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Co-Op Prominently Featured in New Brut@l Trailer

88 Heroes

2D Platformer 88 Heroes Dated for March, PS4 Gets Physical Edition and Exclusive Content

88 Heroes, the frantic 2D platformer in the works at developer Bitmap Bureau, has been slated for a March release on all platforms. Set to hit Xbox One, PC and PS4, those on the latter platform can look forward to a physical release to boot courtesy of publisher Rising Star Games. That’s not all; the PS4 version of 88 Heroes will come packing two exclusive characters in the form of Cath Letics and The Mime (the details of which you can find below) as well as an exclusive H8 Mode. Comprised of eight all-new levels, expect that new addition to herald a “super-charged hardcore challenge.” Here’s the skinny on those two heroes, which brings the total roster up to 90. Cath Letics – her super-sprint and long jump skills are activated by hammering the action button just like in an athletics videogame of yesteryear; The Mime – push the action button and The Mime will perform the classic “trapped in a glass box” mime action, confusing and befuddling enemies and making them turn away. Pitched as a “frantic, funny and crowd-pleasing platformer,” 88 Heroes tasks players with completing all 88 levels in just under an hour and a half (spoilers: it’s READ…

Bitmap Bureau

88 Heroes Coming to PS4/PC/Xbox One in March; Exclusive PS4 Physical Edition and Content Announced

Today, publisher Rising Star Games and developer Bitmap Bureau announced that their chaotic 2D action platformer 88 Heroes will release sometime in March for PS4, Xbox One, Mac, Linux, and PC. Additionally, Rising Star Games also announced …Read More The post 88 Heroes Coming to PS4/PC/Xbox One in March; Exclusive PS4 Physical Edition and Content Announced by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.


Brut@l Launches February 9th on PC

Today, developer Stormcloud Games and publisher Rising Star Games announced the PC release date for their game Brut@l, which released onto PS4 back in August of 2016. The date? February 9, 2017. …Read More The post Brut@l Launches February 9th on PC by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.


Lumo Review — Not the Brightest Bulb

Few games truly innovate nowadays. Indeed, most games adapt mechanics from countless titles before them, yet only when the focus of the game is on dated mechanics do we consider it to be retro, old school or …Read More The post Lumo Review — Not the Brightest Bulb by Kenneth Richardson appeared first on DualShockers.

Earth's Dawn

Earth’s Dawn Review – Earth Wars (PS4)

[embedded content] Earlier this year I ended up really enjoying Odin Sphere Leifthrasir due to its combination of gorgeous visuals, an interesting story and skillful combat. It really won me over, and I’ve been looking for another 2D action RPG that could scratch that itch ever since. Due to this, my interest was immediately piqued when I heard about Earth’s Dawn, a similar brawler made by Japanese studio OneorEight. Basically combining a 2D brawler with Monster Hunter‘s structure, Earth’s Dawn puts players in the shoes of a soldier who is tasked with eliminating groups of violent monsters. Missions tend to be on the shorter side, some especially short ones being less than 30 seconds long, but there are dozens upon dozens of these quests to make up for it. There’s a decent amount of variety between rescue missions and having to collect items, but this is almost always achieved by killing a bunch of baddies. This means the player is essentially doing the same thing every time out, just for slightly different reasons. Upon starting Earth’s Dawn, the game’s zoomed-in camera really stood out. The game is uncomfortably close to the action, which makes it nearly impossible to see what lies ahead, above or behind the player. This…

Earth's Dawn

Earth’s Dawn Gets an Exciting Gameplay Trailer

A new trailer has been released for Earth’s Dawn, the upcoming Japanese 2D action game from Rising Star Games. The game-play is fast and flashy, featuring at least two playable characters. The sharp visual style and dark atmosphere look compelling and players will be fighting back hordes of E.B.E. aliens, which ruined the world decades ago. We hadn’t seen much of the game since the localization announcement back in June, but luckily the launch is just a few weeks away on November 1st. The game is scheduled for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC. [embedded content]

Dracue Software

Earth’s Dawn Releases on November 1 for PS4

[embedded content] The first title from Japanese developer Oneoreight Studios, side-scrolling action game Earth’s Dawn is releasing on November 1 in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4. Available through physical and digital stores, Amazon lists it at $29.99 USD. Set in a future where alien invaders have destroyed much of the Earth, Earth’s Dawn sees you playing as an elite soldier who uses bionic alien implants to reclaim the planet. After creating your own unique character, and customizing their skills and crafting new weapons and equipments, you’ll use sword, gun, and advanced attacks to defeat the enemies. Director Kuroki Takeshi said: When you add dashing in between your attacks, then you’ll notice the game’s addictive nature. In some battles, players will have their combat skills graded. The more varied and exciting their combat approach, the higher the grade and reward. It’s fun starting with a few slash attacks, knocking the enemy up in the air, jumping into the air with more melee attacks, juggling them in the air with gunshots, and then maybe throw them in-midair to finish a combo. Our dev team is often competing to see who can get the highest number of hits in a combo as we are very competitive! By leveling up,…