Mobile Masters Invitational Features Phone Games And Questionable Posture

This is one case where being on your phone mid-match might not get you in trouble with the refs. Amazon is hosting the Mobile Masters Invitational in Newark, and through today and tomorrow, teams will compete in several different competitive mobile games. Competitors use mobile devices, either phones or tablets, rather than controller or mouse-and-keyboard inputs. Starting with Vainglory, the mobile MOBA, it’s a very different esports event than you might be used to watching. Despite the format, Vainglory is still very much a MOBA. There’s a lane, turrets, minions walking mindlessly to their doom and plenty of teamfighting. It’s pretty interesting to watch if you come from a PC MOBA background. Many professional organizations have Vainglory rosters as well. Tempo Storm is in attendance, as are NRG, ROX Armada and Cloud 9, who all field multiple rosters in other esports. Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Though Summoners War caps off the event tomorrow, a traditionally PC game—Hearthstone—will have pros in attendance this afternoon. It will be interesting to see if the change in inputs will have any affect on them. I know I’ve fireballed myself a few times playing Hearthstone on a touchscreen. The mobile setup can lead to some concerning…


Cops Deliver Awkward Update On Controversial Shooting Death Via Destiny Livestream

In addition to regular channels, the Seattle Police Department has a unique approach to communicating with the public. On Twitch, they play Destiny and talk about everything from graffiti to protests to their own investigation processes. Recently, however, they used it to give an update on the controversial shooting of Charleena Lyles. Lyles, a black woman with a known history of mental illness, was shot and killed by Seattle police on Sunday. She called the police to report a burglary, but according to the police, she ended up pulling two knives. After the police failed to deescalate the situation, they shot her. Lyles, who was pregnant at the time of the shooting, was a mother of four, and three of her children were in the house at the time, according to a report from The Seattle Times. The incident made national news, and the police have faced heavy criticism for their resolution of the situation. Among other things, The New York Times reports that police knew of her mental health issues from previous encounters and had placed an officer caution on her apartment for that reason. Despite this, police involved in the encounter did not bring a READ FULL STORY…

YouTuber Reminds Fans How Much Fake Donations Can Hurt

Illustration by Jim Cooke In a heated video yesterday, professional streamer and YouTuber Desmond Etika Amofah issued a warning against against viewers who “fuck with me, fuck with my money, or fuck with my life.” Amofah, a big personality in the Nintendo community, displayed five recent donations to his Twitch stream, each in quantities of $50 or $100. Then, he showed five corresponding disputes against those charges in his Paypal account. The viewer had demanded back the money they donated, and in the process, slammed Amofah with a hundred bucks in processing fees. “For content creators like myself and many others who suffer from a problem like this, it also fucks up our lives since everything I do is through PayPal,” Amofah said. “Chargebacks,” as they’re called, are requests for credit card companies to refund money given to someone through an apparently fraudulent transaction. Over the last few years, streamers, whose livings are often built on PayPal transactions, have become increasingly frustrated as trolls or viewers weaponize chargebacks against them. Maybe a viewer wants a shout-out after giving a streamer big money, but can’t afford it. Or maybe some jerk just wants to piss off a streamer by forcing them…


Amazon's Giving Prime Members Free Overwatch Loot Boxes, Including a Legendary item

If you have Overwatch and an Amazon Prime Membership, you can get a free in-game Golden Loot Box with a guaranteed legendary item today, plus 10 more standard loot boxes for free later on (five in August, five more in October). This gift is free for all Twitch Prime members, which is included with a standard Amazon Prime membership. You can find the details, and sign up for a 30 day free Prime trial if necessary, on this page. The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Prime Benefits Amazon has added so many benefits to Prime that they’ve become hard to keep track of, so we’re… Read more More Deals Today’s Best Deals: Anker DashCam, Camping Gear, Free Overwatch Loot, and More Anker’s smash-hit DashCam, an ultrawide IPS monitor, and inflatable camping gear lead off… Read more READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

Heather is back from E3 and ready to beat up more bosses in the sci-fi Souls-like The Surge.

Heather is back from E3 and ready to beat up more bosses in the sci-fi Souls-like The Surge. Heather is back from E3 and ready to beat up more bosses in the sci-fi Souls-like The Surge. Watch her totally not die live on Twitch. [embedded content] Staff Writer at Kotaku READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Twitch Is Now The Only Third-Party Place To Watch Blizzard Tournaments

Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment Video streaming platform Twitch announced a two-year collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment today, where the service will receive exclusive third-party streaming rights to tournaments like the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship and Overwatch APEX League. As esports continues to expand, securing broadcast rights will start to become a growing contest in the industry. Much like bidding for the rights to broadcast Monday Night Football, locking down the exclusive stream for a major esports league means guaranteeing all eyes are on your channel. A spokesman for Twitch confirmed the company would maintain the third-party rights. Outside of Blizzard’s own platforms, only Twitch will broadcast Blizzard tournaments—no YouTube, Facebook or other platforms—for the next two years. Advertisement When asked about whether it would extend to the upcoming Overwatch League, a Twitch spokesman said that the deal currently extends to the events announced in the initial release, and any additional programs will be announced at a later date. The tournaments this deal currently covers are: Heroes of the Storm Global Championship (HGC) StarCraft II World Championship Series (WCS Circuit) Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) Hearthstone Global Games (HGG) World of Warcraft Arena READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


American Twitch Streamer Causes Commotion By Littering In Taiwan

CJayride and a friend (source). Littering is generally not a great idea. It’s an especially bad look if you’re an American Twitch streamer living abroad in Taiwan, where some residents are, at best, skeptical of your portrayal of their country. American Twitch IRL streamer CJayride is paddling his way through a scalding tub of hot water after running afoul of Taiwanese media during his misadventures. Generally, he livestreams himself exploring Taipei, riding around on an electric skateboard, meeting people, going on dates, flying his drone, and hanging out. Sometimes, things can go too far. For instance: once, he decided to fly his drone near patrolling military helicopters. He’s also ridden his board in ways that skirt the edge of what’s legal, and he’s filmed and commented on people without their permission. For locals, the antics look like an American who is using a foreign culture to entertain a rowdy audience. It doesn’t help that CJayride claims he is “introducing Taiwan culture to the world” through his streams. A video of CJayride flying his drone near patrolling military helicopters (source). The thing he’s been most consistently dinged for, however, is littering. This week, a video depicting multiple occasions on READ FULL…


The Gamers for Orcas challenge kicks-off it’s 24-hour gaming marathon on Friday

Press release: Leading conservation charity WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) has announced a big name schedule for its first ever 24h gaming marathon in aid of orcas, in partnership with Twitch – kicking off on Friday 9th June at 4pm BST on WDC’s ‘gamersfororcas’ Twitch channel. Long-time WDC partner game, Iron Fish, will be featured in the stream from 10am… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!

critical role

Twitch D&D Show 'Critical Role' Is Helping Fuel The Game's Renaissance

Pamela Joy Photography Dungeons & Dragons is no longer a basement sport. It took 40 years, but now, in 2017, Dungeons & Dragons has emerged from its cultural cavern as the video platforms Twitch and YouTube help players bring their intimate D&D games to the public realm—including Overwatch voice actor Matt Mercer, whose Twitch show Critical Role has become one of the most public D&D games ever. Every week, 30,000 viewers tune in to watch Mercer—who, in addition to playing Overwatch’s McCree has also voiced Resident Evil’s Leon Kennedy—run Critical Role’s adventuring party live. Two years ago, production company Geek & Sundry’s founder Felicia Day approached Mercer, along with a half dozen professional voice actors like Travis Willingham (Marvel’s Thor) and Marisha Ray (Friday the 13th’s A.J. Mason), about live-streaming their home D&D game. Today, Critical Role celebrates its 100th episode and announced its new podcast. “We didn’t enter this space with the intent of streaming our D&D game,” Mercer told me yesterday. “It was kind of an untested realm.” Prior to Critical Role, the players got together once every few weeks for a D&D marathon where, Mercer says, they’d “make mimosas and wear pajamas and play until READ FULL…


Livestreaming On Twitch Gets Dangerous When Streamers Drive

Twitch’s non-video-game IRL section is a Wild West where people are figuring out what works and what doesn’t. On a platform where people already felt pressured to stream and interact with audiences as much as possible, even mundane activities like driving pose a problem. Driving, even under the best of conditions, can be very dangerous. Cars typically weigh multiple tons, and one brief moment of distraction is all it takes to seriously harm or fatally wound another person, or yourself. Streaming can be extremely distracting, especially if you’re trying to interact with a chat. Despite this, there’s a history of people streaming while driving on platforms like Periscope and Facebook, as well as early iterations of what eventually became Twitch. Thanks to IRL, it’s now a thing on modern-day Twitch, as well. Streaming can be extremely distracting, especially if you’re trying to interact with a chat. Recently, driving while streaming has become controversial, largely because some Twitch streamers seem to have gotten banned for it. I say “seem” because Twitch categorizes suspensions and bans in fairly broad categories. Most driving-related bans break Twitch’s rule against broadcasting while performing “self-harm,” a category that is broad enough to encompass anything from excessive…


Twitch is streaming former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Commi

Twitch is streaming former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee right now. The hearing is a part of the committee’s investigation into Russian election interference. Twitch chat, as it does, is spamming “FAKE NEWS” and “LIES” as Comey takes his oath and gives his introductory statement: READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Legendary Super Mario 64 Speedrun Rivalry Heats Up

Last month, a speedrun for collecting 120 stars in Super Mario 64 went down in history for being the first run to ever go under a time of 1:40:00. It was a record that took years to achieve; some people didn’t think it was even possible. Last weekend, that legendary record got beaten twice in a span of a day. The previous highly-celebrated record, achieved by Allan “Cheese05″ Alvarez, stood at 1:39:57. On June 3rd, speedrunner Puncayshun topped that with a run clocking in at 1:39:49.41. The hype was real, people went wild in the chat—they had just witnessed someone outdo a historic speedrun. “My heart’s pounding…oh my god,” Puncayshun says at the end of the clip. “First time holding a world record in a long time,” he wrote in the description. Now highly motivated, Cheese05 punched back with a fantastic run of his own the very next day. As it became clear that Cheese05’s pace could potentially outstrip Puncayshun’s, the chat reinforced the rivalry: Sure enough, Cheese05 knocked out a new world record at 1:39:28, and you can watch it below: [embedded content] Beyond the display of platforming mastery, this new record is READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!


Overwatch Stream Shows Tournament Through Eyes Of A Pro

There are plenty of esports tournaments on this weekend, but one Overwatch pro is taking his viewers on a trip through a tournament from his perspective—a rare insight into the thoughts and play of competitive Overwatch players. The qualifiers for Overwatch Contenders are taking place this weekend, and popular player and streamer Brandon “A_Seagull” Larned is streaming his team “Kelvin and the Chipmunks’” matches on his Twitch channel, comms and all. It’s rare to get insight like this, both due to concerns of opponents stream-sniping (Larned is streaming on a delay, per tournament rules), or for fear of broadcasting team strategies. When it happens though, it can be a great learning experience for aspiring amateurs and casual players to see what pros see. Doesn’t hurt that Larned and his team are pretty entertaining to watch play, too. Advertisement The chatter can get a little blue at times, but the insight is fantastic—though Blizzard is putting on a strong production for some Contenders matches, seeing games through the eyes of Larned, a talented Genji and Pharah player, is a completely different experience. In some cases, it leads to moments where Larned is literally slicing through READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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It’s the weekend and we’re hunger for some chicken dinner, which means we’re suiting up to shotgun a

It’s the weekend and we’re hunger for some chicken dinner, which means we’re suiting up to shotgun a It’s the weekend and we’re hunger for some chicken dinner, which means we’re suiting up to shotgun and snipe our way to the top in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds right now on Twitch. [embedded content] Staff Writer at Kotaku READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!