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Snacktaku Drinks Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino

Launching this week at Starbucks locations across the country, the Unicorn Frappuccino is a unique blend of oddly-purple mango and all the sour in the entire world. Nothing screams “unicorn” like those two things. Except maybe a man being murdered by a unicorn. Advertisement Before we begin, in the interest of full disclosure I must point out that my wife has worked for Starbucks for over a decade. I must also point out that I don’t like drinking coffee, so the main benefit of her employment is being able to give my family roasted beans on the holidays and having to watch the kids three or four nights a week while she works. One of those night happened to be Easter Sunday, so after a fun-filled day of eating too much at my parents’ house, I loaded my over-sugared children into the van and headed home. Or I would have headed home, had the wife not texted be and asked if I wanted to try Starbucks’ new Unicorn Frappuccino. Of course I wanted to try that thing. What is a Unicorn Frappuccino? Looking at the drink without foreknowledge, one could not READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Snacktaku Showdown: Oreo Vs. Hydrox

We here at Snacktaku have given the Oreo a great deal of attention over the years, but several years before the popular cookie’s 1912 debut there was another. Hydrox, the original sandwich cookie, takes on Nabisco’s usurper in the first-ever Snacktaku Showdown. Advertisement Sunshine Biscuits launched the first creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookie in 1908. Hoping to evoke a sense of purity and goodness they called it Hydrox, a portmanteau of hydrogen and oxygen, the two elements that make up water. This was a very bad move. Four years later the National Biscuit Company introduced the Oreo, which was pretty much a Hydrox without the stupid name. Oreo quickly overtook Hydrox as the sandwich cookie of choice. Over the years Oreo gained so much ground over the original that Hydrox was often considered an off-brand or generic version. Damn. Advertisement Hydrox was discontinued in 1999 by then-owner Kellogg’s, making a brief resurgence in 2008 to mark its 100-year anniversary before disappearing from shelves. But now they are back! A company called Leaf Brands relaunched Hydrox in 2015, and the original creme-filled sandwich cookie is selling better than ever. Is it because it’s a better cookie than Oreo, or just an over-medicated…

12 inch

Deadpool Shows Off What Hasbro Can Do With 12 Inches

My photoshoot of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends 12-inch Deadpool figure might have gotten away from me, but the point stands—Hasbro has really gotten a handle on 12-inch figures. Advertisement During the heyday of my Marvel action figure collecting it wasn’t Hasbro making Wolverine, Iron Man and Thor action figures, but rather ToyBiz, progenitors of the Marvel Legends line. Prior to the detailed Legends line, ToyBiz did a line of passable Marvel Universe toys. That line included a series of 10 inch figures that were very, very bad. “Kill me” So when I think of a large Marvel Comics action figure on store shelves, I imagine something horrible like this or Hasbro’s Titan Heroes line. Kids’ stuff. Advertisement This is not kids’ stuff. Well, depending on your kids. 6-inch Legends Deadpool just kind of showed up. He brought his taco. Hasbro kicked off its 12-inch Marvel Legends line last year, debuting Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Man at Toy Fair 2016. Instead of the barely-articulated, sparingly-detailed abominations of the past, these figures were premium collector material, packed with extra heads, READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Nintendo Switch Cartridges Taste So Bad

The Switch is almost upon us, and while there’s still a lot to discover about Nintendo’s latest console, one pressing question has been answered. “How do the cartridges taste?” So bad. Oh god, so bad. Advertisement The subject of the taste of Nintendo Switch cartridges was first raised by game journalist and eater of things Jeff Gerstmann, who in the course of his exploration of the new console decided to stick one of the cartridges in his mouth. As a fellow game journalist and professional eater of things in my capacity of Snacktaku editor, I carefully considered my (late) response to Jeff’s statement. Now that the Switch is in more hands, its cartridges are in more mouths, and everyone agrees—these taste horrible. The suggestion has been made that Nintendo purposely made the cartridges taste bad in order to prevent small children from putting them in their mouths, perhaps while crawling about the shattered glass of the Switch tablet they are too young to be trusted with. Advertisement As of this writing, Nintendo has not responded to my inquires into the matter, not even READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Tips For Getting The Best Discount Candy After Valentine's Day

Yes, yes, people love each other. That’s great. Now that Valentine’s Day is over, it’s time for one of the biggest sweet-lovers’ holiday of the year. It’s the first Discount Candy Day of the year, and Snacktaku is here to help you make the most of it. Advertisement Discount Candy Day is the day following a candy-centric holiday, and depending where you live, it can come multiple times a year. Here in the United States we get three. There’s the day after Halloween, the day after Easter and February 15, the day after Valentine’s Day. The day after Christmas used to count, but as society started shying away from “Merry Christmas” in favor of “Happy Holidays,” retailers got confused and candy began to linger longer on the shelves. So we’ve got three, starting with February 15, which we here at Snacktaku feel is the best for several reasons. Advertisement The message of love is year-round and universal, unlike the message of egg-laying resurrection rabbits or children going door-to-door begging for free stuff. We’re more likely to find cheap chocolate body parts (in good condition) than other Discount Candy Days. There are Creme Eggs and Screme Eggs, but no Valentine’s Day…


I Traded In A PS4 To Save My Valentine's Day

Image via Lazada.SG, where they sell this as a skin, apparently. It’s Valentine’s Day, a day to show the ones we love how important they are to us. This year I got my wife a box of chocolate-covered strawberries, and traded a PlayStation 4 for food. Let me explain. Advertisement Emily and I had Valentine’s Day all planned out. Since our babysitter would be busy doing stupid things for his girlfriend, I decided to take a few hours off in the AM. Instead of our traditional Valentine’s Day dinner at whichever restaurant wasn’t already filled with doting lovers, we were going to have a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast. Some heart-shaped pancakes, penis-shaped sausage, ovary-reminiscent eggs, that sort of thing. But upon waking up this Valentine’s Day morning, our plans to symbolically eat each other hit a snag—we had no money. Strange, we normally have money. Where did the money go? Advertisement In my case, the answer was limbo. I’d been spending quite a bit on some home improvement items over the past couple of weeks, in anticipation of incoming tax return monies, because spending money READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!