Upgrade Your Audio and Your Desktop With Audioengine's HD3 Speakers

Audioengine products have finished in the top five of our reader votes for best desktop or bookshelf speakers three different times, and their newer HD3s are packing serious sound and style. $399 From amazon 268 purchased by readers Gizmodo Media Group may get a commission Let’s start with the outside. The HD3’s housing is a beautiful mix of wood and aluminum, with detachable magnetic grills just to show off. We never complain about front-facing volume control and headphone out either. Inputs include USB, dual analog, and Bluetooth with aptX. You’ll want to use the USB input if these are on your desktop, but the higher-fidelity Bluetooth is definitely a welcome addition anywhere else. Advertisement Advertisement The HD3s sound great, but as with most Audioengine products, they sound really great for their size. It’s no surprise that the low end on a pair of bookshelf speakers doesn’t rattle the walls, and the overall sound is clean with great dynamics, especially in the vocal range. Everything on the HD3s is premium, from the wood to the aptX READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

The New Red Xbox One Controller Looks Like Candy And I Want To Eat It

Today Microsoft introduces two new official colors to the Xbox One Wireless Controller line. There’s green and orange, which looks like an escapee from a Halo bundle, and sweet, delicious red, with its colorful candy buttons and delicious gummi analog sticks. It makes my teeth ache. Advertisement Available exclusively from the Microsoft Store and GameStop, the $64.99 Red controller features a simple two-tone red design that evokes red licorice, dark cherry Starbursts and other things slightly more edible than machined plastic. The buttons look like hard candy, and the analog nubs look like they need chewing much more than the standard ones. It’s probably just me, but sometimes designs and colors schemes come together in such a way that I just want to sink my teeth into them. The new red controller probably doesn’t actually smell or taste like those dried chocolate cherries they sell in the slightly-fancier part of the candy aisle, but damn if I don’t want it to. Advertisement Meanwhile, exclusive to the Microsoft Store and Walmart, the new Green and Orange is just another gamepad. You can eat that one if you’d like. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!