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Denpasoft Updates Yuri Visual Novel Ne no Kami and Shares Music From Part 2

Aiueo kompany

Fatal Twelve Gets New Teaser Trailer Detailing the Grim Story

a clockwork ley-line

PS Vita Exclusive A Clockwork Ley-Line Gets New Trailer Showing Plenty of CG Scenes

Nekopara Vol 3 Gets Opening Movie Revealed and It’s as Moe as Ever

a clockwork ley-line

Visual Novel Series A Clockwork Ley-Line Shows Opening Movie on PS Vita

Unison Shift launched the opening movie for the upcoming PlayStation Vita version of their visual novel series A Clockwork Ley-Line in Japan on April 27 titled A Clockwork Ley-Line -Kagerou ni Samayou Majo-. …Read More The post Visual Novel Series A Clockwork Ley-Line Shows Opening Movie on PS Vita by Azario Lopez appeared first on DualShockers.

Nekopara Anime OVA Gets First PV After Raising More Than Half a Million Dollars Through Kickstarter

Nekoworks launched the first PV for Nekopara Anime OVA, currently on Kickstarter. Based off the visual novel series, the new PV shows the anime style the studio decided to go with headed by production company Felix Film …Read More The post Nekopara Anime OVA Gets First PV After Raising More Than Half a Million Dollars Through Kickstarter by Azario Lopez appeared first on DualShockers.

Nekopara OVA KickStarter Raises Half a Million Dollars in Ten Days


The Labyrinth of Grisaia ~Unrated Version~ Now Available in the West

Fault Milestone one

Sekai Project Gives Update on Early 2017 Lineup

Publisher Sekai Project specializes in bringing over niche titles to Western markets, and they will have two offerings for gamers in early 2017. The publisher went to their blog to give an update on both fault – milestone one and Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition. Both titles are visual novels. Here’s what the publisher had to say regarding fault – milestone one: For fault – milestone one, the engine coding is coming to an end and we have begun work in updating assets and adding in new features. Yes, you heard that right: new stuff! One of the most exciting new features is an all-new original score composed by Brazilian musician Luiza Carvalho, who did an excellent job at capturing the feel and atmosphere of the world and milieu of fault – milestone one. We believe part of the incredible strength of fault – milestone one is in the strong women cast in the game, mirrored with the strong women staff behind the game. It’s truly a little marvel and we can’t wait for many more of you to dive into this ever-expanding adventure. Sekai Project also gave an update on Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition (which hopefully I’ll never…

A Magical High School Girl

A Magical High School Girl Gets New Features Trailer and Patch Notes

Japanese School Life

Japanese School Life Gets the Steam Greenlight

Sekai Project’s casual adventure Japanese School Life has gone under the Steam Greenlight. The feature lets players vote on whether or not they’d be interested in a game to gauge interest. Sekai Project succeeded in releasing Sakura Space on the popular service earlier this month. Japanese School Life puts players in the role of a foreign exchange student “filled with anxiety and excitement to be able to live in Japan”. View a brief promotional trailer for the game below. [embedded content]

and the Nashville Skyline

Sekai Project Releases Trailer for Yuri Visual Novel Love, Guitars, and the Nashville Skyline

Sekai Project launched the trailer for the Cosmillica developed visual novel Love, Guitars, and the Nashville Skyline, now on Steam Greenlight. The trailer details a little bit about the story of a woman who steps out of her box and seeks an adventure. The publisher details further: Amanda Etheridge is just an average, closeted lesbian working at an advertising agency in New York… At least until the huge project she was in charge of collapse through no fault of her own. Now the former workaholic has been put on paid leave, but without her work, what is there for her to do? Well, her boss did tell her to get out, meet people, and expand her horizons… Guided by the country songs on the radio, she travels to Nashville alone. Reluctantly leaving her old life behind, she arrives in the colorful, musical city — and hear the whisper of an angel. You can watch the trailer below: [embedded content]

Liz-Arts Opens Steam Page For Visual Novel Memory’s Dogma; Lists All-Star Voice Cast

Liz-Arts launched the Steam page for their upcoming visual novel Memory’s Dogma CODE:01 set to release in 2016. Published and localized in the west by Sekai Project, the game is set in a sci-fi futuristic Japan that hosts a huge cast of characters and multiple endings. The Steam page details further and includes a list of the very recognizable voice cast: It is the year 2030 A.D. With the recent advancements in information technology and neuroscience in Japan, human memories can now be saved and recorded via a technology called “e-Memory.” Numerous state-operated facilities now exist that will allow one to communicate with the deceased: the “Connect Center.” College student Kusuhara Hiroki struggles with suicidal impulses after the sudden passing of his close childhood friend, Mizunashi Sorano. With her memories to last only six days, Kusuhara’s friend Amamiya Kakeru suggests that they attempt to steal Sorano’s memories from the server in which they are stored. In the midst of this, the pair of friends are suddenly embroiled in an ongoing conspiracy revolving around a truth that must be kept secret at all costs.Features: Multiple Decision Points – Avoid the “bad endings” to reach the truth. Fully Voiced Japanese Cast- Characters (including the…


Yuri Visual Novel ‘Ne no Kami’ Gets Uncensored Release Before All-Ages Steam Version

Successful visual novel indiegogo campaign Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto received a new Steam release date set for October 25. However, Nutaku plans release the uncensored version of the game later today. Releasing 18+ versions of a game isn’t new to the distributer; Sakura Space received the same treatment in early September. The publisher details the story: ~At dawn, the moonlight illuminates the old capital enveloped in fog. Guided by fate, bound by their thoughts, the maidens dance. Amid a spiral of despair, the beloved princess and her guardian knight overcome their fear. Gazing up at the dawn sky, the princess of the earth gently averts her eyes. Descended from the heavens, bearing her dreams. Scooping up the ripples from the water’s surface. The princess of the sun gazes, and contemplates. Light dwelling in their cerulean eyes, and with a will that can break down the wall of fate. The dancing maidens of the old capital become the princess knights.~ A large earthquake rocks Kyoto at its core, unsettling the balance of the world. Through television and radio, news of absurd behaviors and emergence of cults became frequent, and demons sightings were reported all throughout Japan. But with the passage of…