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PlayStation Store Global Update – March 28, 2017

Each week Sony brings PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable owners new content, add-ons, games and more. PlayStation LifeStyle catalogs the PlayStation Store updates for the major regions across the globe. Check back every Tuesday to keep up to date with each week’s PlayStation Store Update. North American Update March’s PlayStation Plus Lineup Pre-orders Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition ($50.99)(out 4-7) Cosmic Star Heroine ($14.99/PS+ $11.99)(out 4-11) Toukiden 2 with Bonus ($59.99)(out 4-3) Yooka-Laylee ($39.99)(out 4-11) PSVR Games Fated: The Silent Oath ($9.99) Korix ($19.99) PS4 Games Anoxemia ($7.99) Digerati Indie Darling Bundle ($10.19) Harvest Moon®: A Wonderful Life Special Edition ($14.99) Has-been Heroes ($19.99) Heroes of the Monkey Tavern ($7.99) Horse Racing 2016 ($12.99) KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 +2.5 ReMIX ($49.99) MLB The Show 17 ($59.99) MLB The Show 17 MVP Edition ($69.99) MLB The Show 17 Digital Deluxe Edition ($99.99) Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren’s Call ($9.99) Old Time Hockey ($11.99) Rain World ($19.99) R.B.I. Baseball 17 ($19.99) Resident Evil Super Bundle ($51.99) Skyforge: Early Adopter Pack ($14.99/PS+ $11.99) Snake Pass ($19.99) Tom Clancy’s The Division® Premium Credits Edition ($65.99) Vikings-Wolves of Midgard ($59.99) We are the Dwarves ($13.49) Zero Eszcape: The Nonary games…


PlayStation Store Sales in North America: Week of March 28, 2017

This week on the North American PlayStation Store, you’ll find a Resident Evil franchise sale, a new round of PlayStation Plus Specials that includes For Honor and Skyrim Special Edition, and much more. Here’s the games on sale this week through the PlayStation Store, with many offers ending on April 4 at 8am PT/11am ET: Resident Evil Sale PlayStation 4 Resident Evil – $9.99 Resident Evil 0 – $11.99 Resident Evil 0 Costume Packs – 18% to 20% off Resident Evil 4 – $9.99 Resident Evil 5 – $9.99 Resident Evil 6 – $9.99 Resident Evil 7 Deluxe Edition – $74.69 Resident Evil: Deluxe Origins Bundle – $19.99 Resident Evil Revelations 2 Costume and Character DLC – 50% to 60% off Resident Evil Revelations 2 Deluxe Edition – $11.99 Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode Two – $2.99 Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode Three – $2.99 Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode Four – $2.99 Resident Evil Revelations 2 Extra Episode: Little Miss – $2.49 Resident Evil Revelations 2 Extra Episode: The Struggle – $2.49 Resident Evil Revelations 2 Raid Mode: Throwback Map Pack – $2.49 Resident Evil Revelations 2 Season Pass – $7.99 Resident Evil Super Bundle (Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 4, Resident READ FULL…

4J Studios

Minecraft Update 1.44 Today Adds the Glide Mini Game, Power Rangers Skin Pack Released

[embedded content] With Minecraft update 1.44 today on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, developer 4J Studios has added the new Glide Mini Game, a new Mini Game Lobby, support for up to 16 players in Battle and Glide, and more. The update is now live in Europe, and will be coming to North America later today. Here’s the full list of patch notes for update 1.44 on PlayStation platforms: PlayStation 4 Added Glide Mini Game! Added new Mini Game Lobby. Fix for MCCE-3984 – Enderdragon is able to use an End Gateway. Added Leaderboards for Glide Mini Game. Added support for up to 16 players in Battle and Glide. PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita Added Glide Mini Game! Added new Mini Game Lobby. Fix for MCCE-3984 – Enderdragon is able to use an End Gateway. Fix for save corruption when exiting a newly created world. (PS3 only) Fix for crash when downloading PS3 save. (PS Vita only) Fix for MCCE #4108 – Skeleton Hitboxes were blocking the placement of blocks directly above them. Fix for MCCE #4238 – Stained Glass Pain on the ground does not appear transparent. Fix for MCCE-4226 – Wrong LOD showing for non-block item icons READ…

4J Studios

Minecraft Console Versions Getting Glide Mini Game Tomorrow

[embedded content] 4J Studios has announced that it’s releasing a new mini game, Glide, for Minecraft‘s console versions tomorrow. The update, which will put your aeronautical skills to test, will be free. Over on the game’s website, the developer detailed Glide as follows: Beat the clock in the Time Attack mode, using thermal drafts and speed boosters to your advantage, or go for points in Score Attack by hitting all the hoops. Careful study may reveal sneaky shortcuts to refine your runs, so keep your eyes peeled! You can choose to beat your personal best in solo play, pit your wing-skills against other players online, or – on Xbox One and PS4 – take a swing at the all new Glide leaderboards. This update also boosts the number of PS4 and Xbox One players possible in both Glide and Battle up to 16, and all platforms get a more spacious lobby, too! You can check out a trailer above. READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

GfK Chart-Track

UK Sales Chart: Mass Effect Andromeda Sees the Third Biggest Launch in Franchise History

The third biggest game launch of 2017 so far (behind Ghost Recon Wildlands and Horizon Zero Dawn), Mass Effect Andromeda debuted in 1st place last week. As GfK Chart-Track adds, 55% of sales were on PlayStation 4, 41% were on Xbox One, and 4% were on PC. Comparing Andromeda to the rest of the Mass Effect series, it saw the third biggest week 1 in franchise history (behind Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3). Mass Effect 3 still holds the record for biggest launch, and Games Industry notes that ME3 sold over 33% more units in week 1 than Andromeda at retail. Here’s the top 20 best-selling games through retail stores in the UK for the week ending March 25, 2017, according to GfK Chart-Track: Mass Effect Andromeda Ghost Recon Wildlands (down 47%) LEGO Worlds (down 29%) Horizon Zero Dawn (down 23%) Grand Theft Auto V The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (up 50%) FIFA 17 Rocket League Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Forza Horizon 3 Halo Wars 2 (up 129%) Battlefield 1 Overwatch For Honor Forza Motorsport 5 1-2 Switch Minecraft: Xbox Edition Rare Replay Resident Evil 7 Sniper Elite 4 How do you think Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix will do this week? [Source: GfK Chart-Track (1), (2), READ FULL STORY…

Aksys Games

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Opening Footage Released

[embedded content] Arc System Works released the opening footage from Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 today. The update to Revelator, which will be available as a standalone physical and digital release on the PlayStation 4, comes with the following: Two new characters, Baiken and Answer. New stages, moves and motions among other new content. Expanded story and arcade modes shedding new light on Jam, Kum, Raven, Dizzy, Answer and Baiken. Complete re-balancing of each fighter. The game also includes all DLC released thus far. Aksys previously said that whether you buy the main game as well as the upgrade, or just the upgrade itself, won’t make a difference as everyone will have access to the same content. “No differences content-wise for digi upgrade or retail versions. So whether you buy GGR + upgrade or GG REV2 retail, same content,” the company said on Twitter. Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 releases on May 26 in North America for the PS3 and PS4. The standalone PS4 version will cost $39.99 and the digital upgrade for Revelator owners on both platforms will cost $19.99. European and PC release dates have yet to be announced. READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Sony Sending Out PS Store Discount Coupons Again, Some Users Receive $100 Vouchers

Sony’s in the giving mood again this weekend as users across the web have reported receiving emails with 20 percent discount vouchers for the PlayStation Store. Some users got even luckier as they reported receiving one of those rare $100 vouchers (also known as the golden tickets). Threads on NeoGAF and Reddit are full of screenshots and comments from those who’ve received the vouchers. Do note that this scheme, like the previous ones, seems to be for US residents only. The 20 percent off discount voucher is apparently included in a newsletter announcing the recent Flash Sale, expires on the 31st, and doesn’t apply to pre-orders. The code is at the bottom of the email, in case you overlooked it. As for the $100 code, it’s rare of course, but several users have posted screenshots proving that they’ve received them. Like the aforementioned vouchers, they too expire by the end of the month. For those who’ve received the codes and aren’t interested in the Flash Sale, here‘s another sale you can check out. READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

DLC & Patches

PS4, PSVR & PS Vita New Releases This Week: March 28, 2017 – Silent Heroes

In a jam-packed week for new releases, you’ll find MLB The Show 17, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix, Snake Pass, Has-Been Heroes, Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, Fated: The Silent Oath, Salt and Sanctuary, a couple of PlayStation 2 Classics on PlayStation 4 in the form of Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 2 and Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition, and much more. Looking at DLC, you’ll find new content for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, Final Fantasy XV, Mafia III, Dark Souls 3, and Battlefield 1. *All games/content are releasing in North America and Europe, unless otherwise noted. PlayStation 4 Games 88 Heroes (Retail) – NA Anoxemia (PSN) APB Reloaded (PSN) – NA Atari Flashback Classics Volume 1 (Retail & PSN) – EU Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 (Retail & PSN) – EU Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 2 (PSN) – NA Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition (PSN) – NA Has-Been Heroes (Retail & PSN) – NA Heroes of the Monkey Tavern (PSN) – NA Horse Racing 2016 (PSN) – NA Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix (Retail & PSN) MLB The Show 17 (Retail & PSN in NA; PSN in EU) Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren’s Call (PSN) READ FULL…


PlayStation Europe Is Sending Out Stats Emails to Celebrate 10 Years of the PlayStation Store

Today marks 10 years since PlayStation Store launched in Europe. Here’s to the great memories and the next ten years! #10YearsofPSStore — PlayStation Europe (@PlayStationEU) March 23, 2017 To celebrate 10 years of the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Europe is sending out emails to players where they offer some interesting stats about when you joined the PlayStation Network, the game you’ve played the most, your rarest Trophy, and more. “Help up celebrate a Decade of Play on PlayStation Store,” the email says. “Scroll down to see some of your gaming highlights. Here’s to the next 10 years!” PlayStation Europe Community Manager Chris Owen shared his stats email, revealing that he joined the PSN on December 14, 2016, he’s played online for 1,393 hours (putting him in the top 2%), he’s played Everybody’s Golf World Tour for 1,012 hours, he spent 233 hours with FIFA 16 in 2016, his Trophy collection puts him in the top 1%, and he owns 475 digital games – which is only 8% of all the games on the PlayStation Store. DriveClub Game Director Paul Rustchynsky also shared his stats and, unsurprisingly, DriveClub is his most played game: Here are my PlayStation Play Highlights – turns out #DRIVECLUB is also my READ FULL STORY…


More PlayStation Store Sales in North America Right Now: Nioh, Ghost Recon Wildlands & Many Others

The votes have been counted for Week 4 of the North American PlayStation Store’s Vote for Your Favorite promotion, and the winner is… both games! For whatever reason, both Overcooked and Sheltered are on sale for 40% off and 30% off, respectively, until Tuesday, March 28 at 8am PT/11am ET. This means you can grab Overcooked for $10.19 USD and Sheltered for $10.49 USD for the next few days through the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately, neither of Overcooked’s bundles are on sale. There’s also plenty of other PlayStation Store sales happening right now in North America (in addition to the weekly deals and March 2017 Flash Sale), and you can see all of those deals below: Spotlight Sale (ends March 31 at 8am PT) Ghost Recon Wildlands (PS4) – $50.99 Ghost Recon Wildlands Deluxe Edition (PS4) – $59.49 Ghost Recon Wildlands Gold Edition (PS4) – $84.99 Nioh Sale (ends March 25 at 8am PT) Nioh (PS4) – $40.19 Nioh Digital Deluxe (PS4) – $53.59 Nioh Season Pass (PS4) – $16.74 XSEED Games Publisher Sale (ends March 31 at 8am PT) Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed (PS4) – $14.99 Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed (PS3) – $9.99 Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed (PS Vita) – $9.99 READ FULL…


March 2017 PSN Flash Sale Is Live, Here’s All the Deals

Carrying a theme of Everything Goes, the March 2017 PlayStation Store Flash Sale is now live in North America, letting you save 70% – 75% on a number of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable games. Running until Monday, March 27 at 8am PT/11am ET, here’s all the deals in this month’s PSN Flash Sale on the PlayStation Store: PlayStation 4 Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition – $4.49 Alchemic Jousts – $4.49 Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Trilogy – $7.49 Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Gold Edition – $20.99 Battleborn – $17.99 Battleborn Digital Deluxe – $22.49 Blood Bowl 2 – $12.49 Borderlands The Handsome Collection – $17.99 Broken Age – $4.99 Citizens of Earth – $3.74 Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink – $2.99 Commander Cherry for PlayStation Camera – $4.19 Dangerous Golf – $5.99 Defense Grid 2 – $1.49 Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition – $7.49 Drawful 2 – $2.99 Evolve – $8.99 Evolve Digital Deluxe Edition – $11.99 Evolve Ultimate Edition – $14.99 Far Cry 4 Gold Edition – $17.99 Far Cry Primal Digital Apex Edition – $16.49 Fibbage – $1.74 Forced: Slightly Better Edition – $4.49 FreezeME – $2.99 Gryphon Knight Epic – $2.99 Handball 17 READ FULL…


Destiny Xur Location and Items for March 24-26, 2017 Listed

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another Destiny Xur location and item post here on PlayStation LifeStyle. This weekend players can spend 17 coins on the Thunderlord machine gun rifle. Hunters can grab the Graviton Forfeit helmet, Titans can pick up ACD/0 Feedback Fence gauntlets, and Warlocks can purchase the Heart of the Praxic Fire chest armor for 13 coins. Xur is also selling Exotic Legacy Heavy Weapon Engrams for 31 coins. For this week, Xur – Agent of the Nine can be found at Tower North, near the Speaker. In other Destiny news, this poster has surfaced showcasing what is apparently Destiny 2 artwork, along with a potential release date for the game. In official news, Bungie has detailed what will carry over from the first game into Destiny 2, as well as what the upcoming “Age of Triumph” event will entail. For those of you who haven’t yet spoken to the Gunsmith this week, here’s the full list of available Foundry Orders and Test Weapons. Join us again next Friday for details on Xur’s location and his Exotic supplies. READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

Fantasy RPG Revenant Saga Comes to PS4, PS3 & PS Vita in Spring 2017

[embedded content] A gothic fantasy RPG from Exe-Create, Revenant Saga is releasing in spring 2017 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, publisher Kemco announced. It was made available on Steam earlier this month, where it’s priced at $9.99 USD. Offering more than 30 hours of gameplay, Revenant Saga follows Albert, who must travel through a world filled with the fast-spreading plague and the monstrous Revenants. Throughout the journey, you’ll be able to join forces with allies, use an in-battle transformation system, take part in subquests, and more. Kemco adds, “Also, Revenant Saga will provide an entirely brand new feature to the PS Kemco gaming experience: players will be able to earn platinum trophies as a reward for progress and effort spent throughout the game!” Here’s a list of Revenant Saga’s features: Stunning 3D Battles – Upping the ante, Revenant Saga delivers gorgeous battles in 3D! In addition, limit breaks called “Bursts” and the ability to transform push the envelope for traditional JRPGs in new and exciting ways! Brandish your weapon and show evil what the sword of justice looks like! Transform and Lay Waste to the Enemy! – Transforming in battle morphs characters into more powerful beings. While in this state, damage dealt increases, damage…

Japanese Sales Chart: Monster Hunter XX Outsells Peach Beach Splash By Nearly 800,000 Copies

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash for PlayStation 4, and Accel World VS Sword Art Online for PS4 and PS Vita, both saw strong launches last week in Japan, but they didn’t come close to Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo 3DS, which moved nearly 850,000 copies in its first week. Even with such a big new game, the New 3DS LL couldn’t come out on top on the hardware chart. Instead, the Nintendo Switch finished in 1st, moving nearly 50,000 units. The PS4 settled for 3rd, with week-on-week sales remaining flat. According to Media Create, here’s the 20 best-selling games at retail plus how each system sold in Japan from March 13 to March 19, 2017: Games (Lifetime) Monster Hunter XX (3DS) – 848,467 Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash (Limited Edition Included) (PS4) – 53,747 Accel World VS Sword Art Online (PSV) – 38,653 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (LE Included) (Switch) – 32,115 (262,977) Accel World VS Sword Art Online (PS4) – 32,016 Ghost Recon Wildlands (PS4) – 26,628 (116,419) Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) – 18,096 (169,385) Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix (PS4) – 16,161 (78,931) 1-2-Switch (Switch) – 15,456 (115,737) NieR: Automata (PS4) – 12,242 (269,310) The Legend of Zelda: Breath…