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Hasbro Convention Tickets Are Now On Sale And They Are Not Cheap

Last year the company responsible for D&D, Magic: The Gathering, My Little Pony and Transformers announced Hascon, a three-day fan celebration of the stuff it makes. Tickets for the Providence, Rhode Island show are now on sale, with adult three-day passes ranging from $165 to $600. Wow. Now I’ve been to semi-official (read: not official, but Hasbro’s been really supportive) conventions for two of Hasbro’s biggest properties, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Transformers, and just about every fantasy convention I’ve been to has in some way involved D&D. Seeing those three fandoms converging at the Rhode Island Convention Center September 8-10 is certainly worth the $60 one-day adult admission, but the entire weekend might be a stretch. Here’s the price breakdown for tickets: Advertisement General Admission Adults 16 and Up: $60 single day, $165 three-day Youth 3 to 15: $30 single day, $75 three-day Children under 3: Free Then we have the VIP experience, which includes all sorts of behind-the-scenes stuff and special perks. The “Super Fan” tier also comes in tailored Magic: The Gathering and D&D packages. VIP Tickets Super Fan 16 and Up: $600 Super Star 3-16: READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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Storm Collectibles' Ryu And Scorpion Figures Are The Best Around

No one makes fighting action figures quite like Storm Collectibles. From real life warriors like Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali to a pair of video game’s most famous martial artists, Storm’s kung fu is incredibly strong. Advertisement I’d meant to showcase Storm’s renditions of Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion and Street Fighter’s Ryu much sooner, but the box they were shipped to me in has been sitting in the office of my gated community for nearly five months, with nary a notice given. Needless to say, the pair were very eager to break out of their packaging. Both Ryu and Scorpion are premium 1/12th scale figures, packed with plenty of extra hands, faces and accessories. The details are tight, the painting is on point and they also smell quite nice. Both run around $50. Advertisement We’ll start with Scorpion, because of the two he’s likely the most impatient. Hands, faces, fire and whips. I was a little worried about Scorpion initially, as unlike Ryu he does not come with a stand. Scorpion needs no stand. Along with being ridiculously well articulated, Storm’s READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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Destiny Gets The Toys It Deserves

When a game is as pretty as Destiny can be, it deserves more than some Mega Bloks sets. McFarlane Toys sets things right this fall with a trio of Guardians, a fur-lined questgiver, a sporty ride and a $150 replica of a highly sought-after weapon. Advertisement Announced last week, the official images do not do McFarlane’s Destiny line justice. To get the full effect you really need to get up in there. The Hunter, Warlock and Titan figures look nice enough from afar. But you need to get up close to see the fine details like fading paint, cloth patterns and weapon details. Maybe right-click and open the image in another tab. Along with the trio of $19.99 player character figures due out this fall, we’ve lso got the massive fur-bedecked Lord Saladin. It’s the wolf head paint deco on the chest that gets me. Lord Saladin comes with an unmasked head as well, because he’s the 10-inch, due out this fall man. Advertisement Since we’ll obviously be READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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A Very Happy Man On An Adult-Sized Big Wheel

I had to wait my turn while a silver-haired man in an expensive suit took High Roller’s adult-sized big wheel for a spin, but it was worth it. This was one of the happiest moments in my adult life. Advertisement Normally I am not a fan of pictures showing the entire expanse of my body, but now is not the time for such concerns. I didn’t care what I looked like the last time I was small enough to ride a big wheel down the street without breaking it, and I don’t care now. HIgh Roller designer and CEO had an excellent idea, one that many giant children often ponder but never act upon. His plan was to find someoone already making an adult big wheel and brand it, but no one was making one. So he did. And he is my hero. Available at HighRollerUSA.Com and starting at $649.99, the Adult Drift Trike isn’t cheap, built from premium materials for adults up to 6’9″ and 330 pounds. Here’s the breakdown: Advertisement Patent Pending Steel Frame and Fork Custom metal READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Somebody's Gonna Have To Choke A Pokémon

“Tighten your bond with your beloved Eevee. Hug this feature plush Eevee to make its ears move and activate cute sounds. Three modes with 10 sounds and phrases. SRP: $29.99. Ages: 3 years and up.” This is the official art from Tomy’s Toy Fair press kit for My Friend Eevee, the follow-up to My Friend Pikachu. This is not how you treat your friends. Advertisement This is how you treat your friends. I didn’t get a live picture of My Friend Eevee, as the version at the show is a work in progress, but I lost it when the Tomy rep picked it up and gently throttled it. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


These Pokémon Toys Are For Girls, But Boys Will Want Them Too

Oh my god I need it. Though Pokémon has always held broad appeal across all genders, toy maker Tomy says female fans have been clamoring for stuff made specifically for them. And so we’re getting adorable little miniature playsets, purse Pokémon and awesome headbands. Works for me. Advertisement I was initially confused as the Tomy rep took me through the girls section of the Pokémon booth at the New York Toy Fair yesterday, but I get the appeal of feeling like your favorite thing is trying to get your specific attention. That said, I am a firm believer in crossing aisle lines at Toys’R’Us. Cool toys are cool toys, no matter who they’re target at. I would wear these every day. Maybe with the wigs. And so we get official Pokémon plush ear headbands $7.99. And now I can carry around Fennikin in a transparent shoulder bag, which might be a dream I once had. Like purse dogs, only they don’t poop. But the stars of the Pokémon girls line are the new stylized figures and their little playsets. These little guys READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


As indicated by the massive inflated Pikachu ass hanging from the ceiling, we’re at the 2017 New Yor

As indicated by the massive inflated Pikachu ass hanging from the ceiling, we’re at the 2017 New York Toy Fair, where we’ll be bringing you pictures, stories, and cool new things to play with all weekend long, if w ever break free of Pikachu’s hypnotic spell. READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


The Pokémon Mega Bloks Are Coming

More accurately the Pokémon Mega Construx are coming, as Nintendo’s pocket monsters become the latest license to join Mattel’s recently re-branded line of construction toy sets. Anything is better than Ionix. Advertisement Pokémon is one of the most desirable toy licenses out there, and now Mattel has the construction toy segment of that license locked up. Mega Construx Pokémon sets will start hitting North American stores this summer, featuring battle-ready figures of Pikachu, Charizard and others from the Kanto region. Mega Brands recently split their Mega Bloks line in two, leaving the Bloks label on toys aimed at small children and swapping Contrux in for its preteen to adult collector line. The Pokémon should come as no surprise to toy collectors following the Japanese scene, where Bandai has been releasing Pokémon Mega Bloks sets since last year.   “Mega Construx brings the engaging world of Pokémon to life in one of the most popular play expressions for kids today,” said Colin Palmer, VP of marketing at The Pokémon Company International via press release. “We bring only the highest quality Pokémon experiences to our fans around the READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Toy Time Plays With The Most Lego Batman Vehicle Ever

The Lego Batman Movie opens this week, bringing with it a horde of Lego sets based on that wonderfully goofy version of the Dark Knight. Crawling to the top of the pile as only a nocturnal winged mammal could is The Scuttler. Advertisement The Scuttler is the vehicle that comic book Batman would be tooling around in if he were 100 percent committed to his motif. The Bat-Plane, Bat-Copter, Bat-Jet, Bat-Glider—these all make sense. Bats fly. It’s one of their selling points. As much as I love a good Batmobile, the nitpicky part of my brain (i.e., most of my brain) is bothered by the separation between bats and cars. The two don’t mix very often, and when they do it’s generally pretty messy for the bat. Plus cars aren’t very scary. Christine, maybe, or the truck with the face from Maximum Overdrive, but most cars won’t strike fear into the heart of criminals unless they have a “fear” hood ornament. Advertisement You know what is scary? Walking or running bats are creepy as hell. Imagine a giant mechanical one of those coming for you in a dark alley, and you’ll get The Scuttler. Several of the characters on this…


It really took this long for official Rocket League toys?

Batman: The Animated Series

DC Collectibles' Latest Puts Gotham City PD's Plight In Perspective

Along with new Batman and Zatana statues and a pair of Teen Titan-ic plushes, DC Collectibles coolest upcoming release is the Batman Animated GCPD Rogues Gallery five-pack, which demonstrates how screwed Gotham’s police force would be without Batman. Ignore the turtle. Advertisement The figures are outstanding, as is the norm with DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series stuff, but the packaging really drives the point home. We’ve got four jail cells containing (somehow) Bane, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy, and off to the side in a little police kiosk is Renee Montoya, utterly doomed. BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES GCPD ROGUES GALLERY ACTION FIGURE 5-PACK Packaging concept is shown, but artwork is not final.Description: A lone cop—Renee Montoya—is surrounded by some of Gotham City’s greatest evildoers in this amazing new action figure 5-pack inspired by Batman: The Animated Series that comes in deluxe packaging with battery-powered lights! Each figure in this set comes with its own character-specific accessories and extra hands. 1:13/6 inch scale MSRP: $175 The $175 package features comes complete with character-specific accessories and plenty of extra hands, and the packaging features battery-powered lights, READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Roblox Gets Into The Toy Business

After more than a decade of online creative play, massively multiplayer online game Roblox is expanding its user-created content into the real world, partnering with Jazwares for a line of collectible and customizable toys hitting stores in February. Advertisement Boasting more than 40 million monthly players in December alone, imagination-powered online community Roblox is at the top of its game these days. I’’ve not dabbled myself, but after watching my 10-year-old nephew spend Christmas Eve doing . . . something entertaining with a canon . . . on the Xbox One version of Roblox, I at least understand some of the appeal. Players get to create their own characters, program their own games, build their own objects and make money selling their wares. It’s sort of like a Second Life for the younger set. The toys, launching at retail next month, reflect the creativity and community spirit of the game. All figures in Jazwares’ line feature mix-and-match parts, with many of the designs taken directly from those created by popular Roblox players. Each package will also include codes for special in-game loot, and the kids love READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Hot Wheels

Super Mario Hot Wheels, Ranked

Last month Nintendo and Mattel teamed up to create the first ever Super Mario character cars. Each is a wheeled work of art, but with eight different vehicles at $.97 a pop, snagging the whole set might be tough. Advertisement Don’t worry. We’re here to help. We’ve created the definitive ranking of Super Mario Hot Wheels to make the decision of which to pick up and which to pass on relatively painless. 8. Luigi 7. Toad 6. Wario 5. Mario 4. Donkey Kong 3. Peach 2. Bowser 1. Yoshi READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


We All Live In An Official Lego Yellow Submarine

Not to scale. From silly children’s song to animated classic, The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” has been sparking imaginations since its 1966 debut. What better inspiration for the next official Lego Ideas set? Advertisement Suddenly I know exactly what to get my mother for Christmas. Based on a design submitted to the Lego Ideas program by amateur musician and songwriter Kevin Szeto, the Lego Yellow Submarine set features minifigures of George, Paul, John and Ringo as they appeared in the 1968 animated movie, along with the adorably freakish Jeremy. John comes with his telescope. Paul has a custom “Love” tile. George is carrying about a truly fab submarine motor. And Ringo has half a hole, as well as the pleased expression of someone who sang one of The Beatles’ most successful songs despite not being that great of a singer. Advertisement But of course this fab four only live in the main attraction. “As an amateur musician and songwriter, I have always been drawn to the music of The Beatles. The creation of the Yellow Submarine model was really my way of showing my affection for The Beatles, as well as trying to pay a small tribute to The Beatles phenomenon….