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Report: Nintendo Is Bringing The Legend of Zelda To Smartphones

Nintendo’s beloved Zelda series is headed to smartphones, states The Wall Street Journal in an unconfirmed report. Advertisement It’s somewhat unclear if this is a port or an entirely new game like Super Mario Run. If true, that seems most likely. According to The Wall Street Journal, sources say this is Nintendo’s latest effort to expand its mobile line-up. The Zelda smartphone app would apparently follow Animal Crossing, which WSJ reports is likely to be out in the second half of 2017. Sources say that the Zelda app’s release date, WSJ adds, could change. Advertisement Both Nintendo and mobile company DeNA declined to comment to The Wall Street Journal. Kotaku reached out prior to publication to Nintendo, but has yet to hear back. The Wall Street Journal also added that The Pokémon Company is apparently planning a new card-game app. The company, however, also declined to comment. Kotaku also reached out for comment regarding this, but has yet to hear back. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Super Mario Run has 90 million downloads, but only 3 million purchases

According to mobile app stats trackers at Newzoo, Super Mario Run has been downloaded over 90 million times since it launched last month. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they report that only 3 million players actually purchased the full version.That’s a purchase rate of just 3%, which isn’t that good — successful mobile games tend to have a purchase of around 5 percent (of people who downloaded the free version).That means the game made just $30 million (before Apple takes their 30% cut). It’s definitely still turning a big profit for Nintendo, but not as much as the download count would suggest.The biggest criticism of the game has been its price: $10 seems too much for a mobile game, even for a high-quality Nintendo-made product.The game desperately needs a price cut. Had Nintendo launched the game at $5, it’s likely that the total revenue would like have been higher than the $30 million.Would you buy Super Mario Run if the price was cut to $5? Let us know in the comments section! READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!


Super Mario Run could be a massive success on iOS

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently took a trip to Japan where he visited Nintendo’s headquarters and chatted with Shigeru Miyamoto and the Nintendo staff about the upcoming Super Mairo Run iOS game. And Cook revealed some interesting news that might give us a hint at just how popular Super Mario Run is going to be: over 20 million iPhone users have signed up to be notified when the game is released. That’s sign of huge interest from mobile players. The Super Mario Run gameplay we’ve seen so far has been impressive, despite the fact that players can only jump in the game (Mario runs on his own, hence the title). What remains to be seen is how Nintendo plans to monetize the game. Will it be ads, micro-transaction, or will they release a “demo” and charge for the full game? The game will be released this December on iOS platforms. It will also be available on Android next year. Continue reading: TAGS: Nintendo, Super Mario run, wii u READ FULL STORY AT NINTENDOTODAY!