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Sunless Sea Is Great On iPad

Good luck, tiny boat. The beautifully-written survival exploration game Sunless Sea came to iPad last week. It feels right at home on mobile. You play as a sea captain in a steampunk/Lovecraftian/fantasy version of London that’s fallen beneath the surface of the earth and onto a subterranean sea. You set out from your home port of Fallen London in pursuit of a goal—fame, exploration, finding your father’s remains. Some locations remain the same from playthrough to playthrough, while others move around. Through lush text, you travel to strange lands, trade mysterious goods, and unravel bizarre tales surrounding even more bizarre characters. You have to manage food, fuel, and sanity (heavily dependant on light) as well as fight the occasional pirate or monster that appears from the ocean’s depths. You’ll die a lot in a lot of unusual ways. I’ve been killed by living icebergs, gone mad in complex mazes, and had my crew mutiny and eat each other while at sea. The game uses permadeath, meaning that if you die you have to restart the game, though you can turn this option off. I spent about 20 hours in Sunless Sea in 2014 READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Sunless Sea’s iPad version has a release date of March 23.


Sunless Sea is coming to iPad in the spring, Failbetter Games announced today.

Europa Universalis IV

Sunless Sea, Europa Universalis IV, and More Featured in Steam’s Midweek Madness Deals

It’s just about halfway through the week and if you’re looking for a little escapist entertainment to satisfy your gaming needs, Steam has you covered with a new batch of its Midweek Madness deals. Steam’s latest Midweek Madness deals have been posted, with the retailer currently providing discounts on a selection of indie titles featuring Sunless Sea for 66% off ($6.45), Hacknet for 50% off ($4.99) and Europa Universalis IV for 75% off ($9.99). All of the featured deals will be available now through Friday at 10am PT, so head over over to Steam to grab them while the discounts still last.