Scrap Garden PC review – A truly fun and charming platformer

There was once a robot with the designation “C4NNY”, or Canny as his friends called him. One day, he was recalled to have his battery replace, since a nuclear-power source is too dangerous to have as the new Red Crystal was deemed safer. In the middle of the process all the robots stopped, leaving Canny stand in his place as… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

Horizon Zero Dawn Review – Post-Apocalypse Phenomenon (PS4)

It has been a long time since Guerrilla Games has done anything outside of their revered franchise, Killzone. Horizon Zero Dawn surprised most everyone with its announcement at E3 2014, and is finally almost in gamer’s hands worldwide. So, does Guerrilla Games still know how to make a third-person console game, almost 13 years after Shellshock: Nam ’67? An Intriguing Setting Earth, 3XXX. The exact date and time is not known, because the world ended several centuries ago. In this land, humanity exists as a loose collection of tribes. Each have their own set of customs, beliefs, enemies, and allies. All live as we imagine our own ancestors did, perhaps a millennium or more ago. Yet machines also live among the rest of life, intriguing and incredibly powerful creations whose very reason for existing is not known by any human currently alive. You play as Aloy, a girl who is born in mysterious circumstances to the Nora tribe, a forest-dwelling people ruled by matriarchs. While one elder sees you as a blessing from the All-Mother, the God of her people, the other elders see you as an omen, and thus, you are shunned. Only by winning a contest called The…


Super GunWorld 2 Review — The Seeds a of a Good Game


Semispheres PS4 review – A really entertaining and relaxing stealth puzzler

“Semispheres” is a truly neat stealth puzzler by studio Vivid Helix with a developer team of one (Radu Muresan), and the game sure picked a nice day to launch on the PS4. Yes, the game actually dropped on PSN on Valentine’s Day. Any ways, I´ll have you know that this little game is certainly worth of your time. As it… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

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Digimon World: Next Order Review — Nostalgic Gameplay for a New Generation

For Honor

For Honor Review – Killing Is My Business (PS4)

War is ultimately part of the nature of humanity. There are many causes as to why it occurs, be it greed or differing ideals, and it often brings out both the best and worst of mankind all at once. Combat being at the core of everyone is one of For Honor‘s main ideas, and it’s why samurai, knights, and vikings are all duking it out in Ubisoft’s latest major release. Since For Honor is tied to fighting both mechanically and thematically, it’s only fitting that the game’s combat is its brightest area. Button mashing won’t get you far in the game, as defense and blocking is just as important as a solid attack. The game strikes a great balance in its action by allowing players to use the right analog stick to change their stance into three separate positions, which is essential for both deflecting and landing a mixture of light and heavy attacks. Every strike matters here, and Ubisoft Montreal have managed to create a satisfying combat loop where every kill feels earned. Due to the amount of nuance that For Honor packs beneath its Deadliest Warrior-esque veneer, it’s essential that the game is able to communicate its complex mechanics to the player. Thankfully, the game does a great job READ…


Sniper Elite 4 Review — Pornographic Slo-mo Killin’

Sniper Elite 4 Review – Empty Lung Kills (PS4)

The Sniper Elite series took a slight detour with Zombie Army Trilogy, which our reviewer Tyler Treese did not enjoy much. However, Sniper Elite 4 seeks to get the series back to its roots, as an open-level sniping “paradise,” as Rebellion Developments claims. But does this game allow you the freedom you need to kill Nazis however you please? Back to WWII Sniper Elite 4 takes place in Italy in 1943, directly after the events of Sniper Elite III. Of course, it is the middle of World War II, and the Italian resistance is putting up a fight against the Nazis and their allies. You play as Karl Fairburne, an Office of Strategic Services (OSS) agent tasked with helping the Italian resistance. The majority of the story is told through fairly static cutscenes, and before each mission is a staging area where you can talk with certain key characters and pick up the loadout you chose before the mission started. This series has had a recurring problem of possessing rather disjointed storytelling skills. This remains true here, but it isn’t as glaring of a problem. The aforementioned staging area helps to fill in some of the gaps, and you end…


Fire Emblem Heroes Android review – A pretty good Fire Emblem app

When “Tokyo Mirage Session FE” was originally teased it seemed like a crossover between the Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem franchises. What I saw was something more in lines of Persona with Fire Emblem characters acting as the facades used to face hardships of being an idol master. “Fire Emblem Heroes”, though, actually gave us something resembling a SMTxFE… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

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PS4 External Drives Can Apparently Be Used on Multiple Consoles Tied to the Same Account

It seems that PlayStation 4’s firmware update 4.50 will allow us to use our external hard drives on multiple consoles as long as they’re tied to the same account. A test conducted by PS Nation has revealed that you can move the drive to another PS4 without needing to reformat it. There are a couple of things to note, however. If you have a game or application installed on the external drive that’s also installed on the internal drive of the PS4 that you’re connecting to, an alert will appear asking you to either remove the application from the external drive or the internal drive of the PS4 that you want to connect to. Until you do that, you won’t be able to proceed. Secondly, you can’t transfer your folder setup from one console to another. You will have to set them up on each console separately but the good news is that once you do that, the folders will remain in place. Last but not least, PS Nation points out that you need to make sure to remove the drive correctly. Yes, this is an obvious one but it’s worth noting the steps that you need to follow READ…

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Digimon World: Next Order Review – Unlimited Fun

While Digimon World: Next Order originally launched last year in March, it only saw a retail outing in Japan for the PlayStation Vita, which left the rest of the world unable to play the latest game in the classic franchise. Less than a year later, the International Edition of the game is now out for the PlayStation 4, with the added bonus of significantly better visuals that utilize the graphical capabilities of the home console. Some of the improvements include visually revamped game areas, additional environmental models, improved textures, farther draw distance, and better lighting and shadow effects. Next Order lets players choose between either a male or female character named Takuto and Shiki, respectively, who are suddenly transported back into the Digital World where they meet their old Digimon partners as they’re battling a Machinedramon. In the process of battling and defeating the Machinedramon, which also acts as the game’s combat tutorial, both partners fall but are regenerated as DigiEggs of the player’s choosing. The player then meets Jijimon who tells the player that Machinedramon have begun appearing and rampaging around the Digital World and asks for the player’s help in dealing with the new threat in exchange for READ…

Tales of Berseria Review — An Amazing Adventure

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Double Dragon IV Review — Nostalgia Isn’t Everything

Double Dragon VI on PC and PlayStation 4 feels ripped out of the NES era in all of the worst ways. With bad AI and clunky level design, you are better off playing the originals. …Read More The post Double Dragon IV Review — Nostalgia Isn’t Everything by Tomas Franzese appeared first on DualShockers.

Brut@l Review — ASCII Goodness

Back in the eighties, Rogue hit the scene with its ASCII graphics, creating the roguelike genre of games. These letters and numbers from the ASCII programming language created procedurally generated dungeons made up of these letters for …Read More The post Brut@l Review — ASCII Goodness by Tomas Franzese appeared first on DualShockers.