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Skull & Bones Will Have a Narrative Campaign That’s “Integrated Into the Game”

[embedded content] When Ubisoft announced Skull & Bones, their “open world, multiplayer pirate-infested adventure,” they mentioned that it would allow you to raid the Hunting Grounds alone. In an interview with PC Gamer, a representative confirmed that it will have a narrative campaign: [Skull & Bones] will offer a narrative campaign which will be integrated into the game and will not be something aside of the multiplayer experience. In this campaign, players will encounter iconic characters and memorable rival pirates. More details will be shared at a later date. While it may have seemed like a lot was revealed during their E3 2017 press conference, Ubisoft only showed the Loot Hunt PvP mode, and they like to say that “this is just the tip of the iceberg” for what they have to show for the game. Here’s what Ubisoft said about Skull & Bones when it was first announced: Skull & Bones is an online naval game that will take players across a dynamic, shared open-ocean that reacts to their actions and evolves to continuously challenge them. Building upon the studio’s naval gameplay expertise, Skull & Bones introduces an innovative wind system that gives gamers tactical opportunities to navigate more quickly, READ FULL STORY…


The Assassin’s Creed timeline – Do you know your Assassin’s Creed history?

It’s hard to believe that the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise turns 10 years old this year – and it’s even harder to think that Ubisoft have released at least one game in the series per year all this time. Considering the fact that all of these titles share a world shaped by historical fiction, magical artifacts and a conflict that has… READ FULL STORY AT THEGG!


Microsoft Won the Coverage Battle of E3 2017; Assassin’s Creed Origins Was the Most Covered Game


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Preview — A Far Better Combination Than I Ever Anticipated

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Making A South Park Game Is Harder Than You'd Think

Last week, a poster on the message board NeoGAF asked why South Park: The Fractured But Whole was taking so long to develop. After all, isn’t 2D easy to draw? “First and foremost,” the poster wrote, “the game uses the same graphical style as the show. Which is probably the easiest to make.” Well, my dear Mousnis, making a crummy-looking 2D game can be tough. The new South Park game, which comes out in October, has been in development for nearly three years. The developers at Ubisoft San Francisco have already delayed it at least once (from last December) and while the process has been smoother than the last game, Obsidian’s Stick of Truth, it’s still enormously complicated. While speaking to Jason Schroeder (no relation) last week at E3 for our podcast, Kotaku Splitscreen, I asked why it’d take so long to make a game that looks so stylishly crappy. You can listen to the show here, or scroll down for a partial transcript. Jason Schreier: I actually saw someone on the internet today—and you know people on the Internet are very nice— Advertisement Jason Schroeder: They are. They’re actually very READ FULL STORY AT KOTAKU!

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Rainbow Six Siege Update Today on PS4 Adds 1-Step Matchmaking and Interactive Matchmaking

With Ubisoft calling it the first major patch in Operation Health, Rainbow Six Siege update 2.2.1 is launching today on PlayStation 4 and tomorrow on Xbox One. It was made available earlier this month for PC players. Focusing heavily on implementing 1-Step Matchmaking and Interactive Matchmaking, here’s most of what you can expect from 2.2.1 today on PS4: 1-Step Matchmaking and Interactive Matchmaking The health of the game is of utmost importance to the longevity of Rainbow Six Siege. We are implementing a lot of technical backend support. One these major technological improvements is the new 1-Step Matchmaking and Interactive Matchmaking: 1-Step Matchmaking is a streamlined updated which means more stability, and faster matchmaking results. Stability and performance is one of the primary goals for the dev team, and this is one giant step towards better performance and faster queue times. Interactive Matchmaking allows you the freedom to purchase items from the shop, unlock new operators, and change your loadouts without leaving matchmaking. We are also introducing a post-match opt-in and opt-out flow so you or your party can choose to re-enter matchmaking to find a new game, return to the main menu, or continue to queue with the current players. READ FULL…

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Rabbid Peach Takes Over the Official Rabbid’s Instagram Account


E3 2017 – Microsoft and Ubisoft Top YouTube and Twitch Views

With E3 2017 coming to a close and various outlets analyzing and releasing their own statistics for the event, it seems that Microsoft and Ubisoft dominated the show overall. We’ve already shared Brandwatch’s social media statistics before, which gives Microsoft’s presser and Assassin’s Creed Origins the top spots in social media chatter. Now, YouTube and Twitch have released their own numbers and both companies come out on top again but PlayStation isn’t too far behind. On Twitch, Microsoft pulled in 1.1 million viewers, up from 818k in 2016, followed by Ubisoft with 986k viewers. PlayStation was close behind with 962k viewers. Over on YouTube, Microsoft’s presser came in at number one again with 2.3 million views. Interestingly, PlayStation came in second with 1.3 million views, which is well above Ubisoft’s 624k on the website. However, Assassin’s Creed Origins not only dominated social media but also YouTube, with the game’s trailer being the second most-watched video from the event. The crown for the most-watched E3 trailer goes to EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II. The publisher’s FIFA 18 came in third, followed by Call of Duty: WWII at number four. Sony Santa Monica’s God of War rounded up the top five. The full READ…


Vivendi Reportedly Considering Hostile Bid for Ubisoft Before the Year’s End

As part of its ongoing ambition to establish a presence in the video game industry, Vivendi is now considering a hostile bid for Ubisoft before the year’s end. Citing anonymous sources familiar with the plans, Bloomberg reports that Vivendi, which now holds 25 percent of Ubi’s equity, is on the verge of lodging a bid for the video game publisher by the end of 2017, despite strong opposition from the Guillemot family, who founded Ubisoft in the ’80s. Should the company’s market share increase, though — Ubisoft currently has a market value of 5.5 billion euros ($6.2 billion) at the time of writing — Vivendi will reportedly seek gaming partnerships overseas (e.g. Asia) as a means of strengthening its stake in the video game industry. A representative from Vivendi declined to comment on the matter. Back in April, we brought you the news that Vivendi had identified two targets as part of its expansion plans: advertising company Havas and Assassin’s Creed studio, Ubisoft. Exactly how that strategy will pan out remains to be seen, but at least for now, a Vivendi takeover continues to be a very real possibility for Ubisoft. And that’s despite the latter achieving respite late last year after garnering support from investors. Vivendi has been circling the publisher since its READ…

Beyond Good & Evil

Ubisoft Open to Reviving Splinter Cell and Other Dormant Franchises, Talks Beyond Good & Evil 2’s Prolonged Development

Ubisoft is not opposed to reviving Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, and other dormant IP for a new generation. That’s according to Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat, who spoke with IGN during E3 2017. When quizzed about the status of Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia in particular, Mallet touched base on the “creative collective” spread across Ubi’s wide network of studios, and why it’s always open to new ideas. “I like to think of the studio as a huge…creative collective. So, if some of the creative comes to us and says ‘Hey, by the way, I have this crazy idea’ about a brand that we haven’t done anything with for many years, we will listen. There is a question of does it make sense, is there a market. But it’s open for the creatives to propose something.” Elsewhere, IGN also spoke with the publisher’s CEO Yves Guillemot and Xavier Poix, Managing Director of the company’s French studios, about Beyond Good & Evil 2 and its prolonged stint in development. Guillemot began by thrusting his support behind the vision of Michel Ancel, Creative Director on the long-gestating sequel. “We are ecstatic about the possibility to really come with something totally different READ FULL STORY AT…

Bethesda Softworks

Versus – E3 2017 Press Conference Showdown

[embedded content] Another E3 has come and gone, and along with it, the press conferences that everyone looks forward to. While almost every press conference had a game reveal or two, some just were flat out better than the others. With that said, we’re pitting each press conference against one another in our latest episode of Versus! Why? Because we can, that’s why. For this E3 press conference face-off, we put EA, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Bethesda and Sony against one another and award a winner! Does this mean the winner had the best E3 2017 press conference? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it just sucked the least out of the lot? Whatever the case is, there is a clear-cut winner, and I think, most of our readers will agree. While E3 2017 might be over, we have previews, features and more still rolling out! So make sure to keep an eye out for those, or bookmark this page for all our E3 2017 coverage in one place. Which E3 2017 press conference was the best? Share your winner and why in the comments. Want to see more Versus episodes? Then be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more video content you can only…

E3 2017 – Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference Was the Most Talked About on Social Media

All of the press conferences at E3 undeniably caused a ton of chatter on social media. But among all of them, Microsoft’s was apparently the most talked about. At least according to a report by social analytics firm Brandwatch. According to the report, which tracked 2.7 million English-language mentions of E3 2017 from June 10 to 13, Microsoft’s press conference held 44% of all social media mentions, although the data doesn’t specify whether the chatter was mostly positive or negative. The unveiling of the company’s new console, the Xbox One X, as well as the showcases of both Assassin’s Creed Origins and BioWare’s new IP Anthem definitely helped Microsoft gain a ton of traction on social media. Comparatively, Nintendo’s press conference held the second spot in the rankings with 15% while Sony had 11%. Additionally, Assassin’s Creed Origins was the most mentioned game during the time period, with Nintendo’s announcement of Metroid Prime 4 taking second and Marvel’s Spider-man holding third. Notably, the Metroid Prime 4 announcement consisted of only a 40-second showing of its logo. [Source: Brandwatch via VG247] READ FULL STORY AT PLAYSTATIONLIFESTYLE!

Far Cry 5

New Far Cry 5 Video Shows Guns for Hire, a Giant Truck and… More

Beyond Good & Evil

Ancel: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is at “Day Zero of Development,” More WiLD News in the Coming Year

[embedded content] Michel Ancel is at E3 2017 promoting the newly unveiled Beyond Good & Evil 2, but people have been asking about his other game, WiLD. Responding to some questions on Instagram, Ancel said, “We’re working hard on WiLD too!!! Expect strong updates during the coming year.” As for Beyond Good & Evil 2, Ancel told GameSpot that part of the reason it’s taken so long is because of the game engine, which allows for seamless transitions between the ground, sky, and space: This was the first dream that motivated us to delay the game. It was impossible to do this with the previous tech, and maybe we were not able to do it. But now we feel we can do it. With the Ubi Blog noting that the behind closed doors presentation featured “an in-engine controlled demo to illustrate the massive scale on which Beyond Good & Evil 2 operates,” Ancel revealed to The Verge that they are at “day zero of development.” Currently, according to GameSpot, the tech is in place, but all they have is a vast but barren world and the large floating spaceship at the end of the trailer that is your home. Asked why READ FULL…