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Real Surgeons Are Just As Bad At Surgeon Simulator As You Are

In case you wondering if years of formal surgical training would help up your Surgeon Simulator 2013 game, three actual surgeons’ flailing attempts at performing a virtual heart transplant should put that notion to eternal rest. Advertisement YouTube channel Facts takes a break from forcing Irish people to do non-Irish-person things to give a trio of surgeons a shot at Bossa Studios’ quirky indie hit. Once they get over having to pick up their own surgical instruments, the brave surgeons proceed to kill their patient and sometimes themselves, which seems like the sort of thing real medical professionals would avoid. My favorite moment is when the one surgeon happily begins pounding away at the patient’s ribcage with the hammer, chanting “Smashy smashy.” That’s the guy I want inside me. Wait. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

bossa studios

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality Review – Reality Bites (PSVR)

Have you ever fished a still-running drill from the gullet of some poor unconscious chap? If you answered, ‘yes,’ to this question, you may want to seriously reconsider some of your life choices. For the rest of us normal, non-murdery folks, the new PSVR re-release of Surgeon Simulator provides the perfect opportunity to figure out what it would be like to experience something that bizarre, first hand. The notion of bringing this genuinely interesting world to life with the help of PSVR seemed like a match made in heaven, right? Well let’s just say that if you were looking for its true match, you would need to search a bit further south…WAY SOUTH. Medical “Practice” On paper, the concept of simulating cutting someone open and performing complex procedures seems like a perfect use case for the PlayStation VR. Players would get all of the hands-on “education” with none of the pesky bloodstained garments. Unfortunately, Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality, is exactly the opposite of what the name might imply. Granted, the name has always been meant as a sort of tongue in cheek shot at humor, but in this case it couldn’t be further from the truth. It was always amusing to…