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The Super Nintendo's Most Valuable Games

The Super Nintendo is certainly a contender for the world’s most beloved console. The 16-bit juggernaut has a library brimming with first and third party classics that are known for their tight gameplay and pretty pixels. Unsurprisingly, some of those games are worth some serious cash. With over 700 titles in the SNES catalog, players have had plenty to choose from since the console’s launch in the early ‘90s. Due to the system’s success many games that were popular during its heyday are now highly sought after. But surprisingly those aren’t the type of games that are considered the most valuable. Most titles in the SNES top ten are those who had a limited print run, work with a special peripheral, or were exclusive to stores and events. They are the rarest of the rare, and therefore fetch a pretty penny when sold. It should be noted that all the estimated values featured below have been taken from the price aggregator site, and represent the average spent in online auctions for games that have already been opened (but may still be complete with box, manual, and inserts). Advertisement Let’s begin! READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Blindfolded Speedrunner Beats Super Mario World In Under Fourteen Minutes

GIF Clearing Super Mario World in just over thirteen and a half minutes is a stellar achievement no matter what. One speedrunner took it to the next level by achieving that time while wearing a blindfold. Katun24 is a speedrunner known for titles like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest. While he normally plays through these games with all of his senses, he occasionally takes up a blindfold for some extra challenge. This usually leads to very long runs—his blindfolded run through Donkey Kong Country 2 took over sixteen hours to complete. Thankfully, his blindfolded run through Super Mario World was much quicker. [embedded content] The run followed the 11 Exit route, a category that tries to beat the game as fast as possible. Katun24 leaps and slides his way through levels, all while searching out hidden exits that will bring him to the final boss fight against Bowser in the shortest amount of time. It doesn’t always go perfectly: in one underwater level, he loses his bearings and doesn’t swim high enough to avoid sinking to his death. But the run is otherwise mesmerizing. Katun34 accomplishes in a handful of minutes what would take…


This Super Famicom Nintendo Switch Skin is a Work of Art

Unless it has the neon colored joy-con controllers, the Nintendo Switch is a boring console to look at. Yes, most consoles are also black bricks, but there is really nothing special about the Switch’s default design. One clever Switch owner didn’t want to settle for that and gave their system one of hell of a makeover. Prepare yourselves to see a true masterpiece, my friends. A user by the name of Clown TV from South Korean website Ruliweb has made a thing of beauty. He created skins that make the Switch resemble the old-school Super Famicom (the Japanese SNES). He even went so far as to create skins for the Switch dock. I’ve seen a lot of custom console skins in my day but this is one of the best. Seriously, I want to contact this person to see if they can send me a pack or two of these Super Famicom Switch skins. This is simply stunning. [embedded content] As you can see from the video above, applying the skins takes some skill. You know putting skins on a system is serious when you need to use a blow drier. It is unclear how READ FULL STORY AT GEEK!

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The Nintendo PlayStation Prototype Has Been Fully Restored

Nintendo and Sony have been rivals in the video game industry for over two decades. This wasn’t always the case, however. In the early 90’s, the two were working on a Super Nintendo that could play CD-Rom games. This deal never came to fruition, leading Sony to go off and create the PlayStation. The “Nintendo PlayStation” was all but a myth until 2015, when a prototype device was discovered. This system was able to play Super Nintendo games via the cartridge slot. Unfortunately, it could not run any CD-Roms. Modder Ben Heckendorn recently released a video where he demonstrates how he got the system to play CD-Roms. He was able to do this by replacing capacitors and making other modifications. Even he was surprised when he finally got it working. [embedded content] Though the Nintendo PlayStation can play CDs, running CD-Roms isn’t as straight forward. Since the machine never made it past the prototype stage, there weren’t any games actually made for it. This isn’t to say that companies weren’t developing titles for the console. However, like the device itself, these games were never completed. When the Nintendo PlayStation’s specs were released last year, a READ FULL STORY AT GEEK!


$10,000 Worth Of SNES Games Goes Missing In The Mail

Image provided by Byuu. Byuu, a revered SNES emulator developer and game archivist, had a plan. With the help of an avid collector from Europe, he would archive hundreds of SNES games, some of which are exceedingly rare. Unfortunately, that plan recently hit the skids when a package worth thousands of dollars went missing in the mail. Advertisement Byuu’s goal was to digitally preserve all games ever released for the SNES, regardless of region. “I have already purchased all 725 SNES games sold in the USA,” he wrote. “This set me back well over $10,000. After preserving this set, I sold it and used the proceeds, plus an additional $10,000 of my own money, to purchase all 1450 games sold in Japan.” (We reported on one of his sales a while back, and it appears to have gone off without a hitch.) Obtaining and archiving all games from PAL regions (Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and Oceania) was the obvious next step, but Byuu was low on money from buying so many other games. He planned to receive hundreds of games from a European collector who goes by the handle Smarthuman, READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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Damn, Look At These Super Nintendo Sneakers

Just as there must be balance in life, so too must there be balance in sneaker concept posts on, a website that is occasionally about video games. We have had Adidas designs recently, so now we must share these very nice Jordans. They’re the work of custom sneaker specialists Freaker Sneaks (via Nicekicks), and unlike the Zelda ones are actually real things that are going to go on sale (albeit to the tune of a handful of pairs, so haha you’re never getting them). Taking the Air Jordan 4, they pay tribute to the Super Nintendo, using the JP/PAL version’s colour scheme (the artist, Jonny Barry, is from the UK) rather than the purple found on American consoles. Advertisement Advertisement The tongue patch is *kisses fingers like bad TV chef* but I love the buttons and d-pad on the back. Not so much for how they look, but for the fact he’s actually just ripped them out of an actual controller and stuck them there, so you can carry them around with READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Potential SNES Classic might have some potential problems

Nintendo had recently trademarked their Super Famicom controller, and while this could be them protecting their property (a popular trend of theirs this year) I’ve heard speculations of the possibility of a Super Nintendo (Super Famicom) Classic Console being in the making. I know that this seems like an interesting rumor with no doubt, but I see a few problems… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!