God of War”,… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

The Six Biggest Announcements Of E3 2017

The major E3 press conferences are over, and the rain of game announcements has abated. EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo all did their thing. It’s up to us to sort through the rubble. Among the dozens of hype reels, hardware breakdowns, marketing buzzwords and game announcements, a few things stood out. If you don’t have a lot of time and just want to know about the absolute biggest stuff from E3, this post is for you. In no particular order, here are the six biggest announcements from E3 2017: 1. Nintendo Is Making Two Metroid Games. It’s been ages since Nintendo made a proper Metroid game, so of course they turned up with not one but two of them. We got an announcement of Metroid Prime 4 that was pretty much just that: a title placard with no release date or additional info. Still pretty cool. We also learned about Metroid: Samus Returns, a side-scrolling 3DS game that will be out in September. That one sounds great, and best of all, we’ll be able to play it in a few months. Advertisement Read about everything else Nintendo showed here. 2. The Xbox One X Costs $500. We already…


Re-Watch the Ubisoft & PlayStation E3 2017 Press Conferences Right Here

[embedded content] If you missed them yesterday, you can re-watch the Ubisoft and PlayStation E3 2017 press conferences right here, in their entirety. [embedded content] Some of the biggest highlights from Ubisoft’s conference include Beyond Good & Evil 2, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Skull and Bones, Transference, The Crew 2, and South Park: The Fractured But Whole gameplay. For Sony’s conference, the biggest reveals were the Knack 2 September release date, Hidden Agenda, Undertale, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds expansion, new Days Gone gameplay, Monster Hunter World, a Shadow of the Colossus remaster, Skyrim VR, new God of War gameplay, and Marvel Spider-Man gameplay. While the press conferences may be over, there’s still lots coming over the next few days, as the PlayStation LiveCast schedule shows: Stay tuned for plenty more from us from E3 2017 as the week continues. What was your favorite press conference? Which new game are you most excited for? [Source: PlayStation, Ubisoft, PlayStation Blog] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

E3 Day Two Podcast: Sony, Ubisoft, Bethesda

Jason and I continue our Kotaku Splitscreen E3 2017 coverage discussing press conferences from Sony, Bethesda, and Ubisoft. Which company had the best show? Or rather, which was the least disappointing? Listen to find out. (Actually, I’ll just tell you. It’s Ubisoft.) We kick off the chat with Bethesda, then hit Ubisoft at 7:36 and close out with Sony at 20:55. Listen to our day-one reactions to Microsoft, EA, and the Xbox One X here. E3 Day One Podcast: Microsoft, EA, Xbox One X Jason and I kick off our Kotaku Splitscreen E3 coverage with reactions to EA and Microsoft’s press… Read more As always, you can find Splitscreen on Apple Podcasts and Google Play. Reach us at with any and all questions, requests, and suggestions. Advertisement Advertisement We’ll be back tomorrow with reactions to Nintendo’s morning show, then continuing into the week with daily episodes that’ll run during the actual day, so you won’t have to stay up late to listen. Stay tuned. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


PlayStation E3 2017 Press Conference Trailers and Announcements Recap


Everything Sony Showed At E3 2017

Sony just wrapped their E3 2017 press conference, where Insomniac’s Spider-Man almost managed to distract from the fact that they didn’t announce Bloodborne 2. Not a ton of new stuff for Sony, but they did keep with the current trend of showing games that are coming within the next year or so. Let’s break it all down. We Got A Closer Look At Uncharted: Lost Legacy. It looks like more Uncharted. It was really just another trailer for a game that’s out in a couple months, but hey. I pretty much think all games should star Claudia Black, so I am in favor this. It’s out on August 22. Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting an expansion. It’s called The Frozen Wilds, and I am all for it. Especially since I’ll finally be able top lay with no headgear. It’s coming later this year. We Got A Longer Look At Days Gone. The post-apocalyptic game is being made by Sony Bend, which, side note, I took a vacation out in Bend lately and it’s a really beautiful place. This game has a lot more stabbing and strangling than real life Bend. Advertisement READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Days Gone

Insta-Forum: How Did Sony Do With PlayStation’s E3 2017 Press Conference?

We’ve seen the best and the brightest from Sony Interactive Entertainment and what is on the horizon for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation VR. What do you think? …Read More The post Insta-Forum: How Did Sony Do With PlayStation’s E3 2017 Press Conference? by Lou Contaldi appeared first on DualShockers.


Destiny 2 Gets a Brand New Trailer Showcasing PlayStation Exclusive Content

It wouldn’t be a PlayStation E3 Press Conference without a showing from Destiny — this time, the recently revealed Destiny 2. With a brand new trailer, Bungie and Activision showed off the brand new, exclusive PlayStation content …Read More The post Destiny 2 Gets a Brand New Trailer Showcasing PlayStation Exclusive Content by Lou Contaldi appeared first on DualShockers.