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B.B. Studio

Super Robot Wars V PS Vita review – An awesome anniversary gift to the fans

What happens if you combine the “Avengers”, “Justice League“, “Transformers”, “G.I.Joe”, “Thundercats”, “Voltron” and “He-Man”? A big fancy lawsuit, that’s what! At least in America, in Japan, however, they took the idea of such a concept and ran with it, allowing for one of the longest-running crossover video game series in history, Super Robot Wars. So, for how long has… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

Cowcat studios

Demetrios PS Vita review – A “very” cynical adventure

The best thing about reviewing games is that sometimes you get given a game that you’ve never heard of, in a genre you don’t particularly enjoy, and it turns out to be a damned good experience. *Spoiler Alert* Demetrios is one such game. Demetrios is a point’n’click adventure from French indie developer COWCAT that follows the adventure of Bjorn Thonen;… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

final fantasy

World of Final Fantasy PS Vita review – A very good mix of Pokémon and old-school Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy is what you get when the catching monsters genre and Final Fantasy collide, and while it may sound like a recipe prone to disaster Square Enix managed to make it work. Travel around Grymoire imprisoing Mirages to become the Mirage Master! World of Final Fantasy has us following the adventure of Lann and Reynn, a couple… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!