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PSLS Help Desk – Aim Controller FAQ and Troubleshooting

Farpoint and the Aim Controller for PlayStation VR released last week. While we thought that Farpoint was a passable experience, it was really there to highlight the capabilities of the incredible Aim Controller, which we couldn’t be much happier with. Sony’s PSVR gun controller goes all in to make sure that you get full immersion with 1:1 tracking in the virtual reality space. With new hardware peripherals comes new things you need to know, so we’re here to give you a rundown of the Aim Controller FAQ and to help troubleshoot any problems you might be having with your Aim Controller. Aim Controller Features Before you can troubleshoot your Aim, it helps to know all of the features that it has. Motion sensing and light tracking technology Two handed ergonomic controls Full DualShock 4 controls Vibration feedback Rechargeable battery Operation The PlayStation Camera is required for the Aim to function. It will not work as a standard DualShock 4 controller, and at this time is intended only to be used with PSVR games that have compatibility. The light orb must be visible to the PlayStation Camera in order for it to pick up tracking. The Aim Controller can be READ…

DC Comics

PSLS Help Desk: Injustice 2 Brainiac – How to Unlock Without Paying

The biggest gaming release this week is NetherRealm Studios’ Injustice 2. The superhero fighting game features all of the biggest names from DC Comics’ vast library of characters, but it also features a lot of lesser known heroes and villains like Firestorm and Captain Cold. In all, the game features a roster of 29 playable characters on-disc (the first DLC character—Darkseid—is already available as well). Every single character is unlocked from the get go, except for Brainiac. This week’s PSLS Help Desk will tell you how to unlock Brainiac in Injustice 2. In total, there’s two different ways to unlock Brainiac. The quickest is to go into the game’s Extras menu, and purchase the powerful villain from the PlayStation Store for $5.99. That’s the same price as Darkseid, who was a bonus character for those that pre-ordered NetherRealm’s latest. If you don’t want to spend money, you’re in luck, as it’s pretty easy to unlock Brainiac without spending a dime. To unlock Brainiac for free, players will want to play through the entirety of Injustice 2‘s story mode. Brainiac appears as a major antagonist in the cinematic story, and once the player completes the mode they’ll unlock him for use in READ…

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PSLS Help Desk – How to Get PS4 Service

PSLS Help Desk has always been about helping people troubleshoot problems with their PlayStation products, as well as preventative care and maintenance, and good to know FAQs about Sony’s stuff to help you get the most out of your consoles and peripherals. Sometimes though, you just reach a point where PlayStation products are beyond your own troubleshooting and you need to contact Sony directly for service. Before you reach out to Sony, make sure you have done sufficient troubleshooting to fix the issue yourself. This applies to any device, whether it’s PS4, PS3, Vita, a DualShock 4, or your PlayStation VR headset. After you’ve done your own troubleshooting, you can contact the retailer of your product. If you are still within the return policy, or you bought an extended warranty through them, this may be the fastest and most effective way to get your PlayStation device fixed. Extended warranties are a third party service that have nothing to do with Sony. Depending on your product, you’ll have to check if it is still under warranty, as well as finding out what documentation you need to verify the warranty and get service through Sony. You can check all of the READ…

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PSLS Help Desk: Persona 5 Reaper Weakness and How to Kill It Easily

Persona 5 may have released some weeks ago, but it’s still one of the hottest and most talked about games, and you can be certain that talk will last well into when it’s time to decide the Game of the Year contenders for 2017. If you’ve been playing Persona 5 and stayed in the Mementos for too long, you may have encountered the Reaper, a really powerful enemy that is likely to cut down your party. This week’s PSLS Help Desk is moving away from hardware and Sony help to show you how to easily take down the Reaper in Persona 5. Why would you even want to kill the Reaper in the first place? Well, for any trophy hunters out there, getting Platinum will require you to obtain a trophy for killing this difficult enemy, “A Unique Rebel.” Fortunately, you’ll barely have to do any work at all in order to rid yourself of this menace. In order to defeat the Reaper easily, enter Mementos during the flu season, which is 11/13-14 and 12/8-9. If you stand idly in Mementos, the Reaper will come to kill you. Immediately check his status. If it has Despair, you’re on the READ…


PSLS Help Desk – Managing PS4 Notifications

Sometimes you want to know what’s going on on your PS4, when your friends sign on, messages that are coming in, and when downloads and installs are complete. Other times you want a peaceful evening in binge watching Netflix without any distractions. Fortunately switching notifications on and off, in addition to tailoring which notifications you want to see when they are active, and this week’s PSLS Help Desk is going to be all about managing PS4 notifications. Please note that as the PS4 firmware gets updated, Sony may change and add notification settings. This guide current as of February 2017, so if you see any differences in our listed settings, you may be on a later PS4 version. How to Access Notification Settings To access the PS4’s notification settings, go to [Settings] > [Notifications]. Turning Notifications On and Off The first option [Display Pop Up Notifications] allows you to completely turn on or off all pop up notifications on the PS4. Are you playing an intense online game or watching a movie? You may not want notifications popping up, so uncheck the box to disable them. If you want to tailor exactly which notifications pop up, continue reading for each READ…

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PSLS Help Desk – Troubleshooting Problems Redeeming PlayStation Codes and Network Cards

It’s frustrating trying to redeem a PlayStation code or a network card only to find that it won’t work. It’s especially frustrating if you do so on your PlayStation console itself instead of copying and pasting into the PlayStation Store online. The PlayStation App makes it easier to redeem codes on the console, but that only works for the PlayStation 4. If you’re still using a PlayStation 3, you have to manually enter every letter/digit with the d-pad and on-screen keyboard. A good time is rarely to be had from this method, even if the code works the first try. There are several things you can do to troubleshoot the issue with redeeming the code, but first, start with a simple process of elimination: Make sure you are entering the code correctly. Unless you are copying and pasting directly to the PSN Store via a PC, it’s way too easy to make a mistake when entering in a code manually. Double-check that the code is still valid. Sometimes codes, such as preorder DLC codes, have an expiration date. Wait a few minutes and try again later. If there are any network hiccups, the code has a high risk of READ…

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PSLS Help Desk – How to Upgrade PSN Sub Account to Master Account

Parental controls on the PS4 are handled by having a Master Account (the standard PSN account) and linked Sub Accounts, that fall within the control and security of the Master Account. These Sub Accounts get their own PSN IDs, trophy lists, game purchases, etc. but the Master Account can control the funding of their PSN wallet and other monitoring of the Sub Account. Everyone under 18 is supposed to have a Sub Account under a responsible adult’s Master Account (though let’s be real, we know that doesn’t always happen). Once those Sub Account holders turn 18 though, they probably want full control of their own account without losing their PSN ID, trophies, and library of games. This week’s Help Desk is going to show you how to upgrade a Sub Account to a full Master Account, but before we get into that, let’s understand the key differences between Sub and Master Accounts. Account Types The following comparisons are directly from Sony on the differences between Sub and Master Accounts. Master Accounts Master Accounts are the standard account used on the PlayStation Network. Master Accounts can be created by registered users of the PlayStation Network that are 18 year old or older. READ…

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PSLS Help Desk – How to Clean a PS4 Controller

Your PS4 controller doesn’t have to be sticky or covered in dust for it to be dirty. You’d be so surprised with how disgusting a PS4 controller can get. Our hands are hotbeds of nastiness. They’re dirty to begin with, even if you wash your hands often. If your palms sweat, you’re just coating your controller in grime. If you let kids play with your controllers, they’re guaranteed to be even more disgusting than you can imagine. Ugh, I want to clean all of my controllers just thinking about how gross they probably are. Fortunately, giving your controller a deep clean is easier than you might think. There’s no need to take it apart and risk breaking it. All you need are simple household items that you most likely already own, and then follow the steps below. If your buttons or analog sticks are sticky, trying cleaning the controller first before assuming it’s broken and ready for a dirt nap. Your wallet will thank you. Essential Reading: READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


PSLS Help Desk – How to Play Digital PS4 Games Offline

There are so many pluses when it comes to buying a game digitally over retail. You don’t have to swap out discs (lazy FTW!), you can play them at midnight without attending a midnight launch, and they don’t take up any shelf space. They take up plenty of hard drive space, but that’s easily remedied with a nice 2TB solid state drive (SSD). But occasionally, those digital games you purchased can’t be played without an internet connection, which hardly makes sense. If they’re not online-only games, and you paid your hard-earned money for them, then why can’t you play them offline? It’s actually a common occurrence, and the good news that there’s a super easy fix for it. If you come across this problem, the first thing you need to check is if your particular PlayStation 4 system is set as your Primary System. Only your Primary System can play digital games offline, because it’s this system that caches the licenses of your games. As such, anyone can play any of the Primary System’s games offline. To play your digital games on another system, you have to be online so Sony can verify the licenses. Here’s how to check and…


PSLS Help Desk – PlayStation VR FAQ and Good-to-Knows

Last week’s PSLS Help Desk changed gears to account for a brand new part of the PlayStation family: PlayStation VR. We’ve reviewed the device. We’ve even reviewed a couple of games for it already, and we’ve got plenty more coverage on the way. Until then, we want to make sure that you know all of the information that you need as PSVR launches. Last week Keri detailed the optimal setup for PlayStation VR. This week we’re examining the answers to some frequently asked questions about it. Sony has a massive FAQ here that holds most all of this information, but we’ve parsed the full list to avoid recapping some of the more obvious or dull information (size, price, what is VR, etc.). Instead we’re giving you a taste of what VR is capable of, and things you’ll want to make sure you do and avoid while using the device. If you have any questions about something not addressed here, feel free to ask in the comments. Most of the PlayStation LifeStyle staff will have PSVR, so we can answer anything you would like to know. Cinematic Mode PlayStation VR doesn’t have to be used strictly for VR related experiences. Maybe someone…


PSLS Help Desk – Optimal PlayStation VR Setup

It’s hard to believe it, but PlayStation VR is almost here! We know so many PlayStation fans have already pre-ordered a PSVR unit or plan to get one once retailers get them back in stock. As PlayStation fans ourselves, we want to help you get the most out of your purchase, and that starts from the very beginning—getting the best PlayStation VR setup. Even though this is not the HTC Vive and does not require 8 feet of space all around you (including above you), there are still some recommendations regarding space, where the camera should be, and where you should be. Fortunately, our own Anthony Severino has had PlayStation VR for the last week (read our review of the device), and he’s a veritable pro now when it comes to getting that optimal VR setup. After you get past that initial squealing excitement of opening your own VR unit, here are some tips for setting up your best VR experience as painlessly as possible. Some Space Is Required PlayStation recommends that the player keep 9.8 feet by 6.2 feet of space clear for PlayStation VR. From Anthony’s personal experience, we recommend that you keep 6-8 feet back from the PlayStation Camera. If…