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Latest Prey Trailer Showcases the Mimic Matter Ability

[embedded content] In a press release, Bethesda has shot out a new Prey trailer titled “Mimic Madness.” In it, we see one of the game’s abilities, the “Mimic Matter,” shown off to great effect. When you awaken aboard the Talos I space station, you that find you are the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever – but things have gone terribly wrong. Talos I has been overrun by an alien force, and you must stop the Typhon threat from destroying humanity. As Morgan Yu, and mankind’s last hope, fend off the alien infestation armed with the tools found on the station, your wits, weapons, and mind-bending abilities. One of the first alien powers you’ll learn is Mimic Matter. Acquired from the diminutive (and aptly named) Mimic Typhon, this power allows you to take the form of just about any appropriately sized object aboard Talos I. You’ll start small – a coffee mug, a teapot, a lamp, a banana – but as you level up this ability, you’ll soon be able to mimic more complex objects, including an impressive array of security turrets and Operator robots.  Developed by Arkane Studios (Dishonored), Prey is set for READ FULL…

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Prey Gets New Trailer Showcasing the Unique Mimic Matter Ability

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Prey Hands-On Preview – GLOO Your Enemies (PS4)

[embedded content] Prey was officially announced as a franchise re-imagining at Bethesda’s press conference during E3 2016, but we’ve only seen glimpses of the game since then. We recently attended a special hands-on session of Prey at the Andaz Hotel in Hollywood, California, to experience the game firsthand. We’ve got some impressions ready for your perusal below. Completely Redone In case you may have missed the news, the new Prey has nothing to do with the game from almost 11 years ago. According to Lead Designer Ricardo Bare, the only thing the two games have in common is that they are sci-fi first-person shooters. Beyond that, this was also a simple case of Arkane Studios having an idea for a game, and Bethesda willing to offer up the licensing for one of their under-utilized properties. Thus, we have Prey the reboot as opposed to Prey the sequel. In Prey, you play as Morgan Yu, who has been tasked with running some experiments in a controlled environment. Naturally, things do not go as planned, and you are quickly put up against aliens known as Typhon. Everything is not as it seems, as the game’s intro makes abundantly clear. Who (or what)…

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Here’s How Long Prey Will Take to Beat

The upcoming Prey reboot is set to take the sci-fi shooter into an exciting, new horror-filled direction later this year when it releases May 5, 2017. That date isn’t very far away, which means developer Arkane Studios is starting to life the curtain off the game. They recently held a media event where outlets were able to go hands-on with the title (PlayStation LifeStyle’s preview will go up soon), and ask questions about the horror title. One of the interesting tidbits to come out of this event was how long Prey will take players to finish. The game’s lead designer Ricardo Bare told Twinfinite that the game’s length will vary “widely depending on the style of the player,” but that playtests generally took around 16 to 22 hours, with 20 hours being the average. That’s a lot of time for Prey to spook the player, and should please those that were expecting a lengthy title. The game will also feature multiple endings that the player will be able to influence by how they play. “Without giving you spoilers, I would describe the endings as essentially two main branches,” Bare told Twinfinite. “You’re gonna be making some pretty big decisions about the space station and READ…

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Prey Video Preview: Never Trust a Sunny Day

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Prey: Experience the Nightmare in One Hour of Raw Gameplay

Prey Gets Four New Screenshots Showcasing Different Enviroments

Today, four new Prey screenshots have popped up online thanks to industry insider shinobi602. The new images showcase four different environments you can find in the game. …Read More The post Prey Gets Four New Screenshots Showcasing Different Enviroments by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.

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Bethesda and Dark Horse Announce “The Art of Prey”

Today, publisher Dark Horse and game developer and game publisher Bethesda Softworks announced The Art of Prey, the official video game art book for Arkane Studio’s upcoming game: Prey. …Read More The post Bethesda and Dark Horse Announce “The Art of Prey” by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.

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Prey Gets a May 5 Release Date, New Gameplay Trailer

[embedded content] Bethesda announced today that first-person sci-fi action game Prey will be available worldwide on May 5 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In the new gameplay trailer, you’ll learn more about the conflict in Prey, while also getting a look at some of the aliens you’ll be facing off against. Anyone who pre-orders Prey will receive the exclusive Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack, which is shown at 1:45 of the gameplay trailer. On top of Morgan Yu’s family heirloom Margrave shotgun, the pack also includes three Neuromods you can spend to acquire new abilities, two Medkits, a Fabrication plan to create the Shotgun and Ammo, a starter kit for building tools and weapons, and a unique upgrade to help you preserve your limited resources. Explaining what you just saw in the trailer, Bethesda’s Gary Steinman says the Typhon aliens have escaped containment, killing many of the people aboard Talos I. The protagonist, Morgan Yu, Director of Research for TranStar Corporation, had been studying the Typhon aliens and testing a new kind of Neuromod based on the organisms. “These Neuromods are what you use to gain alien powers,” Steinman adds. “And you “install” these powers by injecting needles into your eye socket.” Also in the trailer, you get a look at many…

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Prey Launches May 5th; New Trailer, Preorder Bonuses, and Details Revealed

Today, developer Arkane Studios and publisher Bethesda announced that its sci-fi thriller Prey is set to launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 5, 2017. In addition to the release date announcement, the pair …Read More The post Prey Launches May 5th; New Trailer, Preorder Bonuses, and Details Revealed by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.

Prey Release Date Revealed With Gameplay Trailer Showing off Weapons, Enemies and More

Prey Release Date Announced and New Trailer Released Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company, today announced Prey will release worldwide on Friday, May 5, 2017 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Prey is the highly-anticipated first-person sci-fi action game from Arkane Studios – creators of the award-winning Dishonored series which includes the 2012 ‘Game of the Year’ and the critically-acclaimed follow-up, Dishonored 2. When you awaken aboard Talos I, an immense space station orbiting the moon in the year 2032, you find yourself as the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever – but things have gone terribly wrong. The space station has been overrun by hostile aliens and you are now being hunted. As you dig into the dark secrets of Talos I and your own past, you must survive using the tools found on the station, your wits, weapons, and mind-bending abilities to defeat the Typhon alien threat. Check out the new gameplay trailer here: Fans who pre-order Prey will receive the exclusive Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack. The pre-order bonus consists of Morgan Yu’s family heirloom Margrave shotgun and tools to fight threats aboard Talos I including: three Neuromods players can spend to acquire…


The Pressures of Business on Gaming; Thoughts from Bethesda

Bethesda VP: “Half-Baked” Games Are Just Not an Option  Every gaming veteran(veteran veteran) will have a grasp on how the industry has evolved. We’ve come a long way since cartridges, and farther since shelf prices started hitting $59.99. But from thereon, developers have noted a struggle. Many games, memorable titles and those that retain legendary status, take a long time to make. As a matter of fact, games are taking longer and longer to make. Unfortunately, business pressures have left many devs without the time they need to make their intended product. And Bethesda Vice President Pete Hines recently chimed in about the stigma. “We do believe that, ultimately, if the game isn’t good and isn’t right, then this has all been for nothing,” Hines told Gamesradar. “If it’s not ready, if it’s not what it needs to be, then we don’t feel like we have any other choice. We don’t feel like it is an option or a choice to put out something that is half-baked or not all the way there.” His words are pretty much backed by Bethesda’s history. Part of what makes Bethesda itself come under scrutiny, is that they keep trying to top themselves. Objectively, one could argue for days that all their games are rich…

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Bethesda’s Pete Hines Reflects on Canned Prey 2, Discusses Reboot’s Similarities to Dishonored

Pete Hines, Vice President of Bethesda Softworks, has spoke more about the fate of Arkane’s scrapped Prey 2, and why sometimes you “just have to call a spade a spade.” Chatting to Official Xbox Magazine (via GamesRadar), Hines recalled the moment during production where the Powers That Be came to the decision to cancel Prey 2 altogether. Much of that comes down to the fact that, upon reviewal, development had all but stalled, with Hines revealing that “at some stage in Prey 2’s development, we had to say, ‘Look, this is not going to get there and we don’t have a good path going forward, so we’re just going to have to call a spade a spade and say this isn’t going to proceed anymore.’” Arkane Studios was brought in to overhaul the project, and so we arrive at 2017’s Prey. Bearing no connection to Bethesda’s scrapped project — story or otherwise — Pete Hines went on to highlight the need for new blood. “What they’re [Arkane] working on has nothing to do with the other stuff that has preceded it. They had no involvement in Prey 2 whatsoever. And that game has nothing to do with what they’re making.” READ FULL…

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Arkane Aiming for Prey to be “Flawless” on PC at Launch

As you may remember, when Dishonored 2 (which was runner-up for our Best Adventure/Action Adventure Game for 2016) launched back in November it was to critical acclaim: personally, we awarded it a 9 out of 10.  …Read More The post Arkane Aiming for Prey to be “Flawless” on PC at Launch by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.