XCOM Style Shock Tactics Coming to PC in Early 2017

Turn Based Strategy Is Back in a Big Way This Spring with Shock Tactics on PC Today, developer, Point Blank Games has announced that their new turn based strategy game, Shock tactics, will be coming to PC in early 2017. The project was unveiled months ago as one of the first games the studio would be producing, and it looks like they’ve polished up quite a bit since the announcement. If you have been itching for some intense turn based action since finishing XCOM 2, this game will definitely scratch that itch. You will lead a team of mercenaries who are being sent into a strange alien plannet named Hephæst. You will be working to blaze a trial through the undiscovered land in the name of the Free Space Pioneers, finding yourself at odds with different types of aliens, space pirates, and an opposing faction called the Imperial Consortium. Like other games in the same genre, game play will revolve around squad based combat. Managing the equipment of your troops will be just as key to achieving victory as what strategies you employ on the battlefield. Decide where to strike, where to defend, and where to explore based on whether…