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Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.1.3 Today Makes Changes to Glaz’s Scope, Montagne’s LFP586

With Rainbow Six Siege update 2.1.3 today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Ubisoft has tweaked Glaz’s scope to make it easier to know when a shot lands or misses, increased Montagne’s LFP586 hip fire spread, fixed several bugs, and more. For Glaz’s scope, Ubisoft noticed that the blood splatter visual effects were not working properly, making it difficult to know if shots were hitting. To help remedy this, they’ve reduced the noise created by the thermal lens, lowered the contrast of the teal tint of the lens, lowered the contrast of the yellow highlight on opponents, and fixed the blood splatters effect not appearing on successful shots. As for Montagne’s LFP586, Ubisoft says, “We felt like Montagne paired with the LFP586 + laser sight was overall too strong at medium and longer range encounters, so we have increased the hip fire spread of the gun. Montagne won’t be able to quickly shut down his opponent without having to expose himself anymore, given that there is a decent distance between the two.” Here’s the rest of the patch notes for today’s Rainbow Six Siege update: Echo’s Yokai Drone disorients a player if it hits any body part Echo’s Yokai drone’s sonic burst now registers all READ FULL…

Rainbow Six Siege Mid-Season Reinforcements Update Brings Skill Buffs, Weapon Tweaks and More

Ubisoft has announced that Rainbow Six Siege‘s Mid-Season Reinforcements update will go live tomorrow, March 15, and will bring with it major changes to Glaz’s scope alongside skill buffs, and weapon tweaks. The Glaz scope upgrade has been detailed as follows: Thermal visual feedback has been added when aiming down sights through the scope. Defenders will really stand out, even when obscured by smoke from grenades, Capitão’s bolts or Smoke’s gas canisters, thus increasing Glaz’s effectiveness at range. The key weapon balancing changes include “a size reduction for the reticles on the red dot, reflex, and holo sights” to allow better precision. Other changes are as follows: • The DMR’s maximum trigger rate has been lowered to prevent very rapid firing• Echo’s MP5SD2 does more damage at medium range• Thermite’s 556xi is easier to control• Caveira’s Luison’s damage dropoff has been tweaked• Jackal’s C7E’s recoil is getting balanced• Capitao’s PARA-308 is getting a recoil buff Last but not least, some operators will have their special abilities buffed to “help make them more useful in the field.” Ubisoft explains: Doc will now be able to overheal to 140 HP instead of 120 HP, in hopes that this buff will make more…

PlayStation Store: February Top Downloads Revealed for North America and Europe; For Honor and ARK: Survival Evolved on Top

Today, Sony released the PlayStation Store’s top downloaded games for the month of February in North America and Europe. …Read More The post PlayStation Store: February Top Downloads Revealed for North America and Europe; For Honor and ARK: Survival Evolved on Top by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.

DLC & Patches

Ubisoft Apologizes For Rainbow Six Siege Connection Issues With Renown Boost

The second season for Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege kicked into full gear earlier this month, but it hasn’t all been good news for the first-person shooter. Over the past few weeks, players have experienced a variety of connection issues that have hampered their enjoyment of the game. Thankfully, those issues seem to have been fixed, but Ubisoft still wants to do right by their players. Here’s what Ubisoft Montreal Community Developer Justin Kruger had to say over at the game’s official subreddit: In light of the connection related issues some players have been experiencing over the past weeks, we will provide a 50% renown boost for a 7 day period, starting today. This boost will be made available on all platforms and for all players. Should we experience any additional issues during this time we will extend the boost to accommodate the lost time. Thank you all for your patience over the past few days and your continued support! Connection issues are sadly an unfortunate problem that will inevitably hit multiplayer games, but it’s good to see Ubisoft responding the right way. It’s easy to see why these problems would be off-putting to problems, but the allure of getting READ FULL STORY…


Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.1.1 Coming Tomorrow, Patch Notes Revealed

Ubisoft is deploying patch 2.1.1 for Rainbow Six Siege across all platforms tomorrow, and has just revealed the entire list of patch notes. It comes with a plethora of fixes and improvements, all of which are listed below: High Impact Fixes Fixed – Players sometimes spawn with the point of view of a distant camera.Fixed – Player sometimes spawns as immobile drone, which carries over to the action phase.Fixed – Black Mirror can be activated from the front.Fixed – When Mira’s OWM is placed on a reinforced wall, defenders can melee X-KAIROS pellets, exothermic charge or any other gadgets on the other side of the glass.Fixed – Teammates killing themselves on Exothermic Charges, X-KAIROS charges, and claymores registered as a team kill.Fixed – Operators’ skin textures in headgear pictures and character model preview are low-resolution.Fixed – Diamond weapon skin can only be applied to Mira and Jackal.Fixed – Diamond weapon skin unavailable in Shop. Gameplay Fixed – The “heavy breathing” from DBNO Operators lingers after being revived.Fixed – The client will crash at the splash screen when signing out from an account in the switch profile menu.Fixed – Players teleport briefly after joining a game in progress.Fixed – Team kills recorded…

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Best Buy’s Deal of the Day Discounts Titanfall 2, Rainbow Six: Siege, and The Division

Best Buy’s latest discounts through Deal of the Day are featuring a trio of deals on Titanfall 2, Rainbow Six: Siege, and The Division. …Read More The post Best Buy’s Deal of the Day Discounts Titanfall 2, Rainbow Six: Siege, and The Division by Ryan Meitzler appeared first on DualShockers.

Rainbow Six Siege: Starter Edition Available Again on Uplay


Ubisoft Delays South Park: The Fractured But Whole Again, Says Steep Exceeded Expectations

Previously delayed from December 2016 to Q1 2017, South Park: The Fractured But Whole has been delayed again and is now releasing in Fiscal Year 2017 – 2018, which runs from April 2017 to March 2018. The news comes from Ubisoft’s financial report for the quarter ending December 31, 2016, where they also said Watch Dogs 2’s launch was “not as dynamic as expected, but momentum now positive.” Steep, meanwhile, had a “slightly higher-than-expected performance.” Elsewhere in the report, Ubisoft said Rainbow Six Siege has 15 million registered players and record Daily Active Users, The Division’s number of Daily Active Users is up 152% since October 24, and the Assassin’s Creed movie is over $213 million worldwide, making it the seventh most successful video game adaptation. Sales for Ubisoft’s third quarter were down 5.7% year-on-year to €529.9 million ($567 million USD), but sales for the first nine months of this fiscal year are up 5.5% to €811.3 million ($868 million USD). Because of the delay to South Park, Ubisoft expects total sales for this fiscal year to drop from around €1.67 billion to €1.5 billion. PlayStation 4 was by far Ubisoft’s biggest platform, with 46% of sales coming through Sony’s console. Xbox One was at 26%, with PC at 13%, and PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, READ…

For Honor

PSA: Ubisoft Servers Undergoing Maintenance for Four Hours Starting February 8, 4AM EST

If you have plans for some multiplayer action in any of Ubisoft’s titles between 4am EST and 8am EST tomorrow, then you’ll probably want to note that the company’s servers will be undergoing maintenance during those four hours. The Rainbow Six Siege and Division studio released the following notice over on its forums: Maintenance will take place on Feb 8th from 4am until 8am EST which will impact our online features and services. During this time players may experience disconnection from the multiplayer portions of their games and from Uplay PC and the inability to reconnect to them or to other online features, services, forums and websites. (Single player and offline play should still be available). We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding as we work to improve our infrastructure and ensure the best possible experience for players. Hopefully, this will fix any issues players have been experiencing with the multiplayer portion of Ubisoft’s titles. As a reminder, For Honor‘s open beta will run from February 9 to February 12. [Source: Ubisoft] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

DLC & Patches

Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.24 Is 7GB on PS4, Here’s All the New Features

[embedded content] Now that the maintenance is over on PlayStation 4, and ending before 9am PT on Xbox One and PC, players have revealed that Rainbow Six Siege update 1.24 is a 7.05GB download. With today’s new update, Ubisoft has added Operation Velvet Shell, the first major content drop of Year Two. It includes the free Coastline map, an updated navigation interface that makes all player activities available in one place, a personalized play button that remembers your last played option, operators Mira and Jackal, and more. Season Pass owners receive instant unlocks of Mira and Jackal, while everyone else will have to wait until February 14 for them to be unlockable with Renown or R6 Credits. Here’s everything that’s new in update 1.24: New Operators Mira has proven her strength and endurance but her best asset is her knowledge in mechanics. She is specialized in armoring process for ballistic protection. Equipped with the Vector 45 ACP and ITA12L as primary weapons, she can find the weaker spot on any machinery and reinforce it. Jackal has developed his expertise in tracking down HVTs and intercepting narcotics shipments with the G.E.O.s. Equipped with the C7E and PDW9 as primary weapons, he triggered an acute sensitivity relating to READ…

Ubisoft Doesn’t Want to Add New Modes to Rainbow Six Siege

[embedded content] At a preview event for Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Velvet Shell content update, which launches tomorrow, Creative Director Xavier Marquis told PC Gamer they don’t want to add new modes. “It’s something that we do not want to do,” Marquis said, later adding, “The map can be different, the operators can be different, but we need something static and that is Siege mode. Siege is the center of everything.” PC Gamer also interviewed Brand Director Alexandre Remy, who explained why there aren’t any new modes coming to Rainbow Six Siege: We’re constantly looking and prototyping. But the thing is, when doing that we concluded that there are some foundations to Siege that we want to keep: attack versus defense, destruction, operators, and [only having] one life. That is the DNA of the game, so when you look at what game modes would sufficiently refresh the experience but remain faithful to those rules, there’s not that many. Siege is its own game mode. Back when Siege was first released, the team thought they were going to make new content, Remy admits, “but as we moved forward we realized there’s so much depth with operators and destruction. That has a lot to offer, so the focus is…


Rainbow Six: Siege Revamping Competitive Play, Deemphasizing Pesky Microtransactions

In a new dev diary, Ubisoft Montreal outlined changes for Rainbow Six: Siege’s second year. Alongside plans to revamp the roster of operators, competitive leagues will be restructured and cash-free loot provided to all players. Advertisement Years in Siege have four seasons that add eight new operators and at least four new maps. However, some of the best changes this year are not added content but usability tweaks and community adjustments. The first among these are alterations to the game’s competitive scene. To help develop the game’s pro scene, the team is pouring focus on the PC version and expanding the number of leagues. There is a profession league, a higher tier Challenger league, and a community focused GO4 league. Console version will add their own Major leagues. Loot will be altered as well to (hopefully) reduce spending on in game currency. Players will now receive loot merely by playing the game. No need to horde up credits for special purchases or choose between a cool gun skin. The more you play, the larger your arsenal will get. That definitely sound better than spending five bucks on a bunch of READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Real Life Operators Bring Some Gravitas To Competitive Gaming By Standing Awkwardly On Stage

The Rainbow Six Invitational is a tournament going on right now for the latest Tom Clancy military shooter. So of course the event needed to have real life operators on stage to drill home just how bad ass the whole thing totally was. Advertisement The event’s host, Matt Andrews, was really pumped about the whole thing. “They actually helped with the motion capture and the military design,” he shouted. Professional sports like football have a longstanding relationship with the military. The Defense Department pays out millions to have patriotic events during games and of course putting your hand over your heart for the national anthem at the start of a baseball game is so normal no one even bats an eye. Competitive gaming doesn’t do subtle though, so esports like Rainbow Six Siege need to have masked agents decked out in all kids of random gear toting fake guns around to help keep things grounded in the reality that inspired them. Advertisement The game itself has been called “disturbingly real.” Fortunately, I don’t think anyone will be saying READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Rainbow Six Siege Boasts Some Impressive Numbers, Get an Overview of Year 2

[embedded content] Late last year, Ubisoft revealed in its financial report that Rainbow Six Siege had ten million registered players, and that the game had contributed significantly to the company’s positive performance. That number has increased since, and according to Ubisoft’s Latin America Director Bertrand Chaverot, the game now has over thirteen million registered players and is doing quite well outside the US, too. As reported by a Brazilian publication (translation via NeoGAF), Chaverot drew an interesting comparison between Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege in the Brazilian market, noting that despite the former being cheaper, Ubisoft’s title is on par in the country, where it has earned praised from eSports players. Out of the 1.3 million who play the game daily, Brazil accounts for 176,000. Overall, almost 4 million people play weekly worldwide. In the video above, which Ubisoft just released, the developer reveals that Rainbow Six Siege exceeded expectations and continues to grow stronger every day. We’re also offered an overview of Year 2 so check it out. Over on Twitter, the game’s official account shared an infographic that recaps year one statistics. You can have a look at that below. With the recently announced data dump coming at the end of READ…