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Tell Us Your Best Stories Of When Somebody Rescued You In A Video Game

Nothing ever goes according to plan. Maybe you die in the middle of a desert full of horrifying fuck demons, and you think your loot is gone for good. Maybe you find yourself lost in space. Maybe you accidentally punched the wrong person. Regardless, you need help. When have other players come to your rescue in a video game? Advertisement For me, the original EverQuest may as well have been called, “Nathan Bungles Everything, And Well-Meaning Strangers Save Him While Politely Resisting The Urge To Call Him A Stupid Child.” The first time I ever logged in, I unintentionally, uh, assaulted another player in a city area, prompting guards to swarm on me. Recognizing that I was an idiot baby, that very player found me at my spawn point, led me to my corpse, and cooly gave me instructions on how to enable/disable auto-attack so I wouldn’t do that again. There was also the time I got lost in a desert full of sand giants and other nastiness long before I was the proper level for it, and a group took time out of their rigid “killing shit as tall READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Pretty much says it all. How about those video games, though? Advertisement I’m sure you won’t be shocked to hear I’ll be playing more The Witcher 3. I’ll also be taking a break to play some of the games at one of my local Global Game Jam spots. Good luck if you’re making a game this weekend! What about you? What are you playing? READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Help Me Finish The Witcher 3

This is you all talking about your favorite part of The Witcher 3. I’m Geralt, walking away because I haven’t gotten to that part yet. The new year means it’s time for resolutions. This year I’d like to practice my guitar more, be as fit as I was in my 20s, figure out my romantic life—but I probably won’t do any of those things. But I might, with your help, finish The Witcher 3. Advertisement My colleague Patricia and I were talking today about how we’ve both recently (finally) started playing The Witcher 3. I’m only about 10 hours in, and I didn’t get my fellow Kotaku staffers’ flood of screenshots and jokes. I want to finish the game, but it’s just so long, and there are so many sidequests. I have so many games to play, and those stars in Overwatch aren’t going to get themselves…  But I want to see The Witcher 3 through. I want to share in the memories and laughter of my colleagues. I want the monsters, the cats, the frying pans, the kisses. I want the haircuts. Oh how I want the haircuts. Advertisement READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


What Are You Playing This Weekend? 

Last New Year’s I was sick, so I skipped the parties and played through all of Wolfenstein: The New Order. It ruled. I might run outside without a coat and see if I can have a repeat this year. Advertisement I’m going to check out Far Cry Primal this weekend, which several of my colleagues are big fans of. It will be my first Far Cry game! I’m also going to play some more The Long Dark because I am on a pretty great run. What about you? What are you playing this weekend? READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

How Do You Define 'Cheating' In A Video Game?

We don’t always play games the way we’re supposed to. We’ve all pulled out that little trick that helps us get through a tough area, beat a boss, or get a higher score. It might not be turning on God Mode in the developer console or using an aimbot, but it’s not quite on the level either. But it’s fine. It’s not cheating. Right? Advertisement Below are some…questionable things I’ve done or seen done in games. Is it cheating? The other night Kotaku’s editor-in-chief and I were riding the subway together, discussing Hitman (like you do). I was explaining the Elusive Targets and how you can’t save during a level; if you kill the target or die, that’s the only chance you get. I told him I’d seen YouTubers play the Targets by scoping them out in advance, quitting the mission, and then using the intel they’d gathered to play it for real and get a higher score. Advertisement “Isn’t that cheating?” he asked me. My verdict: Yes. The ‘one shot’ nature of the Elusive Targets is what makes them so special. Pre-planning runs counter to their spirit. Going in blind and working out a strategy on the fly is…


How Do You Feel About Anime Fan Service?

Izetta When it comes to fan service, we all draw our lines differently. Where are yours? We want to hear from you. Do you seek it out? Avoid it? Advertisement It’s almost impossible to wrap hard moral rules around anime consumption. And we all have our own ways of dealing with it. Bakemonogatari is one of my favorite anime, but in it, an 11-year-old girl is regularly subject to harassment. Despite sirens going off in my head, I keep watching. It’s just such a well-crafted show—from its architecture to its wit. Advertisement But you couldn’t get me to watch Monstser Musume or Keijo!!!!! if you paid me in double dark chocolate cake. That’s because, in their entirety, they feel crafted to turn on straight dudes, of which I am not one. Admittedly, it makes me mad that women’s body parts are plot devices. Commenters on Kotaku have disagreed, arguing that there’s no issue with marketing female sexuality to an audience who wants it. What do you think? What’s your line, if you have one at all? Tell me in the comments. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!