Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’s Bonus Dynamic PS4 Theme Is Awesome, Made by Truant Pixel


RiME’s creative director discusses harsh criticism his game received

Have you ever wondered if the hateful things you say about a video game online have any impact on the developers? The short answer is yes, they do. I can’t count on one hand the times I’ve seen people on the internet trash a game they don’t like. Sometimes it even happens in our own comment section, because people can’t resist trying to hurt someone else’s feelings.One of the biggest offenders is the NeoGAF gaming forums, where gamers congregate to talk about everything gaming. These people are some of the most hardcore gamers out there and in a recent interview with Edge magazine, RiME creative director Paul Rubio reveals the impact that some of the hatred on that site had for his personal life.Even so, If I had read Neogaf at the time the game probably wouldn’t exist. I spent some time six months ago going through two-and-a-half years of comments on Neogaf, and I was literally crying for two days. Partly because I just don’t understand the cruelty, but more importantly because I could see those years over those two days, and I began to understand that maybe people can love something so much that they can hate it.So…


Pre-Order Rime on PS4 and Get a Dynamic Theme

Our digital pre-orders have started. Reserve your PS4 copy today and secure your dynamic theme created by @TruantPixel. Check it out below! pic.twitter.com/m9vzJSx1KI — RiME (@RiMEGame) April 13, 2017 With Rime now set for a concrete May 26 release date, Tequila Works has announced a sweet digital pre-order bonus for the adventure game. Those who pre-order Rime will get a nice Rime dynamic theme for the PlayStation 4! You can see it in action in the video above. It’s made by the talented folks over at Truant Pixel which was featured here on PlayStation LifeStyle for their amazing PS4 themes For more on Rime, check out 20 minutes of gameplay right here, or better yet, check out our feature on the game where we call it the “most intriguing” indie game. Rime will be out this May 26 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. [Source; Rime (Twitter)] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Amazon Prime: Get RiME for only $23.99

Amazon Prime members, now’s your chance to grab the Nintendo Switch version of RiME for only $23.99. While the base price is listed as $39.99, the 40% discount is enabled during checkout.It’s important that we note that we’re 99.9% sure this is a price error on Amazon’s part. Earlier this week, the same thing happened, except the base price was $29.99, not $39.99. So, it looks like Amazon forgot to fix the Prime discount.Amazon “Pre-order Price Guarantee” means you’ll get the game for cheapest price, even if its a price error, so hurry before the mistake is fixed.RiME launches later this summer on the Nintendo Switch. RiME – $23.99 READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!


RiME on Switch may be delayed to Q3 2017 says distributor

RiME is headed to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 26th, but Switch owners may have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the adventure game. An Australian distributor called Five Star Games says the Switch version of the game has been pushed back to Q3 2017, which falls between July and September. The Switch version was expected to release some time after the other versions, as Aussie studio Tantalus will be handling the Switch port. This release date is probably a bit later than some people were expecting, especially considering the game costs more for Nintendo Switch owners than it will for those on other platforms. Earlier today the game was available on Amazon for $29.99 instead of the suggested retail price of $39.99, but it’s possible that was a pricing error. It seems as though the game has been taken offline for now as it’s marked unavailable on Amazon’s site. [via Grabit Magazine] Nintendo eShop Card – $20 READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!

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RIME Developer Tequila Works Says Not All Indies Have a Place at Retail

Although Tequila Works’ RIME is hitting store shelves alongside a digital release, the studio’s producer Miguel Paniagua doesn’t think that all indies have a place in physical stores. During an interview with MCV, Paniagua was of the view that the funds required for a disc release are better spent improving the overall quality of a game. He went on to say that digital publishing and self-publishing enables studios to minimize costs and so they’re “probably better on their own.” In RIME‘s case, it was its publishers (Grey Box, Six Foot) that decided on a retail release because the game is “not like a typical indie project.” We announced it in 2013, we had a trailer in 2014 that was also very popular, so the name of Rime, I think [publisher Grey Box] thought it was worth it to take on the stores. I don’t know if other indie games will work the same way, though. Interestingly, Tequila Works itself is helping to bring Cavalier Game Studios’ The Sexy Brutale to retail but according to the studio’s founder Charles Griffiths, the disc release (PlayStation 4 only) came as a result of Tequila’s relationship with a distributor. He personally believes that more can READ FULL STORY…

It's Unclear Why Indie Game Rime Costs $10 More On Switch

Yesterday, the developers of the colorful adventure game Rime announced that it will be out on May 26 for PC, PS4, Xbox One. Later, it’ll also come to Nintendo Switch, although you’ll have to pay an extra $10 for the privilege. Advertisement Rime, which was originally announced as a PS4 exclusive before the developers at Tequila Works pulled the rights from Sony and turned it into a multiplatform game, will be $30 on PC/PS4/XB1 and $40 on Switch. It’s not clear why we’ll have to pay a premium for the Nintendo version, and the explanations from both parties have been vague. “We set prices for our products based on the costs of development and publishing for each specific platform,” said a representative for Grey Box, the publisher of Rime, when I asked what the deal was. Advertisement When I pushed for more details—is the extra charge because they have to ship on proprietary cartridges instead of Blu-rays?—the representative added: “I can confirm cost of manufacturing is also a factor, in addition to the statement below about development and publishing costs.” Rime is the first third-party game whose makers are charging more money on the Switch, which launched last Friday, and…

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Rime Releases on May 26 for PS4, Xbox One & PC

[embedded content] Tequila Works announced today that Rime is releasing on May 26 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, priced at $29.99 USD/€34.99/£29.99 through both retail and digital stores. The Nintendo Switch version will arrive “shortly afterward,” priced at $39.99 USD/€44.99/£39.99. Re-revealed earlier this year as a multi-platform title, Tequila Works says their goal with Rime “was not only to create an enchanting and engaging adventure, but to craft a game where you see the world through the eyes of a child. We decided to move in this direction because there’s something so universal about it; after all, we were all children at some point.” Here’s what to expect from Rime: Rime is a single-player puzzle adventure game about discovery, experienced through the eyes of a young boy who awakens on a mysterious island after shipwrecking off its coast. Players must navigate the island’s secrets by making use of light, sound, perspective and even time. Inspired by the rugged, sunbaked terrain of the Mediterranean coast, Rime paints its breathtaking world with a fusion of vibrant colours and moving musical undertones to set the stage for the deeply personal journey that awaits within. Addressing the higher price tag of the Switch version, Tequila Works said, READ FULL…


Rime headed to Switch in May, costs $10 more than other platforms

Rime is headed to Nintendo Switch and other platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One) on May 26th, but the once PS4-exclusive game will be priced $10 higher on the Nintendo Switch than on other platforms. The game will be sold for $29.99 on all other platforms, while Nintendo Switch owners will enjoy a $10 price hike to $39.99.Eurogamer reached out to developer Tequila Works and publisher Grey Box and got a half-answer as to why the Nintendo Switch version is priced at $10 premium compared to the other systems. Grey Box sent this answer:“We set prices for our products based on the costs of development and publishing for each specific platform.”It should also be noted that the Nintendo Switch version of the game is the same as the other verisons, though Grey Box points out that the Switch’s portable functionality makes it have “added freedom.” Perhaps that added freedom translates to a $10 premium? Grey Boy says the developers are looking at the use of Switch-specific features, but have nothing to confirm at this time. READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!

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Rime Launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 26, 2017, Nintendo Switch Late This Summer

Today, publishers Grey Box and Six Foot and developer Tequila Works announced that the highly-anticipated puzzle adventure game, Rime, is finally set to release both at retail and digitally on May 26, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, …Read More The post Rime Launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 26, 2017, Nintendo Switch Late This Summer by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.

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Tequila Works Gives an Overview of Rime’s PS4 Pro Enhancements, Says It Wants to Balance It Out

Rime developer Tequila Works has said that it’s targeting a frame-rate and resolution of 30fps/1080p on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and although the game will offer a higher frame-rate on the PS4 Pro, the studio wanted to achieve a balance between “having more frame rate than in a normal PS4 but adding some visual improvements that helped Rime to look even better.” Speaking to Wccftech, Lead Progammer Carlos Vázquez said that the increase in frame-rate for PS4 Pro will vary between 5-10fps “depending on the game’s area.” Additionally, he gave a quick rundown of improvements as follows: –          Much better quality of the shadows.–          Temporal antialiasing has better quality, obtaining more definition and quality in the AA filter.–          The LODs’ distance has been tweaked to increase the visual quality of fauna and flora during the time they are rendered.–          More definition in the texture filter.–          The VFX, shaders, materials and translucency has better quality too so we can have, for example, more realistic metals, better screen space reflections and better detail level in general. As for HDR, Vázquez says that the support Rime offers is the default one that comes with Unreal Engine, and the developer didn’t feel READ FULL STORY…


Check Out the First 27 Minutes of Rime in New Gameplay Video

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Watch Over 20 Minutes of Rime Gameplay Right Now

[embedded content] Remember Rime? Tequila Works’ gorgeous adventure game that debuted a few years ago? While we saw the game’s re-reveal trailer last week which confirmed that it’s not a PlayStation exclusive anymore, there’s now a ton of gameplay released for it. As part of IGN’s “IGN First” program, Tequila Works has now unveiled 27 minutes worth of Rime gameplay! Not only does the animation look endearing, the music is nothing to scoff at, either. Set for release this May 9, Rime will see a physical release and will be available for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC for $29.99. Anyone looking forward to this? Could this be this year’s breakout indie game? [Source: IGN] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

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Rime Physical Release Confirmed for PS4 & Xbox One, Costs $29.99

[embedded content] After re-revealing Rime for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC yesterday, developer Tequila Works and publishers Grey Box and Six Foot offered up some more details today on the puzzle adventure game. First up, Rime is getting a physical release on PS4 and Xbox One, with a physical Switch release being considered. According to Amazon, Rime will cost $29.99 USD and launch on May 9 (the official release window is May 2017). Creative Director Raúl Rubio also addressed the fact they’re bringing Rime to four platforms, instead of just one. “It is true that bringing Rime to other platforms has meant additional workload for the team, but being able to share our vision with a wider audience makes that extra effort worth it,” he told MCV. Here’s the full description for Rime: A land of discovery stretches out before you. Explore the beautiful, yet rugged, world of RiME, a single-player puzzle adventure game releasing in May 2017. In RiME, you play as a young boy who has awakened on a mysterious island after a shipwreck. You see wild animals, long-forgotten ruins and a massive tower that beckons you to come closer. Armed with your wits and a will to overcome – and the guidance of a READ…