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Rime Gets Cracked on PC in Record Time; Denuvo DRM Now Being Removed as Promised

Rime on PC gets cracked in a mere five days, resulting in the developer removing Denuvo DRM from the game as it previously said it would. …Read More The post Rime Gets Cracked on PC in Record Time; Denuvo DRM Now Being Removed as Promised by Tyler Fischer appeared first on DualShockers.

Pirates Say Rime's DRM Slows Down The Game, But Denuvo Denies It

A week after release, much of the discussion surrounding Rime isn’t about the ruins or the mystery, but rather piracy. Players claim anti-piracy software slows the game down. Pirates say the newly cracked version of the game fixes that problem. Rime’s producers seem unsure if DRM caused performance hits, but Denuvo itself denies there is a problem at all. It’s a mess. Denuvo is software protection () that links each copy of a game to one specific computer. Game publishers make use of the software to prevent players from sharing numerous copies across unregistered computers. While Denuvo initially posed a roadblock to pirates, in the last year, pirates have had an easier time cracking the latest versions of the software. For developers releasing new games, the pressure of piracy is less of a matter of “if” than “when.” Recognizing that reality, a week ago, a community manager stated on the Steam forums that if the game’s DRM was removed by hackers, they would publish a version without the restrictions. Advertisement “We are very committed to [our use of Denuvo anti-tamper],” they stated in the forum post. “That being said, if RIME is cracked we will release a Denuvo free version…

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Spoiler Alert – RiME Ending and Story Discussion

Hello everyone, and welcome to “Spoiler Alert,” a PlayStation LifeStyle original feature that gives the PSLS community a safe place to come and discuss spoilers about various games, while providing spoiler-filled videos of the endings and other major plot points. If you want to see the latest games’ endings and talk about it, you’ve come to the right place! RiME had a troubled development history, but it’s finally out. It landed with a 9 out of 10 and an Editor’s Choice award when we reviewed it, having us in tears with the emotional pacing and impact. It manages to do all of this without ever uttering a single word. One of the most difficult things about a game like this is the inability to really discuss the story because of the spoiler filled aspect, which is why we’ve given you a forum of discussion where you can debate and point out things you may have noticed while playing the game. Be warned, from here forward there are major spoilers for RiME. If you don’t want to be spoiled, turn away now. If you haven’t read our SPOILER FREE review, you should click here to go check it out. Here’s a picture of a boy READ…

Rime Dev Says It Will Drop Denuvo DRM Once The Game Is Cracked

Rime, the indie game caught halfway between Ico and Journey was released last week. With Denuvo DRM. Like a lot of games. But that made some players angry, and prompted the developer, Tequila Works, to state that once the Denuvo DRM is broken, which it eventually always is, the company will release a DRM-free version of the game. “I have seen some conversations about our use of Denuvo anti-tamper, and I wanted to take a moment to address it,” wrote designer Darius on the game’s Steam forum page. “We have had discussions about Denuvo internally, and one of the key points of all of those discussions have simply been, we want to ensure the best gaming experience for RiME players. RiME is a very personal experience told through both sight and sound. When a game is cracked, it runs the risk of creating issues with both of those items, and we want to do everything we can to preserve this quality in RiME. We are very committed to this, but also to the simple fact that nothing is infallible. That being said, if RIME is cracked we will release a Denuvo free version of RiME and update existing platforms.” Denuvo…

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RiME Review – Love, Loss, and Letting Go (PS4)

[embedded content] Washed up on a beach, a young child in a tattered red cloak surveys the world around them. A bright and sunny island greets them, and their focus is inexplicably drawn to a large tower in the center. This is where Rime (stylized RiME) starts, and without saying a word, you set off to explore the unfamiliar, yet nonthreatening surroundings. Rime immediately asks a series questions that incite a search for answers. What is this island? What is the tower? Who is this child in the red cloak and why were they lying face down on a beach? Those answers are discovered, and yet throughout Rime, nary a word is spoken. Rime’s story is presented simply and effectively, using visual cues to fuel the search for answers and to encourage an emotional connection with the narrative. It’s paced in such a way that it never feels like there are long, dull stretches without intrigue. The pseudo open world has a variety of nooks and crannies begging for exploration, and certain elements in the environment won’t become clear until a second play through. Changes to the setting are frequent as you solve puzzles and move forward, keeping a particular…


Achievements and Trophies for RiME are Live, PS4 Version Contains a Platinum


RiME Review — A Masterpiece of Visual Storytelling

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Here Are All the Trophies for RiME on PS4

Adventure and puzzle game RiME is set to come out on the PlayStation 4 and other platforms in a few days and the game’s list of Trophies has already been published by the folks at Exophase. The game, which is developed by Tequila Works and published by Grey Box as well as Six Foot, features a total of 32 Trophies with a good mix of Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Here’s the full list of Trophies for RiME: Platinum The end is a new beginning – Obtain all trophies. Gold Full Wardrobe – Collect all the outfits. The Truth – Peek through all the keyholes. It’s a process – Recompose all the emblems. Sweet Memory – Reunite with the white shade. To let go – Accept things as they are. Silver Toyful Child – Collect all the toys. Lost Lullaby – Complete the lost lullaby. Ask for a miracle – Pay it forward. No hope – Hit your lowest point. Bite the dust – Break the five strange statues. Ancient treasure – Try to wake up the lost Sentinel. Dark and quiet – Complete the labyrinth without making a sound. What lies in the deep – Find the shark. READ FULL…

Everything You Need to Know

Rime – Everything You Need to Know

When Rime was first unveiled at gamescom 2013, the PlayStation community was beside itself with excitement. Here was an indie game bursting at the seams with potential, one that adopted the cel-shaded aesthetic of Wind Waker and Shadow of the Colossus — not to mention a sprinkling of Studio Ghibli classics in the vein of Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away — and used the vessel of a young, wide-eyed boy to anchor its fantastical story. So far, so promising. Initially hatched as an XBLA exclusive by the name of Echoes of Siren, publishing policies and other red tape forced Microsoft to drop Rime altogether, though it didn’t take long for Sony to swoop in and acquire the IP, promoting it to a PS4 exclusive in the process. That was just prior to the aforementioned gamescom unveiling four years ago, So, you’re ready to chase the Mediterranean sun? Not so fast! In anticipation of its launch on May 16, we’ve scoured the four corners of the internet — and the PSLS archives — to compile all the necessary information you could ever need pertaining to Tequila’s sun-kissed puzzle platformer. Rime is booked in to launch across PS4, Xbox One and PC READ…

Cavalier Game Studios

The Sexy Brutale Gets New Developer Diary; Focuses on Design Process

A new developer diary was released today for Cavalier Game Studios murder mystery title The Sexy Brutale. The latest diary has the team discussing the design process of their game. …Read More The post The Sexy Brutale Gets New Developer Diary; Focuses on Design Process by Marc Villa appeared first on DualShockers.

Festival de Cannes 2017

Tequila Works VR game “The Invisible Hours” is to be featured at the prestigious Festival de Cannes event

The Invisible Hours to be Featured in the Prestigious Festival de Cannes’ NEXT: the Innovation Hub of the Le Marché du Film 2017. Press release: MADRID – May 18, 2017. The Invisible Hours, the complex murder mystery developed only for virtual reality by Tequila Works and published by GameTrust, will be present at NEXT during the prestigious Festival de Cannes… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

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Rime on Nintendo Switch Gets Price Adjusted to $30 on eShop; Physical Release Will Include Soundtrack

Following fan feedback with the additional $10 charge on Nintendo Switch, Rime’s upcoming Switch version will be $10 cheaper for the digital eShop version. …Read More The post Rime on Nintendo Switch Gets Price Adjusted to $30 on eShop; Physical Release Will Include Soundtrack by Ryan Meitzler appeared first on DualShockers.

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Rime’s New Developer Diary Explores Level Design and Building a Puzzling World

The upcoming puzzle-adventure title Rime gets explored in a new developer diary video focusing on the game’s level design and breathtaking environments. …Read More The post Rime’s New Developer Diary Explores Level Design and Building a Puzzling World by Ryan Meitzler appeared first on DualShockers.

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Tequila Works Gives an Overview of Rime’s PS4 Pro Enhancements, Says It Wants to Balance It Out

Rime developer Tequila Works has said that it’s targeting a frame-rate and resolution of 30fps/1080p on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and although the game will offer a higher frame-rate on the PS4 Pro, the studio wanted to achieve a balance between “having more frame rate than in a normal PS4 but adding some visual improvements that helped Rime to look even better.” Speaking to Wccftech, Lead Progammer Carlos Vázquez said that the increase in frame-rate for PS4 Pro will vary between 5-10fps “depending on the game’s area.” Additionally, he gave a quick rundown of improvements as follows: –          Much better quality of the shadows.–          Temporal antialiasing has better quality, obtaining more definition and quality in the AA filter.–          The LODs’ distance has been tweaked to increase the visual quality of fauna and flora during the time they are rendered.–          More definition in the texture filter.–          The VFX, shaders, materials and translucency has better quality too so we can have, for example, more realistic metals, better screen space reflections and better detail level in general. As for HDR, Vázquez says that the support Rime offers is the default one that comes with Unreal Engine, and the developer didn’t feel READ FULL STORY…