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Some Of The Witcher 3's Character Animations Are Still Blowing People Away

CD Projekt Red’s RPG masterpiece came out nearly two years ago, but damn does it still hold up. And recently, a handful of people’s favorite character animations from the game have been making the rounds. Advertisement Unsurprisingly, the renewed interest in the game’s storytelling and animation nuances comes in light of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s lackluster achievement on those fronts. Just over a week ago, the game’s facial expressions were put on blast as players finally got their hands on the game’s early sections thanks to EA Access. The uproar even led some people to be complete assholes and harass the people they believed to be responsible. After playing a substantial portion of game now, my sense is less that the character animations are bad than simply under-cooked and soulless. They get the job done, and while jet-pack thrusting from one alien planet ledge to another, I honestly didn’t think too much about it. While I haven’t fallen in love with any of the game’s characters, or been particularly struck by any of the story beats so far, it all feels serviceable enough and par for the course when it comes READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Tips For Playing Mass Effect: Andromeda

Andromeda is an entirely new galaxy, and exploring it can be overwhelming. Here’s what you need to know to make the most out of the latest Mass Effect game. Don’t try to do everything at once Mass Effect: Andromeda throws a lot at you from the get-go, and stopping to immediately make sense of every piece of it won’t work. Take a breath, and take it one step at a time. Prioritize your missions Priority Ops are main missions, which you’ll want to tackle now and again. Beyond that, I found that the best quests were typically under the “Allies” menu. You’ll also want to make sure to do missions about Angaran politics, as these will help you appreciate your new alien neighbors. Planet-wise, I particularly appreciated the Kadaran slum quests, and Elaaden’s Krogan quests. If a crew member from your ship asks you to do something, you probably should—especially loyalty missions. Finally, get crackin’ on finding those lost arks, they are important. Talk to everyone NPCs out in the world have things to say, yes, but you’ll want to be especially aware of your crew. Just know that your squadmates occasionally READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Interview with Brian Fargo – Torment Tides Of Numenera, old memories and plans for the future

I (Jack Davis, TGG) am very pleased to inform you all that I got a chance to do an interview with Brian Fargo just recently. So we talked about everything from “Torment Tides Of Numenera” (don’t miss out on our “Torment Tides Of Numenera”PC giveaway!) , old memories to his plans for the future =) And with that said, please enjoy… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

The medieval strategy 16-bit RPG “You…And who else?” will soon be released on Steam

Press release: March 17, 2017 – A whole new adventure is about to start, fellow gamer. Today Aldorlea Games will release a title that you won’t be able to ignore if you are into medieval journeys and classic videogames. Discover and conquer the mysterious lands of “You… and who else?” on Steam (PC), a game that perfectly combines strategy and… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

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Survival Horror Stealth RPG The Fallen World Announced to Be in Development

Surviving in The Fallen World is harder than it may seem. Hunt down resources to barter for the ability to save, and make your way through the new world aligning yourself with the right people. …Read More The post Survival Horror Stealth RPG The Fallen World Announced to Be in Development by Jordan Loeffler appeared first on DualShockers.

Torment: Tides of Numenera PC giveaway – Three keys for three lucky winners

Today is a very good day for those who love RPG games, and especially so if you just happen to be a fan of “Planescape: Torment”. You see, the awesome folks over at Techland and inXile Entertainment hooked us up with three PC keys for their neat RPG “Torment: Tides of Numenera“. So we’re giving them away to you boys and girls… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Dungeons & Dragons Is Getting An Official Companion App

Can’t resist a Drizzt screen. Coming soon to PC, tablets and phones, D&D Beyond is the official digital companion to fifth addition D&D, giving players and dungeon masters instant access to rules, character builders and more. Does this mean we’ll stop using the unofficial support apps? No, but it’s nice. Advertisement D&D Beyond is the latest stab at an official digital companion for classic tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, aiming to deliver a wealth of information and utility to players and DMs alike. Want to roll a character? You can do that. Want to look up what a spell does? You can do that too. Want to calculate the THAC0 of a creature? Oh you poor, backwards fool. Wizards of the Coast is working with the Curse folks on the app. It looks really nice. Official Dungeons & Dragons applications and digital companion programs have been done before—I still have a boxed copy of Core Rules 2.0 around here somewhere. Players have been putting out their own digital stuff for even longer, multi-discipline geeks that we are. Still, it’s always nice to see the official stewards of the game giving READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Adult Swim

This RPG Is Based On An Operating System

In Kingsway, Andrew Morrish’s upcoming PC role-playing game, monsters are pop-ups, quests are emails and your backpack is a cluttered file folder. That’s right, it’s an OSRPG. Advertisement Coming to PC later this year via Adult Swim games, Kingsway is a role-playing adventure that takes the form of the Kingsway Operating System, which is basically a primitive Windows/MacOS for the monster-slaying set. Travel the King’s land via World Navigator window, slaying monsters as they pop up on your desktop. Drag-and-drop windows to your heart’s content. Should probably hit that avoid button really soon. It’s all about customizing the desktop to best optimize your workflow. Saving the world from a hideous monster that threatens to blot out the sun is just one of the benefits of being a well-organized worker. Advertisement Check out the trailer for Kingsway below. It’s kind of brilliant. I just hope there’s a “Tile All Windows” button. Kingsway is coming to PC later this year. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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An RPG Where You Fight Using Burritos and Dynamite

Hylics is surreal RPG created by Mason Lindroth. Following everyday schlub Wayne on his quest to defeat Gibby, King of the Moon, it is a game that thrives on confusion. Bloody skull will instantly kill you, some of the best armor is literal garbage, and randomized text adds to the confusion. It’s this week’s Indie Pick. Advertisement Describing Hylics is difficult. When it released during my time as a freelancer I summed it up as: “Like someone tossed Gumby, Earthbound, Salvador Dalí, and Yves Tanguy into a blender, sprinkled some Terry Gilliam into the mixture, and watered it down with liquid LSD.” (I know, I know. I was young and full of verbosity.) Advertisement Hylics is a traditional JRPG by all accounts. The battle system is turned based, with special abilities and items. There are hidden items and magical spells to find. A large over world holds lively towns and dangerous dungeons. But it’s all just a little bit off. Splashed with a vibrant art style and procedurally generated text that is astounding and perplexing. Hylics is a tangled conundrum that changes the rules READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Torment: Tides of Numenera release accompanied by a free RPG giveaway, and an RPG sale via GOG.com

Press release: Warsaw, February 28 – GOG.com, the digital distribution store offering the best in the RPG genre, is holding something special for all fans of deep, narrative and engaging gameplay. Celebrating the release of the wildly anticipated Torment: Tides of Numenera, aside of taking advantage of a limited-time offer on InXile’s newest outing, you can grab a free game… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

Chief Puzzle Officer

Dale North’s Chief Puzzle Officer soundtrack is now available

Multiplayer puzzle-RPG by DuoFun Studios is now available on iOS and Android devices, features catchy synth pop soundtrack by Dale North. Press release: San Diego, California – February 22, 2017 – Scarlet Moon Records is thrilled to make available the CHIEF PUZZLE OFFICER Original Soundtrack featuring a catchy synth pop soundtrack by Dale North. Chief Puzzle Officer for iOS and… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Ys Origin is now available on PlayStation 4

YS ORIGIN IS NOW AVAILABLE ON PLAYSTATION®4 AND ON MAY 30 ON PLAYSTATION®VITA. Press release: Paris, France – February, 21 2017 – DotEmu, developer and publisher specializing in modern releases of beloved retro games, is thrilled to announce that Ys Origin is now available on PlayStation®4. Initially released in Japan in 2006, Ys Origin remains one of the best action-RPGs… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Exclusive GOG.com pre-order offer for “Torment: Tides of Numenera” with a free game!

As you most likely already know (at least if you´re an RPG fan), inXile Entertainment will release their RPG game “Torment: Tides of Numenera” by the end of this month (on the 28th of February to be exact). Well, I have some really good news for you guys and girls. Because GOG just informed me (Robin Ek, TGG) that GOG… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Vidar, an RPG puzzler where everyone dies, went into early access today on Steam.