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Street Fighter V's Newest Character Is Slightly Less Bulky Than He First Appeared

Final Fight’s Abigail is now the biggest character to ever appear in the Street Fighter series, and fans aren’t pleased with his grotesque stature. But it turns out that Abigail’s beefy appearance in the reveal trailer show just prior to the end of the Evo 2017 Street Fighter V tournament was somewhat embellished. Abigail actually gets bigger when the player uses his V-Trigger ability, effectively pulling a Bane and getting juiced for a limited amount of time while the V-Gauge is still full. The trailer shows Abigail in this state the whole time, but in practice players will be spending most of their time with Abigail in his slightly deflated state. Players have put together a few different GIFs showing the difference. The irony of Capcom revealing Abigail in his pumped up form vs. his normal state is that many fans have already given the thumbs down on Canadian fighter because of his roided-out physique. The character is originally from the beat’em up Final Fight, but his appearance there is almost quaint by comparison. Abigail, seen top-right, wasn’t even Final Fight’s biggest sprite. Despite the Street Fighter series’ penchant for unrealistic characters sporting physical proportions READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

cm punk

CM Punk Consoles Street Fighter's Punk, One Punk To Another, About Losing

Punk putting his head in his hands after receiving his second-place medal in Street Fighter V at Evo 2017 (via YouTube) Victor “Punk” Woodley has had a tough week. After months of first-place finishes on the Street Fighter V competitive circuit, most notably the $150,000 top prize in the Eleague SFV invitational, Punk experienced serious heartbreak in the Evo 2017 finals this past Sunday. Evo is the biggest, longest-running fighting game tournament in the world, and therefore, home to the most important Street Fighter tournament of the year. In the end, the 18-year-old Street Fighter player placed second. Advertisement It’s quite an achievement to earn second, but it wasn’t enough for Punk. After accepting his second-place medal on the Evo 2017 stage, Punk buried his face in his hands. That night, he tweeted, “Let everyone down I’m so disappointed in myself.” In response, Punk’s friends and fans appeared in droves to cheer up the young Street Fighter player. Today, WWE wrestler Phil “CM Punk” Brooks created a message for Punk, made all the more endearing by the fact that Punk chose his own gaming handle in honor of CM Punk and his READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Learn How to Play Abigail in Street Fighter V

Evo 2017 had a number of exciting announcements, and one of the most unexpected ones was that Final Fight’s Abigail was coming to Street Fighter V. A rad looking trailer was shown on Sunday, but now Capcom is back with more details on how to use the character competitively. On social media the Japanese studio posted an introduction video for the upcoming fighter that’ll let players get ready before he joins the roster on July 25. Check out the video below to learn some tips from Capcom UK Community Manager Matthew Edwards: Guard breaking punches, beastly health, an armored run & the largest character in SF history. @TheStreetWriter introduces us to — Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) July 18, 2017 If you missed the former Final Fight boss’ debut trailer when it premiered on Sunday, July 16 then you can check it out below: [embedded content] Abigail capped off a busy week of Street Fighter V announcements, as the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour stage was previously unveiled. Additionally, it was announced that the legendary Suzaku Castle stage would be making its return on July 25.  Players will be kept busy later this month as Capcom continues their commitment to building SFV as a platform (even if READ FULL STORY…


ESPN Deemed Cammy’s Thong Inappropriate for Broadcast TV

A funny thing happened during this past weekend’s EVO fighting game tournament. Cammy player Ryota “Kazunoko” Inoue was asked by ESPN to change his character’s costume halfway through a match. Why did this happen? Apparently, Cammy’s world-famous butt cheeks were unfit for live TV. As described on Kotaku, an EVO staffer stopped Kazunoko’s match after the first round and had him, and opponent Nuckledu go back to the character selection screen. Kazunoko switched to a costume that had Cammy wearing a dress instead of her signature thong. Kazunoko’s wasn’t sure why he was asked to change his costume, but ESPN confirmed to Compete that the “request was made per broadcast standards.” [embedded content] A similar incident happened at last year’s EVO, where Keita “Fuudo” Ai was asked to change the costume of his character, R. Mika. As you may know, this wrestling protege also wears a revealing thong. As with Kazunoko, Fuudo was allowed to resume his finals match after he switched to a more conservative costume. Fun fact: Fuudo was required to use the “Story 1” costume after his first match because the default was deemed too revealing by ESPN. — Ryan Harvey READ FULL STORY AT GEEK!


ESPN Makes Street Fighter Player Change Character's Thong Due to 'Broadcast Standards'

On Sunday night, ESPN aired Evo 2017’s Street Fighter V finals. During Ryota “Kazunoko” Inoue’s match, in which he played as the character Cammy, ESPN requested that Kazunoko change the character’s costume from her default thong leotard to her formalwear DLC outfit. (Cammy does not wear pants in this formal outfit, either, but she does wear a full-coverage pair of black briefs, rather than the thong that her other costumes feature.) Kazunoko managed to play one finals match with Cammy in her default costume. The video above shows ESPN’s version of the broadcast on the left, compared to a YouTube video of the online live-stream of the match. As the video on the right shows, an Evo staffer halted the match and pulled both players back into the Character Select screen. After listening to what the staffer had to say, Kazunoko changed Cammy’s costume. Kazunoko’s agent confirmed to Compete that the costume change was a request from the Evo staffer: “He says he was asked to change costume by tournament organizer and he’s not sure why they asked.” GIF Kazunoko looked surprised to be asked to change Cammy’s costume Compete reached out to ESPN to ask whether READ FULL STORY…

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

EVO’s Big Fighting Game Announcements Were Both Delightful and Frustrating

The annual EVO tournament isn’t just a place where the world’s greatest fighting game players battle it out. It has also become a place where big fighting game news gets dropped. This year’s EVO was no exception in this regard as fans of the genre were treated to a lot of cool and surprising announcements. [embedded content] The biggest shocker from EVO is the fact that Geese Howard from Fatal Fury will be coming to Tekken 7. Perhaps this news isn’t that surprising considering how Street Fighter‘s Akuma is already in Bandai Namco’s fighter, but it is cool nonetheless. Hopefully, Tekken 7 will keep on introducing characters from other fighting games. May I suggest Akira from Virtua Fighter? [embedded content] Street Fighter V will be getting a new character named Abigail. Well, the character isn’t exactly new since he (or she?) first appeared in Final Fight. Capcom actually teased this reveal by tweeting a screenshot from Abigail’s stage. This stage is modeled after the level in Final Fight where you fought the giant bruiser, leading some (including myself) to believe we were getting a remake of the classic beat ’em up. I’m all READ FULL STORY AT GEEK!


Abigail Joins Street Fighter V Later This Month

A former Final Fight boss is making their way to Street Fighter V later this month. On July 25, the hulking gang member Abigail will be unleashed in Capcom’s marquee fighting game. Despite being one of Final Fight‘s most iconic boss characters, this will mark Abigail’s first appearance in a Street Fighter title. This news was unveiled during the Street Fighter V finals of Evo 2017, the world’s premier fighting game tournament. Check out the Street Fighter V Abigail gameplay trailer below, which also shows the Metro City Bay Area stage that’ll be added on July 25: [embedded content] This has been a busy week for Street Fighter V announcements, as the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour stage was previously unveiled, and it was announced that the legendary Suzaku Castle stage would be making its return on July 25.  Even if there aren’t any additional announcements tonight, it’s clear that players will be kept busy later this month as Capcom is still clearly committed to building SFV as a platform. Abigail will join the roster of Street Fighter V on July 25. He can either be purchased with in-game fight money, or bought as part of the game’s second season character pass. The latter will cost players $29.99, and READ…


New Street Fighter V Character Announced: Abigail from Final Fight


Street Fighter V Pro Is All About The Endorsements 

That guy on the right is Lee “Infiltration” Seon Woo. You might remember him from last year’s Evo Street Fighter V tournament,which he won. A veteran of the scene who’s been competing since 2010 with Super Street Fighter IV, he’s now housing energy drinks in-between matches to help pay the bills. It was during a match-up against Ari “fLoE” Weintraub during pools that that Infiltration made sure his Monster can got top billing. The beverage company announced it’s sponsorship of the Street Fighter champion, along with fellow competitor Ho Kun Xian. A showman and a joker, Infiltration said he was happy to sign with Monster because “They have supported so many great players,” adding “Monster will literally support me with monstrous power.” The details of his collaboration with the company’s whose canned liquids carry caffeine levels capable of seriously injuring certain small children haven’t been revealed, but he seems to be dutifully carrying them out despite the high-pressure atmosphere at this year’s Evo. Street Fighter’s own Peyton Manning when it comes to thirst, Infiltration is a master of the tongue-in-cheek irony that walks the line between deadly serious and seriously absurd. Advertisement READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Mike “OlafRedland” Spragg displays his Evo wristbands after making it out of his Street Fighter V po

Image credit: Ian Walker Mike “OlafRedland” Spragg displays his Evo wristbands after making it out of his Street Fighter V pool. Competitors this year receive a special wristband designating them as “official pool survivors” if they make it through their double-elimination bracket. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Street Fighter V Champions Choice Costume and Capcom Pro Tour Stage Revealed

2016’s Capcom Cup winner, Du “NuckleDu” Dang, has unveiled his tactical officer-inspired costume (pictured above) for Street Fighter V‘s Guile. The content will be available on July 25 for $5.99 / € 5.99 and will be included in the Capcom Pro Tour 2017 Premier Pass. Additionally, Capcom unveiled this year’s Pro Tour stage, which you can check out below. The developer wrote: Continuing the tradition of CPT themed stages, the Kanzuki Family Stadium showcases the high-level competition with a sumo stadium befitting of the Kanzuki name. The Premier Pass, which will be taken off the marketplace by the end of November, costs $24.99 and includes “previously released Capcom Cup Collection Costumes for Ryu and Ken, the newly announced Champions Choice Costume, the Kanzuki Family Stadium stage, exclusive CPT- themed colors for all of the characters, two exclusive titles and monthly in-game targets that reward Fight Money.” Full pricing breakdown of the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour content is as follows: Capcom Pro Tour Costumes Additional Costume (“Capcom Pro Tour”): Ryu — $5.99 / € 5.99 Additional Costume (“Capcom Pro Tour”): Ken — $5.99 / € 5.99 Champion’s Choice Costume : Guile — $5.99 / € 5.99 Capcom Pro Tour Stage CPT Stage: Kanzuki READ FULL STORY AT…


Street Fighter V Celebrates Its Rich History and the Future with New Costumes and Stages

Capcom reveals new stages and costume sets for Street Fighter V, including some the harken from the past and look to the future of the series. …Read More The post Street Fighter V Celebrates Its Rich History and the Future with New Costumes and Stages by Jordan Loeffler appeared first on DualShockers.


New Costumes, Suzaku Castle Coming to Street Fighter V Later This Month

A legendary Street Fighter II stage is making its way into Street Fighter V. Capcom announced today during EVO 2017 that Ryu’s classic home stage of Suzaku Castle will be added to the fighting game later this month. On July 25 the stage will be added alongside three new throwback character costumes for Alex, Ibuki, and Juri. As you can see in the screenshot above, the redone stage looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s actually not the first time that Suzaku Castle has been redone recently, as it also appeared as Ryu’s stage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Here’s how Capcom describes the new costumes over at their Unity blog: Seeing as the Street Fighter III series is set after Street Fighter V, it only makes sense that Alex would have longer hair in the future. He’s also found the time to buy new green trousers that are less ripped than his old pair. Ibuki’s nostalgic costume is also from the Street Fighter III series – aka the future. It’s more rugged than her regular outfit, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come with infinite shurikens. It was deemed that this historical inaccuracy be for the greater good. Unlike Alex and Ibuki, Juri’s nostalgic READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!


EVO 2017 Starts Today, View the Schedule

The world’s biggest, and most prestigious, fighting game tournament starts today. All of the world’s best fighting game players will be competing at EVO 2017 today, and all the action will be going down at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. A number of PS4 titles will be played officially including Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, Injustice 2, The King of Fighters XIV, Blazblue Central Fiction, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The action will start at 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern), and will be streamed on a number of Twitch channels. Most of the high-profile action will be found on EVO’s official channel, but in total there’s nine Twitch channels hosting official action. Check them out below: To make sure you don’t miss anything, here’s the official EVO 2017 schedule: While it looks to be a great weekend full of competitive action there is some disappointing news alongside it. Capcom announced yesterday that they’ll be cancelling the Street Fighter V EVO panel, although announcements will still be made this weekend. So, at least it’s not a total loss. Let us know in the comments below which games you’re looking forward to being played at EVO 2017, and READ FULL STORY AT…