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Horizon Zero Dawn 1TB PS4 Bundle Coming to Europe, Game Hasn’t Been Downgraded Since E3

Sony has announced that a 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim Horizon Zero Dawn bundle will be available on March 1 in Europe. Along with a 1TB PS4 Slim, a DualShock 4, and a physical copy of Horizon, the bundle also include three months of PlayStation Plus. PlayStation Europe adds, “The Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 bundle is available in certain markets only. Check local retailers for price and stock availability.” No such bundle was announced for North America today. Answering some questions on Twitter this week, Game Director Mathijs de Jonge said Horizon Zero Dawn had “absolutely not” been downgraded since E3. Asked about a Season Pass, he said, “Can’t share anything on this yet.” Horizon Zero Dawn releases on February 28 in North America and March 1 in Europe for PS4. It hasn’t gone gold quite yet, but de Jonge says the team at Guerrilla is “so close” to completing the game. Earlier this month, de Jonge said their target with Horizon is 1080p/30fps, and they’ll share further details on PS4 Pro support “later.” He also said Aloy will be joined by AI companions at “some points yes, but not often.” [Source: PlayStation Blog, Mathijs de Jonge (Twitter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) via GearNuke] READ FULL STORY…


PS4 Pro: How Portable Is it? We Tested it By Taking it on a 12-Hour Intercontinental Flight to Tokyo

The original PS4 is one of the most portable home consoles in the market, but can the bigger and heavier PS4 Pro involve the same ease of transportation? …Read More The post PS4 Pro: How Portable Is it? We Tested it By Taking it on a 12-Hour Intercontinental Flight to Tokyo by Giuseppe Nelva appeared first on DualShockers.

Horizon Zero Dawn Won’t Have Micro-Transactions, New Videos Released

Over the weekend, Horizon Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games confirmed that their upcoming title won’t include micro-transactions. “There will be no micro-transactions in #HorizonZeroDawn,” they wrote on Twitter in response to a question. Elsewhere, PlayStation Japan recently uploaded a couple of Horizon Zero Dawn videos featuring English audio. In them, members of Guerrilla Games talk about the history and world of Horizon, with gameplay being shown throughout. At 1:50 of the first video, you’ll even get a quick look at the map (we’ve also placed it above): [embedded content] [embedded content] If these videos are re-released on the North American and European YouTube channels as we get closer to Horizon Zero Dawn’s launch, we’ll let you know. You can also check out this trailer from PlayStation Europe about Aloy cosplay, which includes some Horizon gameplay: [embedded content] Horizon Zero Dawn releases on February 28 in North America and March 1 in Europe for PlayStation 4. A media event is currently being held by Guerrilla Games, and pictures will be posted on their Instagram page. [Source: Guerrilla Games (Twitter 1, 2, 3), PlayStation] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


PlayStation VR Exclusive V! No Heroes Allowed! R Gets a Lot of Gameplay from Taipei Game Show


NiOh PS4 Pro vs PS4 Pro 1080p Screenshot Comparison: A Very Visible Difference and Lots of Options

Koei Tecmo definitely pulled all the stops to give players a lot of options to enjoy NiOh with their favorite balance between visuals and frame rate, on both PS4 and PS4 Pro. …Read More The post NiOh PS4 Pro vs PS4 Pro 1080p Screenshot Comparison: A Very Visible Difference and Lots of Options by Giuseppe Nelva appeared first on DualShockers.


PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Gets New Character and Machine Images and Beautiful Gameplay

Hiroyuki Oda

PlayStation Asia President Opens Taipei Game Show With Badass Entrance in Horizon: Zero Dawn Cosplay

Sony Interactive Entertainment Asia President Hiroyuki Oda is beloved and respected by local fans. He is not your usual suit, and he definitely lends himself to funny stunts during press conferences and similar events. …Read More The post PlayStation Asia President Opens Taipei Game Show With Badass Entrance in Horizon: Zero Dawn Cosplay by Giuseppe Nelva appeared first on DualShockers.

gravity rush 2

Sony Celebrates Release of Gravity Rush 2 With Making-Of for the Super-Cute “Gravity Cat” Trailer

Sony shows off the special effects (and cat food) used to create the charming “Gravity Cat” trailer released a few days ago. …Read More The post Sony Celebrates Release of Gravity Rush 2 With Making-Of for the Super-Cute “Gravity Cat” Trailer by Giuseppe Nelva appeared first on DualShockers.

Florian Hunziker

Sony’s New Third-Party Relations VP: We’ll “Continue to Focus on Indie Games and Unique Partnerships”

In an article on GamesBeat, former Harmonix COO Florian Hunziker has revealed that he’s taking over the position of Vice President of Third-Party Relations at Sony Interactive Entertainment, where he’ll work with third-party publishers and developers. The position was previously held by Adam Boyes, who left SIE last summer to return to games development. As Hunziker explains, his early focus will be placed on two key areas. The first is making sure their partners – big or small – get support to easily develop for PlayStation platforms and get rewarded for creating great experiences. The other is making sure gamers know they were correct in choosing PlayStation: I will also focus on making sure our fans know they made the right choice when they chose PlayStation. Its incumbent on us to make sure we’re doing everything we can to maintain a diverse gaming library. I think it is important to provide vibrant and diverse content to PlayStation fans. We want to focus on both huge IPs and smaller developers who are willing to take risks to bring something new and innovative to PlayStation. The industry will thrive from a varied and vibrant development community delivering games that engage and amaze gamers. In READ FULL STORY…


RIGS DLC Support Comes to an End, Servers to Remain Online

Following the announcement of the closure of developer Guerrilla Cambridge last week, Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer that DLC support for RIGS Mechanized Combat League is over, but the servers will remain online: For players of RIGS Mechanized Combat League, we would seek to reassure you that the online service is not affected by this closure, but unfortunately it will mean that there will be no further DLC for Rigs. We shall also continue to provide community support. A similar message was relayed on the RIGS Discord by community manager Jeroen Roding. Back in November, Guerrilla Games said, “Post-launch support is an important part of our RIGS Mechanized Combat League plan, and we’re excited to announce that in December we’ll be releasing our first free update!” The December Update brought the new Zurich Arena, APX RIGS, and more. RIGS released on October 13 as a PlayStation VR launch title. [Source: Eurogamer, Reddit, PlayStation Blog] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

Koei Tecmo

Nioh Last Chance Trial Takes Place This Weekend, Pre-Loads Now Available

[embedded content] Offering up your final opportunity to play Nioh before it launches on February 7 in North America and February 8 in Europe for PlayStation 4, Team Ninja has announced that a Last Chance Trial will run this weekend, on January 21 and 22. You can pre-load the 7GB file from the PlayStation Store (North America, Europe) right now. If you manage to beat the Last Chance Trial’s Main Mission, you’ll be given the Ogress Headgear. Your save data from the Last Chance Trial is required to access the Ogress Headgear in the full game though, so make sure you don’t delete it. Additionally, completing the Twilight Mission will get you the Mark of the Conqueror and Mark of the Strong from last year’s Alpha and Beta. For these, “you will be prompted to download DLC that you’ll also need to keep on your PS4 until launch. In-game, visit shrines to receive these “Boons” and reap the rewards! The demo will include an expanded version of what was shown off at PSX in December. Will you be playing Nioh this weekend? [Source: PlayStation Blog (1), (2)] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

Koei Tecmo

Nioh Game Director: “We Consciously Avoided Making the Game Easy”

Despite tweaking camera controls and other gameplay elements in light of beta feedback, Game Director Fumihiko Yasuda still considers Nioh to be a “masocore” game — that is, a combination of “masochistic” and “hardcore.” Destructoid caught up with the developer ahead of the RPG’s launch early next month, where Yasuda noted that during development, Koei Tecmo “consciously avoided making the game easy.” First up, Yasuda-san addressed concerns over those aforementioned changes, claiming the final build of Nioh is streamlined, not easier. “We believe ‘streamlined’ is the better expression. We are aware of such voices claiming that by improving controls and camera, the beta felt ‘easy’ to veterans from alpha demo. Nioh is meant to be a masocore game so during development, we consciously avoided making the game easy.” Further in the interview, Fumihiko Yasuda touched base on the inspirations behind Nioh — inspirations that span much further than From Software’s Souls series. “Nioh was influenced by [the] Bloodborne and Souls series. For RPG/hack ‘n slash elements, especially the looting system, we looked to Diablo as well as Borderlands. As for samurai depiction, we took hints from movies such Lone Wolf and Cub by Kenji Misumi and Yojimbo by READ FULL STORY AT…

DLC & Patches

Gravity Rush 2’s Free Story DLC Is up to Five Hours Long, Says Director

[embedded content] As an apology for Gravity Rush 2 being delayed from December 2016 to January 2017, Game Director Keiichiro Toyama announced in October that they’d be releasing the planned story DLC for free. In an interview with Famitsu recently (translated by Gematsu), Toyama explained what you can expect from Another Story: The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice, which lets you play as Raven, when it launches in March: It will depict what happens to ark left over at the end of the previous game and the children. At first we wanted to put it in the main story, but we decided to cut it since those who didn’t play the previous game wouldn’t understand it. Taking your time playing it will take about five hours. If you’re planning on picking up Gravity Rush 2 when it launches this week on PlayStation 4 (18th in Europe, 20th in North America), there shouldn’t be a day one update. Discussing the future of Gravity Rush, Toyama said he would want it to be something new: It’s still a blank slate, but I feel like I’ve put my all into it this time, so if I make a sequel, I want it to be something new. For example, READ FULL STORY…

Koei Tecmo

Nioh Post-Launch Update Will Add a PvP Mode, 70-Minute PS4 Gameplay Video Released

[embedded content] In an interview with Gamereactor Spain (translated by Google Translate), Nioh Game Director Yosuke Hayashi revealed that Team Ninja plans to release a free PvP mode shortly after launch: We plan to offer for free a player-to-player mode in the near future after the launch of Nioh. There is also a seasonal pass available to book on PlayStation Store which will add three large DLCs that will be launched shortly after the game’s exit. Asked if Team Ninja developed Nioh with a sequel in mind, Hayashi said, “Our approach was to develop Nioh and think about the possibility of a sequel after analyzing the player’s response to the game.” Because of its gameplay and difficulty, Nioh draws comparisons to Dark Souls and Lords of the Fallen. According to Hayashi, what sets Nioh apart is the deeper equipment system and the ability improve William’s combat skills: We have a lot of respect for Dark Souls and Lords of the Fallen. However, for Koei Tecmo it is special to bring originality. Nioh is an action RPG based on combat with a Western samurai protagonist and takes place in the heartbreaking sixteenth-century war in Japan. Nioh offers a deeper weapons and combat system equipment as well as the opportunity to READ FULL STORY…