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Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Announced for Nintendo Switch

Capcom Announces Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers for Nintendo Switch Capcom is the latest to announce their partnership with Nintendo as they announced a Street Fighter game for the Nintendo Switch! If the title didn’t already give it away, it won’t be Street Fighter V. Instead, the press release from Capcom stated that the game will be Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers! This newest game will feature all of the fighters from the original Street Fighter II, as well as two new additions: Evil Ryu and Violent Ken. There are also a few features that take advantage of the Nintendo Switch console design. Players will be able to switch between the classic pixel art graphics or new graphics created for the Nintendo Switch. Ultra Street Fighter II will allow players to team up with a friend or take on CPU’s in addition to the classic VS mode. The second half of the Joy-Con can also be used to challenge another player in a one on one match. While no release date has been announced, further information will become available in the coming months. Keep it locked for all of these updates and check out the screenshots for the game below….

These very cool Street Fighter x M.U.S.C.L.E. figures are $6 a pack, or $24 for the whole set of 12.

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Unlikely Street Fighter III Character Wins First Major Tournament

Cooperation Cup, a long-running Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tournament, returned to Japan this past weekend. Now in its 15th year, the event again provided the world with some of the best 3rd Strike competition around. This time, Alex player Genki’s winning performance was more than just a personal victory: it was a landmark for the Street Fighter community as a whole. Advertisement Cooperation Cup continues to boast impressive numbers for an event solely featuring a game that first launched in 1999. Its longstanding history in the fighting game community has made it an iconic part of the competitive circuit. Players who had nothing to do with Street Fighter III during its original arcade run make time to tune in alongside the diehard supporters, marveling at the fast-paced, parry-centric gameplay and the continued dominance of the release’s strongest characters. As this year’s grand finals wound down, the fate of both teams centered on two players. Boss, a championship-caliber Yun, came face to face with an Alex player named Genki. Although he had found success in the past, Genki had never made it to this level of competition at Cooperation Cup READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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Here’s a Collection of 2017’s Biggest Video Game Anniversaries

With 2017 now upon us, players are quietly gearing up for a stacked 12 months of hardware launches (see: Nintendo Switch), new software and of course, a slew of video game anniversaries and milestones. To clue you in on the latter, Game Kana has compiled a handy rundown of all the major video game anniversaries set to take place over the course of 2017 and, unsurprisingly, there’s quite a lot to look forward to. At the tip-top of Game Kana’s overview, Dig Dug is set to ring in its 35th anniversary in mid-April, while Assassin’s Creed is one of the many video game franchises due to celebrate its 5th anniversary later in the year. Following its year-long hiatus, all signs point to AC making a big splash in 2017, though Ubisoft is yet to officially confirm the franchise’s return at the time of writing. One series that is expected to race onto the scene is Gran Turismo, given developer Polyphony Digital has all hands on deck in anticipation of Sport. Other notable milestones include the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter (August 30) and the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII (January 31). 35th Anniversary Dig Dug – First released in READ FULL…


Street Fighter V Season 2 Character Pass – It Sure Beats Grinding

Street Fighter V Season 2 Character Pass Impressions After 6 characters, a lot of new modes, and a ton of tweaking, Capcom got Street Fighter V to be the game that it should have been when it was released. Now, after the Capcom Pro Tour and Capcom Cup, Street Fighter V is entering what Capcom has dubbed “Season 2”. The best part of this new update is that we can now use Akuma. He looks much more lion-like, but this is the same Akuma that we all know and love. My only complaint is that his voice in Story Mode is not at all what I would have imagined. _________________________ “The best part of this new update is that we can now use Akuma.”  There are holiday costumes for Ken, Karin, R. Mika, Zangief, Laura, and Juri, which cannot be purchased with fight money. They are $3.99 each or $29.99 for the set. These costumes basically make each character look like a Tokyo fashion Santa Clause. I knew about the holiday costumes, but I was not prepared for the B-Boy Ryu and B-Girl Chun-Li costumes, which are actually arguably less ridiculous than the holiday costumes. There are


7.66GB Street Fighter V Update Today Kicks Off Season 2, Makes Lots of Changes

Although Street Fighter V is undergoing maintenance until 5pm PT/8pm ET, the new update that kicks off Season 2 is available to download on PlayStation 4, weighing in at 7.66GB. Today also sees the arrival of Akuma (he’s included in the 2017 Season Pass), his Story, and Premium Battle and Nostalgia costumes, as well as the Holiday DLC, and Ryu’s B-Boy and Chun-Li’s B-Girl costumes. If you want to get all of the holiday content for a discounted price, there’s a bundle available until January 17, 2017 through the PlayStation Store for $19.99/€19.99/£15.99. As you can see in the below patch notes for today’s Street Fighter V update, Capcom updated the Rage Quit System, made numerous character adjustments, and more. To see all 90+ pages of character-specific changes in the update, click on this link to download the PDF. Background Music Select In Battle Settings, you’ll now be able to select your preferred music in Training and Versus Modes as well as Casual and Ranked matches. Fighter Profile Radar Charts Additional updates and fixes have been implemented into Fighter Profiles. Updated Rage Quit System The current Rage Quit System has resulted in a significant decrease in rage quitting. That said, we always planned to take this one step…


Street Fighter V Winter Update Makes Rage Quitters Play Together

Street Fighter V’s holiday update is here, bringing with it festive holiday costumes, the debut of Akuma and tons of tweaks and balance changes, but the most entertaining change of them all is tweaking matchmaking to ensure frequent rage quitters wind up playing each other. Advertisement Docking League Points and temporary bans have gone a long way towards reducing the number of Street Fighter V players who’d rather disconnect than register a loss, but there are still players who’d rather take a chance at penalties to give their opponents a hard time. Today’s big update for Capcom’s flagship fighting game adjusts matchmaking so players who regularly disconnect mid-match are more likely to be paired with others of their ilk. While honorable players who rarely disconnect are busy facing off against similarly stalwart foes, rage quitters will find themselves in a hell of their own making, where no one can be trusted to see a match through to the end. It’s rather poetic. Advertisement Along with the matchmaking changes, the winter update also adds special icons to player profiles for game’s most and least reliable players. If this escalates as I hope it does, by mid Season Two rage quitting players…

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Street Fighter V's Rollercoaster Year

It’s funny to think of a fighting game having responsibilities, but that’s exactly where Street Fighter V found itself on the verge of its mid-February release date earlier this year. As the follow-up to what was arguably the genre’s most important release in decades, there was a lot riding on Street Fighter V’s success. Would it be able to maintain the fighting game community’s massive growth over the past seven years, while also providing a worthwhile platform for hardcore competitors? Advertisement Street Fighter V had been under intense scrutiny from the moment it was announced. While folks once enjoyed fighting games as a hobby, competing solely for notoriety or acclaim, a select handful had turned their skills into thriving careers. For some, fighting games were no longer a simple pastime, and competitors across the globe looked to Capcom in hopes they could live up to this new legacy. In the time between 2008’s Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V, expectations for modern fighting games had risen. Moving from arcades to home consoles made features like stable online play and robust single-player experiences the norm, and competitive mechanics needed to provide sufficient depth to keep up with the community’s lightning-fast…

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MMA Champion Uses Video Games And Cosplay To Deal With The Stress Of Fighting

Photo credit: Invicta. Angela “Overkill” Hill is the strawweight champion of the world’s most prominent women’s MMA organization, Invicta. She’s on the verge of a second crack at UFC glory. Last time around, though, she found herself too bogged down by the pressures of fight life to compete as well as she could. These days, she’s using cosplay and video games to keep herself focused and sharp. Advertisement Nathan Grayson: OK so, when I interviewed [UFC flyweight champion] Mighty Mouse a while back, he said he’d actually been playing video games for longer than he’d been fighting. Is it similar for you? Angela Hill: I’ve definitely been playing video games longer. When I was a kid, I remember getting our first Nintendo. Actually, the first thing we had was a, what was it called, a TurboGrafx. My favorite game was Bonk on TurboGrafx. Advertisement I didn’t start fighting until I graduated college in 2008. That’s when I first started messing around with kickboxing, and then I moved onto fighting, and then I moved onto MMA. In college, I had to kinda stop playing games, because I had jobs and papers and art projects. Then, when I started fighting at first,…


Check Out Street Fighter V’s Akuma in Action Ahead of Release

[embedded content] As announced during PlayStation Experience 2016, Akuma will be joining the Street Fighter V roster soon. Before you get to play as the character, though, check out the introduction video above and watch him in action while learning about his background and skills. V-Skill: Rakan Akuma strikes a defensive stance and similar to Ryu’s Mind’s Eye, can parry an incoming attack. He can follow-up the move with an upward kick or a long reaching palm strike. V-Trigger: Dohatsu Shoten Akuma powers up and envelops his body with ki to enter Dohatsu Shoten mode. In this mode, his Gohadokens are more powerful, now able to travel full-screen and he can unleash two in the air even while jumping backwards. Additionally, when he lands his Goshoryuken attack, he follows-up and violently drives his opponents into the ground. Critical Art: Sekia Koretsuha Akuma channels an incredible amount of ki into his palm and drives it into the ground, striking the opponent with an exploding pillar of fierce energy. Critical Art: Shun Goku Satsu Only accessible while in Dohatsu Shoten mode, Akuma’s most powerful attack returns. He glides towards the opponent and grabs them, resulting in a series of devastating strikes in…


Capcom Teases Street Fighter V’s Upcoming Season Balance Changes

With Street Fighter V’s 2017 season expected to kick off on December 20, Capcom has now pinpointed some of the changes headed to the brawler in the upcoming weeks. Taking to the publisher’s blog, Producer Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas outlined three areas in need of improvement: throw recovery, strong anti-air light attacks, invincible reversal reliance. Rosas stopped short of detailing exactly how those changes will be implemented, but further details will be shared in the coming weeks. For now, the blog post stressed how the overriding goal of Street Fighter V‘s 2017 season is to emphasize the unique attributes of each fighter. What we noticed in the 2016 season of Street Fighter V was that although each character has the tools to allow for a distinct experience, there were a few things, which were quite strong in general, resulting in players using them more than the unique attacks each character possesses. This led players, both the attacker and the one being attacked, to have a similar experience regardless of which characters were being used. We think that by reducing each character’s similarities, we can allow players to fully express themselves through their favorite characters, further providing the Street Fighter experience players have come to…


Akuma Is Coming to Street Fighter V, Skies of Honor Stage Arrives Tomorrow

[embedded content] During the Red Bull Battlegrounds North American Regional Finals, the above teaser trailer was released, revealing that Akuma is coming to Street Fighter V. There’s no release date for Akuma yet, but he’ll be playable next month at PlayStation Experience 2016 on December 3 and 4. As Game Informer notes, the symbol on Akuma’s back in the trailer isn’t the “Heaven” Kanji, but is instead the one for “god” over the one for “man.” When Akuma transformed into Shin Akuma in Capcom vs SNK 2, the latter is the combination that appeared. In other Street Fighter V news, Capcom announced that the Skies of Honor stage is releasing tomorrow, November 8 for $3.99 USD/70,000 Fight Money: Take flight with Rashid when “Skies of Honor” stage comes to #SFV tomorrow for 70k FM/$3.99! — Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) November 7, 2016 If Akuma is the start of the next slate of DLC characters for Street Fighter V, who else would you like to see added in the future? [Source: EventHubs, Game Informer, Street Fighter] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


Street Fighter Juri Statue Looks Very Uncomfortable

As a big fan of Street Fighter’s South Korean monster, I was initially quite pleased with the latest statue from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. Then I took a moment to really look at the straps on the side of her battle bib. Ouchie. Advertisement For the most part it’s a very nice statue, as it should be for a nearly two-foot tall, $445 piece. The twisted pose, the confident expression with just a hint of lurking malice and mania—it’s very Juri. But I cannot stop looking at the straps on the left side of her chest. What fabric is that? Is it some sort of sculpted metal or rigid plastic? What material can wrap tightly about the rib cage under arm area and then warp about a breast like that, while still remaining unyielding enough to cause the flesh to bulge around it? My wife and I spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure the statue out this morning. She came to the conclusion that implants are involved somehow, something about the way the breast leads into the arm. This does not explain the fabric at all. Advertisement Anyway, Juri from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles will be arriving in…

Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Smash Bros. and Beyond: The Ultimate History of Fighting Games

Every year at the Evolution Championship Series, or EVO, fighting game fanatics from all over the world gather in Las Vegas to prove who is the best of the best for glory and cash prizes. This summer’s EVO was historic for a few reasons. It was the tournament’s 20th anniversary. This is the first EVO to feature Street Fighter V, the latest installment in a series that has single-handedly defined the fighting game genre. And the SFV final were broadcast on ESPN2, creating a new sports hero, Long Island Joe, in the process. The Street Fighter games are arguably the best-known fighting titles ever released (only Mortal Kombat comes close), and the series has sold a staggering 37 million copies. Fighting games, though, have been around since the very beginning of the medium. The first one we hit on this list landed in arcades in 1976 – a full 40 years ago! Lace up your gloves, charge up your ki, and let’s write the book on the history of fighting games. I tried to play, either on original machines or through emulation, every single game that could be considered a “fighting game” in the history of video games. I’m going to try and talk…