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New Total War: Warhammer Video Gives a Look on the New Bretonnian Campaign


Praise the Lady! Total War: Warhammer Gets Beretonnia as Free Playable Race; Epic Trailer Released

After years in which Bretonnia has been kept on the bench by game developers, you’ll finally be able to join the ranks of one of the most neglected and charming Warhammer factions. …Read More The post Praise the Lady! Total War: Warhammer Gets Beretonnia as Free Playable Race; Epic Trailer Released by Giuseppe Nelva appeared first on DualShockers.

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Grombrindal Available for Free to All Total War: Warhammer Players January 19

Creative Assembly announced today on their Total War Twitter account that Grombrindal the White Dwarf, a Legendary Lord for the Dwarfs, will be free to all Total War: Warhammer players, including those on Linux, on January 19. …Read More The post Grombrindal Available for Free to All Total War: Warhammer Players January 19 by Tomas Franzese appeared first on DualShockers.

Total War: Warhammer – Realm Of The Wood Elves Review

Total War’s Latest Faction A Fresh, Yet Frustrating Addition The number of fantastical creatures to battle both with and against only continues to grow as we receive the latest DLC for Total War: Warhammer. This time, the Wood Elves, led by Orion, or Treeman Durthu, aim to protect their home, presenting an interesting spin on the usual focus of conquering with other races in Total War. Total War: Warhammer – Realm Of The Wood Elves presents a fresh gameplay experience, but the unique approach presents not only opportunity but some notable issues as well. For those familiar with Total War, the tactics in these games are deep, and the Elves prove to be even deeper than other races. Where Orcs could solve their problems by throwing more Orcs at it, the Elves instead opt for their own brand of guerrilla warfare, using ancient magic, stag-mounted cavalry, and even the occasional sentient tree to help protect themselves as they advance towards their Victory Condition. In Total War: Warhammer – Realm Of The Wood Elves, the focus is to protect and build up their home base in preparation for a downright massive showdown between Wood Elves, and the combined hoards of the forces of…


Total War: Warhammer – The King and The Warlord’s Trailer Introduces the Squigs

Today Sega released a new trailer of the upcoming DLC for Total War: Warhammer, titled The King and The Warlord, which will release on October 20th on Steam. The trailer features one of the most vicious creatures of the Warhammer world, the squigs, that will appear in multiple variations within the DLC. Check it out below. [embedded content]

New Total War: Warhammer DLC Announced – The King and the Warlord

Today Sega and The Creative Assembly announced a brand new DLC for Total War: Warhammer, which brings us to the ancestral conflict between Belagar Ironhammer and Skarsnik for the control of Karak Eight Peaks. The new DLC will be released on October 20th, and comes packed with content. Below you can check out the official description and features list, screenshots and announcement trailer. The King & The Warlord is the second Lords Pack for Total War: WARHAMMER. Bolstering the forces of both The Greenskins and The Dwarfs, it introduces famous rival characters, new iconic units and new battle maps from the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles to your Grand Campaigns and Custom/Multiplayer battles. Two new Legendary Lords……with new quest chains, magic items and skill treesTwo new additional Lord typesSix all-new battlefield units22 all-new elite Regiments of Renown The time is nigh for Clan Angrund to reclaim Karak Eight Peaks from the Grobi despoilers! Belegar Ironhammer, clan leader and direct descendant of King Lunn, the last Dwarf to rule the ancestral hold, has inherited a bitter legacy of hatred and resentment. Even now he marshals his throng, making ready to strike out from Karak Izor. With the spirits of his fabled ancestors returned to…